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'Hello World' Personal Brand Kickstart Package

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd, grow your Impact, and Create Your Own Path to Success ‚Äď Without being someone (or some-thing you‚Äôre not?)

In this course: 

Module 1: Identify your niche and perfect client

Module 2: UVP - Unique Value Proposition

Module 3: Your Personal Brand Guide

Module 4: 'Hi Friend' Your simple message to the world 'Defining your personal brand'

Module 5: 7 day social media content plan

BUY NOW - $27

The first step - Your 8 week online course

The course to help you to design your first course and enter into your new digital business. The full START HERE course for you if you're brand new to the course industry and want to launch your first one!

In this course: 

Module 1: Getting Clear on your idea

Module 2: Setting up your business

Module 3: Mapping out your signature course

Module 4: Developing your course content sequence.

Module 5: Designing your brand and program

Module 6: Your website

Module 7: Your offer

Module 8: Marketing your new course


Already have your course and looking for growth? These are for you! 


Follow Tina Tower's Aligned Life Reset Process where you review the year that's been and set your goals for the year ahead in the 8 areas of life. This process ensures you're architecting your life in alignment with your values. 

It reviews the year that's been and helps you to create goals for the year ahead covering the 8 area of life: 

  • Family
  • Health¬†
  • Vocational Purpose
  • Finances
  • Mental Purpose
  • Time
  • Friends
  • Spirituality¬†
BUY NOW - $97

'Photo Shoot' Brand Guide

EVERYTHING you need to know to have a successful photoshoot: From choosing your photographer, to what photos you need, to what to wear and writing a brief for your photographer - this guide covers EVERYTHING you need to know to have a successful photoshoot.

In this course: 

Module 1: Choosing your theme & brand

Module 2: What photos to include

Module 3: Choosing a photographer

Module 4: How to use the photos

Module 5: Choosing what to wear

Module 6: Creating your brief for your photographer

BUY NOW - $97

'LEAD MAGNET' Client Attractor

Unlock the power of a lead magnet pipeline and start attracting your dream clients effortlessly.

In this course: 

Module 1: Welcome to the Lead Magnet Client Attractor

Module 2: Defining your perfect lead magnet

Module 3: Designing your lead magnet - Canva template

Module 4: Writing copy for conversions - opt in page, thank you page, email sequence.

Module 5: Website - Creating your opt in form, opt in page, thank you page. Creating your email sequence and activate automations.

Module 6: Marketing - your lead magnet marketing plan, social media tiles (Canva template), sending to database and adding to your home page.

Module 7: Results & Analytics

Bonus #1 Email follow & copy swipe

BUY NOW- $197

Ready to go BIG - Get the course showing you how to LAUNCH

You have the course but you need to do an epic launch. This shows you through a Kajabi limited launch, step by step. 

In this course: 

Module 1: The Launch set up

Module 2: Your lead magnet

Module 3: Launch Marketing

Module 4: Your sales page

Module 5: Your webinar

Module 6: Social media marketing

Module 7: Running the launch

Module 8: After the launch


Save BUCKET LOADS of time and money with my book marketing templates

Get the exact book marketing template I used in Canva format so you can customise for yourself as well as video explanations of the book marketing process.


Learn from 7 figure course creators

Get full instant access to the recordings from the 2022 Women Online Conference with women making over $1M a year sharing their stories. 

Stories and success tips from some of Australia's TOP female course creators:

  • Tina Tower
  • Tracy Harris
  • Suzi Dafnis
  • Brigit Esselmont
  • Lisa Corduff
  • Kate Toon
BUY NOW - $97

The greatest Mastermind for women in Kajabi in the world! 

Join the most transformative Mastermind in the world for thought leaders and Kajabi course creators. Learn how to go BIG through personal branding, content marketing and massive impact. Doors open twice each year.



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Get your checklist - How to create an online course

Get your checklist - How to create an online course