252: Ask Me Anything (Part 2)

Jul 03, 2024

Such incredible questions from our listeners, thank you! This is part 2 of the Ask Me Anything episodes.

Questions answered:

🌟 How do you navigate through making strategic business decisions? Is there a particular framework or process you find useful?

🌟 If you had to start your journey in the world of online business again, what would you do differently if anything?

🌟 How to you find/choose your coaches, mentors and masterminds?

🌟 Did you have a business mentor or partner, or did you do it all alone?

🌟 What is 'the formula' for a successful business? 

🌟 When did you know it was time to grow your business?

🌟 How did you juggle/balance being self-employed and a parent?

In this episode, Tina Tower shares her strategy of choosing the business level she wants to take into account the sacrifices and the problems that come with scaling up. She believes strongly in retaining a business model that is sustainable and centered around the joy, profit, and experience that customers have. "It's not about chasing after endless growth," she proclaims. "It's about creating something that brings you joy."

One of Tina's key insights is her love for the creation stage of business. She encourages listeners to be kind to themselves and to pivot whenever necessary. "You can always change your mind and take a new direction," she advises. Tina also shares her coaching program Her Empire Builder, done especially for female course creators. She outlines the importance of being focused, and hence, no more than one business idea should be invested in at a time. Education, mentorship, and life-long learning play significant roles, according to Tina.

And speaking as a mother, she also would consider juggling self-employment with parenting a different challenge or guilt that the parents face every day. Hence, she believes one must have a long-term view that reflects their lives and designs them together at least once a year with her husband. Listen to the Her Empire Builder Show and get inspired with Tina Tower on your business journey.


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