Ep 145 Why I'm Changing My Launch Strategy in 2022

business women Sep 28, 2021
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Podcast

My clients often get frustrated when they ask me what the best launch strategy for them to use is. This is because my answer always starts with, “it depends…”

It completely depends on so many different situations and scenarios, that only you know. There is no one right way to do things in this wonderful world of online course businesses. Launch strategies can change, month to month, season to season, year to year. I’m certainly not doing what I did in my first year of business and I won't be doing what I'm doing now in 5 years time.

The launch strategy that I have been using for the last year has been simple and effective. Not easy, oh no no - but it has been simple. 

People find me through my new book, Million Dollar Micro Business. They then take their brilliant idea and turn it into an online course through my short course, Idea to Launch. Then, when they are ready to launch it out in to the world for everyone to see, they go through my other short course, Limited Launch Formula. Then, we of course have my signature program, Her Empire Builder, the mastermind which encompasses everything from my book & short courses and the business behind running an online course business. We launch this mastermind twice a year. 

It worked - perfectly. My goal this year was to get to 100 Empire Builders and I’m there. A saying that I check in with all the time is “what got me here, won’t get me there” so, as I’ve been looking down the barrel at 2022 there’s quite a bit I’m going to change and I want to share with you the why and my strategy behind it because I know there are things that you’ll be questioning in your business too and it’s really hard to know whether we’re doing the right thing or not.

This year has been incredible for my company. Usually I travel - A LOT. I get a lot of inspiration and creativity and thinking time from travel. However, obviously to the pandemic, we haven’t been able to travel. So, in it's absence I have been head down bum up working.

This year I:

🌟 Launched Million Dollar Micro Business that shot to number 1 best seller on Amazon and Booktopia

🌟 Released my short course Limited Launch Formula

🌟 Ran my first luxury retreat for Her Empire Builder

🌟 Built my membership from 35 to 102 women

🌟 Hired 2 new team members, fired two new team members

🌟 Did 5 weeks straight averaging 30 hours a week on zoom with coaching calls and masterclasses

🌟 Have guested on over 50 podcasts

🌟 Had international media

🌟 Got my podcast, Her Empire Builder into the top 10 in Entrepreneurship with over 50,000 downloads

I am tired you guys. Grateful! But, tired. 

I have always, always had coaches throughout my business journey, and recently I had the fabulous Jill Stanton coaching me through my 12 week sprint of book launching and mastermind launching. On one of our first calls together, Jill asked me if I thought I was successful. 

I said no. 

This shook me. Hard. 

I had just taken my business to it’s second year of 7 figures in a year, done all of the things above, but I didn’t feel successful and that really bothered me, because I should.

I have micro successes and then, I self sabotage. I overwork and seek external validation. I do bigger launches every time, and don’t feel happy. My physical and mental health is sabotaged. I am fuelled by fear, that if I take my foot off the pedal for even a second, the whole world that I have created will come crashing down around me. 

Saying it out loud, I know how it sounds - of course it’s not going to crumble down around me! This is something that I work through, and are the mindset shifts that I face every time. But, the most important thing is that I am aware of it, and I can make decisions based off this moving forward. 

So, I’ve looked at all of this from the past year, and know that I want continued growth and success. But, I have also asked myself, what is success?

🌟 I don’t want stagnation, I want to continue to grow and contribute to the world but not at the cost of my own health and own life.

🌟 I don’t want a big team.

🌟 I don’t want it to be all consuming.

🌟 If it’s not fun, we’re not doing it.

🌟 It’s ok to leave money on the table if you decide it doesn’t fit in with the way you want to feel and what you want to do day to day.

It doesn’t matter about the destination and suffering the whole time just to reach your goal - it HAS to work along the way. Yes you need effort and struggle and suffering to get there, but it is no way to live and entire life!

So, this is what I mean when there is no right way to do things. It is all so dependant on what is right for you and what aligns with your values. Ask yourself how you define success, and work in conjunction with that. 

Follow what feels aligned. No one but you knows the path for you.

My plan for 2022 is to have fun. To run this business how I want to run it. To actually see if it’s possible for me to run it how I want to run it.

I’ll no longer be live launching Her Empire Builder. The doors will not open publicly in 2022. That doesn’t mean I don’t want it to grow, it definitely will.

The way you’ll get into Her Empire Builder is as a graduate of Limited Launch Formula. We will live launch Limited Launch Formula in April and September and then when you’ve completed that program and have a launch under your belt, you’ll be able to apply for Her Empire Builder and jump in that way. We’ll also do some email only offers.

Then for our evergreen programs I’ll be doing some mini courses. We’ve got one coming on Personal Branding and one called Fun With Funnels.

I’ll be sticking with my 3 day work week and 1 week off a month - which I’ll talk about in our next episode on boundaries - and I’ll be travelling a tonne.

I don’t have the answer for on how you should launch - no one does. There’s no one right way to run your business, there’s no success path that’s the only way - that’s the best thing about business! I can show you how to do my way, but it’s up to you. The answer is within you.

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