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business women Sep 01, 2021
Tina Tower  - Her Empire Builder Podcast

In Episode 141 of Her Empire Builder Podcast. It’s LAUNCH WEEK!!!.



Today I sit down with 5 members of My Empire Builder and we go through the importance of the community when it comes to building your business. Working with like minded community who are all on the same journey to achieve their Goals is a superpower. 


Today we will go in depth on our fears at the beginning of our journey to our wins in business, you will hear from a diverse group of women who have experienced it all in the online business world.


So let me introduce Melissa Brown, She is an ex accounting, ex financial advisor and ex working until she drops. Nowadays she's a best selling author, She's a financial educator, business strategist, mentor and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping women particularly live a life by design, not default. Mel uses her unique, sometimes irreverent, but always inspiring voice to speak and write about money, financial awareness, habits, strategy, business, and occasionally shoes. She's written three books, global bestseller, ‘unfuck, you're finances’ and her current book ‘budgets don't work. But this does’, which dives further into understanding your money story, money environment and money type and developing great financial habits that work for your financial phenotype. Mel is the CEO of financial education business, which is her online programmes where she's got my financial adulting plan and my business adulting plan and then a few other short courses on there. She's the director of Business at long daycare, Early Learning Communities thinkers Inc, and up until she sold the business for seven figures in 2019. She was the CEO of the award winning accounting and advisory firm, A and T. Three very different businesses that are all pushing the boundaries in their fields questioning what is possible, and disrupting their industry in order to create the best possible results for their community.


Melissa takes us through what was holding her back from taking the plunge into the world of online course business. She speaks in depth on mind set and that financial independence shouldn’t be viewed in a negative context. Melissa talks about having the knowledge base but not knowing quite where to start. In Melissa’s explains her strategy that she used to achieve 6 Figures in her first year of Business. We discuss how having flexibility in your online business is an advantage to your personal and professional life. Melissa shares with us some of her Goals including building an eight figure business, & finally she reveals what her favourite thing is about working with Her Empire Builder Group.


Next up we have the wonderful Michelle Broadband, Formerly Michelle was a business strategist with a 20 year career as a trusted advisor to female entrepreneurs across an array of industries including media, fashion, design, travel, coaching, sales, training and recruitment. Now Michelle runs her own business transforming the businesses and lives of their owners. She is the woman behind the woman they're sounding board and cheerleader and is passionate about seeing others succeed. She lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and is a single mom to two gorgeous girls.


Michelle tells us her reasons for getting out of her previous business and beginning her online coarse business. Michelle found that she wanted to deliver high quality results for her clients but didn’t have enough time in the day, so she got involved in the online world of business and was able to still provide the high quality service just to many more customers. Michelle explains how her passion for what she was doing gave her a new found passion in her business. Michelle also touches on lessons learned about procrastination and how to overcome those little fears. Michelle takes us through the launch of her podcast & lets us know what she will achieve in the future. She also speaks on the advantages of working with ROCKSTAR Women in the Empire Builder Community.









Guest number 3 today is the Beautiful Tara Solberg, Tara is the founder and owner of both few and far and Indigo love, two halves of one thriving business based on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales. Tara has built a multi layered business comprising of retail, wholesale and an online offerings, plus some one off treasures and thoughtful home wares for which the brand is known. She has grown her traditional bricks and mortar business over 200% in the last year to multi multi millions. Along with this business, Tara is equally passionate about education and equipping fellow entrepreneurial women with the tools that they need to thrive in business which has led to the launch of trade winds, a collection of online courses and accompanying podcast series.


Tara tells a story of how a simple podcast episode of Her Empire Builder started her venture into the world of online education course’s. Tara shares with us the her experiences at starting her course and the surprise of how much information she actually had to share once she began. We hear about the importance of prioritising your business and being focused on what’s important. Tara shares with us her beliefs on how to best begin your course structure & how to deal with the discomfort of making yourself the face of the business.


We have the effervescent Brianna Unseld joining us now, she has a bachelor's degree in music production from the Queensland Conservatorium of music and over 15 years of experience. Working in the audio industry, Brianna has always had an affinity for storytelling. After over a decade working exclusively as a songwriter. Brianna was looking for her next challenge and fell in love with podcast production. Six years later, and Brianna has grown her own podcast and video production agency Bambi media, with a fantastic team of creatives helping to launch produce and develop podcast for a Current roster of over 50 clients globally. Brianna's focus is always on creating meaningful stories and works closely with every client to ensure their messaging is on point.


Brianna lets us in on what motivated her to begin her online business and how it allows her to reach many more customers at varying levels in their business. She takes us through the difference between starting a physical agency to an online business. We hear Brianna’s goals for her agency and about her desire to help as many people as possible in her field. So takes us through the launch process and how much fun that can be when the business aligns with your personal goals. Finally Brianna shares with us the enormous benefits that a strong network like Her Empire Builder can be.


Our Final guest for today are the wonderful duo of Karen and Helen, They started their design business after graduating from full time study at the design Centre in Enmore, when they first met they began doing business and life together for a really really long time. They've worked on amazing big projects like cruise ships for Carnival, Australia, they've done some incredible commercial construction, some residential loans and everything in between. They've had over 25 years of experience in the design and construction industry. They Have written lots of articles for various magazines and media, and now they have set up and host their regular live chat session called conversations with the designers where they invite guest experts within their industry to chat about various topics of interest along with tips and advice.



Karen & Helen delve deep into overcoming the discomfort with being on camera and the face of the company, They share how they did this and how the more you do it the easier it gets. They also talk about managing the multiple facets of business all at one time. The trick is to do it and do it again.



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