Ep140 How to find your high vibe tribe

business women Aug 25, 2021
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Podcast

In Episode 140 of Her Empire Builder Podcast I am talking about finding your high vibe tribe.

Yes, while that sounds like something you would find on an Instagram tile, what I want to talk about today is how important it actually is who you surround yourself with. I'm not saying you need to flick all of your negative Nelly friends - we can still keep them. But, I do think limit the exposure you have with them and seek out the people who you can be inspired by and be who you truly want to be around them. 

You’ve probably heard of those quotes - "you become who you surround yourself with". And while I do think there's a lot of truth to that, you are you, and nobody else. Yes, we can be different versions of ourselves with different people. But, if you've got a strong enough constitution, and you know who you are, you don't need to completely kick out people from your life. For me though, this was a big thing with with family, it was a big thing with friends. Because, anyone who's been through a period of transition that has levelled up their life in some way, some people will be really on board with that, and then you will have some people who will be so insanely jealous that they'll start doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things, that you'll be sitting there going what what have I done wrong? What's happened here? And it can have a really big effect on your mental health and on how you conduct yourself.

Everybody needs a tribe that can amplify who you are, where you are safe and celebrated for being your awesome self, where you don't have to dim your light where you don't have to be subdued, where you don't have to shrink so that others feel okay. 

I created Her Empire Builder, my mastermind, for that exact reason, I was looking for a tribe of women. Like me, I was looking for a group that had highly ambitious, smart, experienced women that wanted to build businesses, that wanted to impact positively, that wanted to be wildly wealthy and do good things with their wealth. I was looking for that and I could not find it. Sure, I could find big, massive groups, but not where you actually knew one another or you knew the person running it, or if anyone would take notice of you if you showed up or not.  And so that's why I created it.

You need to be able to have your tribe where you can both celebrate the wins, commiserate the losses, and where they can pull you up damn quick. Because when you do fail - that's not an 'if' you fail, it's when -  how badly you fail and how quickly you can recover from it. When you do that, you want people around you to go 'Yeah, of course that happened, you are pushing here, and that's just the universe telling you to sway and come here. And now you can go up to this next level" -  So, they help you to overcome these things in your life. Rather than people around you going, "Well, you know what, maybe this business thing just isn't for you" - which is not helpful at all! So really pay attention to the people that you're around what they're saying to you how they're making you feel, and how you can get more inspiration into your life, more people that can help you to be who you truly want to be. 

If you want to know more about how to find your high vibe tribe, head to the show notes: tinatower.com/140

If you want to know more about Her Empire Builder Mastermind, to see if it's the perfect high vibe tribe you need, go to: herempirebuilder.com

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