Ep131 Can women run million dollar companies and still have a life?

business women Jun 24, 2021
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Podcast

Can women run million dollar companies and still have a life?

This is always a big question for us women. Because we always have a lot to do. We take care of our family, our kids, our houses, our pets, then we have our businesses. How are we going to take care of ourselves and live the lives we dreamt of with all that's happening?

There is only a small percentage of women leading their business who are earning more than a $100,000 a year. The statistics are terrible and we have to change that. The thing is that we can change the statistics. We can change these numbers. Women are so capable of doing so many things. We just need to own it and show up in our business and in our lives.

In the latest episode of Her Empire Builder podcast, you will learn the things that I did to run my million dollar business, the things I have changed in my lifestyle and the right time I asked for a hand.

There are certain things we need to change for us to get where we want ourselves to and still live that life we want. And that includes being able to say no when you need to.

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