How To Have The Life Of Your Dreams

We have one life. One chance to live fully, experience this journey and make a positive impact on the world. This is for the people who want it all. The full human experience. If you want a big life where you can break through the fear to let your light shine, this book is for you.
If you want a passionate marriage, a close relationship with your children, a core group of ride-or-die friends, financial security, a business you love, freedom with your time and the feeling of fulfilling your life’s purpose, this book will show you how.
Like some people find religion, Tina Tower first found personal development as a teenager and has been on a quest to live her best life ever since.
In One Life, she’ll share with you:
  • Why she had to leave home at 13
  • How she started, scaled and sold businesses
  • How her National Franchise company turned from a dream into a nightmare
  • Why she moved from a city to a farm for 5 years
  • The importance of financial independence and how she became a millionaire before her 35th birthday.
  • How to get past the guilt of living the life that YOU really want.
  • The experience of travelling to 28 countries over 9 months with her family.
  • How your past doesn’t have to define your future.
  • How to break through your fear and step into your potential.
You only have one life. Will you really live it?



Entrepreneur: RedBalloon & Big Red Group & Shark Tank Australia

"Tina Tower’s book One Life is a rare insight into the life of an entrepreneur. She takes us on a journey from dreams to reality – and there are many side way moves along the way. People often aspire ‘have it all’ and I’d suggest that reading Tina’s book will show you that it is as much about attitude, persistence and leadership as it is about ‘the end game’. She debunks the notion of ‘one way’ and shows there are many paths to achieve your chosen life.  Read this book and learn from Tina’s experience knowing that everyone only has ‘One Life’ and it is in your power to create the life you want."


Founder and Global CEO, Business Chicks

"In One Life, Tina Tower encourages us to let go of past experiences that have defined us. She shows us how to live boldly on our own terms and release the guilt we may feel when we do so. One Life is a guide for anyone wanting to live as authentically as possible."


News Presenter/Consulting News Editor – 10 daily

"One Life is an inspiring guide on how to experience ALL that life has to offer. It will empower you to rise up, take control of your life and live your journey to its fullest. Tina Tower shows that it’s never too late, or too early to start creating your dreams and live them."


Founder & CEO of Business Blueprint

"Tina Tower is the ultimate example of the entrepreneurs journey and this book captures it like no other. It's a story of courage, determination and faith. But above all it's a beautifully written road-map for others to follow. Whether you are a current or aspiring business owner or a career builder that wants a bigger life, this book is for you!"


Co-Founder Anytime Fitness and Founder Human Kind Project

"Tina has the ability to make you feel like you know her and who she is within minutes.

Raw, real and unapolegitcally human, this book helps us realise our true human potential and that we are the only ones who limit it.

I love this woman and this book is a true gift to the world.  A must read…"


Founder Collective Hub, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author

"Tina Tower makes the ordinary extraordinary with her positive lens on life and fierce determination. One Life gives you tangible tactics to use to come out with a happy heart as you ride the roller coaster of life and entrepreneurship."


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