Building Your Online Empire - Tina sits down with Jen Blandos on Women Rise Podcast

May 07, 2024
Jen Blandos

Ever wondered what it takes to build a thriving online business while keeping that work-life balance intact? Tina Tower, a digital business expert, recently shared her insights on the Women on the Rise Podcast with seasoned entrepreneur Jen Blandos.

In this episode, Tina and Jen discuss strategies for building a sustainable online business while navigating the challenges of the digital world. Tina draws from her experience scaling multiple companies, offering tips on overcoming fears of showing up online, finding a niche market, and growing a community.

Transitioning from brick-and-mortar to digital wasn't without hurdles for Tina. However, the allure of reaching a global audience and the potential for exponential growth outweighed any doubts.

Tina emphasises the importance of authenticity in the digital realm, balancing visibility with privacy. Despite initial apprehensions, she embarked on her digital journey with dedication, founding Idea To Launch and later Her Empire Builder.

Key to Tina's success is her focus on knowing her audience, delivering value, and staying true to her goals. She shares secrets to reaching seven-figure milestones, emphasising smart money management and strategic marketing.

Tina highlights the opportunities that exist in online business for introverts, where authenticity reigns supreme. Finding a niche market may seem daunting, but Tina encourages entrepreneurs to focus on their strengths and set clear goals.

Discover the secrets to building a thriving online business while maintaining work-life balance in Tina Tower's chat with Jen Blandos on the Women on the Rise Podcast where Tina and Jen shares strategies for overcoming fears, finding a niche, and growing a community, emphasising authenticity and smart business practices.

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Tina is the host of the Her Empire Builder Show! Listen to the podcast here.

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