Tina Tower interviews her children on mother guilt & leaving them to go to work

Oct 09, 2019

This week on the podcast are my two favourite guests, my children. I started my business before my children were born so they’ve never known a mum without it. I get asked way too often if my children are ok because I work and have a career that I love and how I juggle it all. Unfortunately, my husband never got asked if our kids were ok when he worked full time and so the guilt that I was somehow doing something wrong, always feel on me.

It’s often women that ask the question because they too are trying to work out how to get passed their own #motherguilt but the guilt serves no one and does nothing except invade your happiness and slow down your progress.

My children told me after our interview that questions like “What is it like having a mum that works full time” seemed silly because they’ve never known any different and that’s completely normal to them. But that’s the whole point. Children will think whatever their situation is is the normal one. Mine, (which I cringed when they said it) think that dads should all stay at home and look after their children if the mum goes to work, but that’s because it’s their situation.

As my 8 year says, “All we need is love and care”. So if you’re a mum carrying around mother’s guilt, I hope this helps you stop today.

Whatever your situation, whether you work, don’t work, have a side business, have a massive business, it’s the right one for you and your life.

Please forgive some answers, after all, my interviewees are 8 & 9 years old. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Instagram and Facebook or pop over to tinatower.com

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