You can't be alone if you want to go alone πŸ‘‘

Oct 13, 2022

This month in Her Empire Builder membership we're focussing on team and it's the topic that business owners seem to struggle the most with (including myself). 

At the beginning of your business, you're overworked, and underpaid and you learn how to be the assistant, the book keeper, the marketer, the customer service manager, the podcast producer, content creator, sales person, copywriter, strategist and everything in between! 

You're doing all that essential behind the scenes while still needing to have the energy to be your visionary and creative force in your business. It's... a lot. 

Then, finally you get business to a stage where you can invest in team and get a chance to breathe. And you do, but your days are now often taken up with managing people. As entrepreneurs, we have a special set of skills. To take an idea from your mind and then create something epic out of nothing requires so much self determination, intrinsic motivation, drive, vision and fortitude - a completely different skill set to managing a team!

I got my business to 7 figures and could do that with a part time assistant and some freelancers as needed and it was beautiful and blissful. Now, my business is in that messy middle of growth where you're too big to do everything yourself, not big enough to hire 'departments'. So my next year is devoted to 3 things and I wanted to share them with you: 

  1. Creating exceptional products that are customers are asking for. 
  2. Providing the most beautiful customer experience we can dream up. 
  3. Building a team of motivated specialists to help drive TowerCo out of the messy middle and into $5m. 


It's new for me. In the past, I have been the driver of all business activity and have hired people to help me carry out tasks and provided daily lists of what needs to be done and had to check in and manage all of the moving parts and I don't want to do that anymore.

My goal is every hire that comes into the business has specialist skills that far outweigh mine in the area I'm hiring them for and can solve problems without adding them on my never ending list. It's going to be expensive and I am going to need to spend a lot of time on my personal development with letting go of control and trusting others to do their job and I may fail.

It's been a while since I did something that wasn't confident in but one thing I'm guaranteed in, is that it's going to be a wonderful growth challenge both personally and professionally. And, maybe, just maybe, all of our dreams and visions will come true and we will be able to be known as the top business education for female online course creators in the world. 

So, I know for you you're probably also going through growing pains (because, you know, we all are, always) and I want you to of course imagine the worst case scenario and how you can mitigate your risk. But also, imagine if all of your dreams came true. You have sacrificed so much to get to where you are right now and you do it all in the purpose of helping people, solving problems and making a positive contribution to the world and to me, that is pursuit so totally worthwhile. 

I would love for you to jump over to @tina_tower on Instagram and tell me the growth that you're working on right now! Big or small (because the small things are often the actual biggest), I am cheering you on all the way. 


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