Sara Redman - Unlocking your potential to achieve high performance

Oct 09, 2019

The whole time I was interviewing Sara I was nodding along. I find that once you’ve gone through a massive life shift and had to change your way of life, it really does shift your perspective. It also gives you an affinity with other people who have also crossed over so to speak into that space in life. That space where you need to look closely within and ask yourself if the life you’re living is really the one that is going to optimise your potential and your happiness.

Sara owns SRA Corporate Change whose purpose is to unlock the potential of organisations and their leaders to cultivate high performance. They work with leading organisations in their core business areas of strategy, leadership, and culture.

Sara’s personal and professional experiences have refined her approach to the many facets of people development. These experiences ensure clients receive genuine results relevant to the way in which we live and work today.

Sara’s commitment to developing organisations is demonstrated in the culture of SRA Corporate Change itself. The business was recognised as an Employer of Choice in 2015, and Sara continually strives to build a strong culture of excellence and enjoyment for the team.

Sara’s expertise is informed by her corporate career, which spanned more than two decades in senior HR roles, her academic background in psychology, her 10+ years as an accredited Life Coach, and her experience as a Pilates instructor.

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