Ep109 Traditional business to online courses with Melissa Browne

money podcast Jan 20, 2021

Melissa Browne is my guest on Her Empire Builder Podcast in this week talking about how you can increase your financial awareness to look after future you. We also go into Mel's business journey and how she went from a multi-million dollar traditional business into the wonderful world of online courses. Her course Financial Adulting Plan is open now!

  • Learn about the importance of creating your financial plan, and how to take your money to the next level with investing 
  • How to change your behavioural pattern around unhealthy money habits - like participating in a 30 Day Financial Detox
  • Creating realistic & achievable financial goals
  • Mel's course, Financial Adulting Plan is out now, and doors close 1st February 2021!

Find Melissa here: melissabrowne.courses

Financial Adulting Plan here: melissabrowne.courses/financialadulting

Instagram: @moremoneyforshoes

Facebook: Facebook.com/themoneybarre

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