Ep 113 How to not crap your pants when you're live launching a course

attitude Feb 17, 2021

This episode of Her Empire Builder is all about how to not crap your pants during a live launch and how to let go of the fear of failing - and realising it's GOING TO BE OK. 

The doors to Her Empire Builder Mastermind open next month, and after finishing off all of the funnels, lead magnets & social media scheduling, a sudden wave of nerve & emotions rushed over me. This will be my 15th live launch, and I still get nervous that I am going to fail and nobody will like me. So, this episode has been recorded as a reminder for not only you, my wonderful podcast listeners, but also me - to remind me to LET GO of the fear of judgements and have FUN with launching.

When you live launch your online course, remember:

  • Keep your energy light & joyous
  • Find something each day to make your launch experience fun (I have my bell that I ring when a new member joins us!)
  • Learn from each experience, whether it be good or bad!
  • Do ALL THE THINGS - webinars, podcasts, Instagram Lives, Facebook Lives - everything! Go all in - leave nothing behind!
  • Stay away from suffering from comparison-itis! Do not compare yourselves to anyone else. You are you. No one else can be you. Own it!

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