Leanne Haining - A masterclass in creating a business and brand to stand the test of time

Oct 09, 2019

Leanne Haining is one of those people that you just feel calmer when you’re around. She’s the Creative Director of bath, body & home fragrance brand, Urban Rituelle.

Proving that they have a business to thrive in the test of time, Leanne and her partner, Co-founder, Scott Kelly have been running Urban Rituelle since 1999.

Having their products stocked in over 1,000 boutiques in Australia, Leanne has learned the art of adaptation and innovation throughout the changing seasons of business.

Urban Rituelle is more than a brand. It is a philosophy of passion, care, and unsurpassed quality and Leanne is the true creative force behind building this boutique brand.

Leanne’s vision is to create a business where every touchpoint makes people feel good; including the team, its customers, greater community & suppliers. She believes in creating a distinctive collection of indulgent bath, body & home fragrance products that celebrate & enhance our daily rituals.

True success to Leanne is nurturing and growing both her team and business while raising her lovely daughters in a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Sit back and take a listen to this gorgeous woman be so open about what it’s like to travel the world for years being footloose and fancy-free and then thrive in the serious world of raising a family and growing a business.

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