Ep119 Behind a Canva template social membership with Kayla Butler

marketing Mar 31, 2021

Episode 119 of Her Empire Builder Podcast with Tina Tower and Kayla Butler, CEO of Ivory Mix, where she works with content creators to improve their organic marketing and content strategies. Kayla believes success comes from simplification, imperfect action, and having fun.

It's so important to understand that creating content in the online course business world is all about HIGH VALUE and not catering to the masses to up you likes and followers. In our Mastermind this month, we have the beautiful and fabulous Susie Moore who has just written a book called Stop Checking Your Likes, which is all about letting go the need of being liked or approved, and start living your life with purpose and passion. 

Kayla provides such incredible insight on the importance of creating and implementing a fool proof content strategy that is a reflection of your business goals and model. By doing this, it means that you are serving and providing such highly valuable content for your audience, who will stick around longer as it will feel as if they are being seen, heard and their needs met. 

Kayla speaks to getting over the fear of being copied, and what her competitors are doing in the same industry. It's so important to not pay attention to what other people are doing. To keep a point of perspective cleansed of other influences. So that all decisions around what types of content that are created are being created for members to use based on actual necessity and needs.

When creating content, it can be so hard to know what is right for your audience, and how you can stick to a consistent strategy. A quick and easy guide to know what content should be created is: 

  1. Grow your audience - High value content E.g sharing a resource
  2. Building your brand - E.g share your beliefs or a behind the scenes
  3. Sell your offer - E.g walk through of your website or client testimonials

Gone are the days of aesthetically pleasing instagram feed. Highly engaging, shareable and saveable content is what is going to convert in to higher sales and a more engaged audience.

The less curated feeds, the better.

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