11 video ideas for your social media

Feb 01, 2020

I was talking with a few people this week about getting more visible on video in socials.

Until you get in the habit, it's great to have a bank of ideas that you can pop one on each day and know what you're going to do. I challenge you to do a video on your instagram stories and a facebook live every day for a week and see what happens! :) I bet you'll love the results.

Some video ideas:

  1. Answer a question that you've been asked more than once lately.
  2. Give a video tour of your office
  3. Have a chat to a team member about what they're working on
  4. Introduce yourself if you haven't done that for a while.
  5. Give tips that provide massive value to your customers
  6. Interview or spotlight a customer
  7. A teaser video for your next marketing promotion
  8. A time lapse video of something you're doing in your business (I saw one of my favourite artists do this the other day and I loved it!)
  9. Talk about other businesses you love 
  10. Share something new that you've learnt that could help others.
  11. Promote a recent podcast episode or blog post.

There's LOADS more, but that's some good ones to get you started and in the video habit.

Remember when you're recording a video on your phone that you're going to put on insta stories, to keep it under 60 seconds. When doing a facebook live, aim for around 10 - 20 minutes.

Get comfy and engage your beautiful audience! :)

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