Course Creator Resource List

Jan 13, 2021

Rode Lapel Mic - Click Here

For podcast interviewing others. You'll need two of these if you're interviewing in person.

Rode Adapter - Click Here

Allows you to plug both of your lapel mics into your phone to interview.

Apple Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter - Click Here

Plug the rode adapter in to get it to work on an iPhone.

Rode Shotgun Mic - Click Here

Use if you're filming from a digital SLR and sitting within 1.5 - 2m.

Rode Film Maker - Click Here

For wireless recording. Great when filming walking around or further away from camera. 

Rode Podcaster Mic - Click Here

If you want something stationary on your desk to do podcast episodes or webinars.

Arm for the Podcaster Mic - Click Here

This is what your podcaster mic attaches to and can be affixed to your desk. 

Rose USB Mic - Click Here

Alternative to the Rode Podcaster Mix and is a little cheaper and super portable. 

Elgato Key Light - Click Here

Provides fantastic lighting for filming without giving you the 'rings' in your eyes from a ring light. Can be controlled by an app on your phone or computer.

Ring Light - Click Here

Great light when filming, is on a tripod and can also hold your phone or camera.

Tripod - Click Here

There's so many varieties of tripods but I recommend one that's portable and that can hold both your camera and phone.

Neewer Studio Lights - Click Here

Bigger lights for filming if you need lighting on both sides to create your own studio effect. 


Logitech Brio 4K Webcam - Click Here

I never thought I needed a webcam until I got this! So good for all of those Zoom sessions and recording lessons on your computer. Gives great high quality resolution. 

Parrot Padcaster Teleprompter - Click Here

A great starter teleprompter that you can use your phone with to read notes for your course filming.

Neewer Desktop Tripod Click Here

A great Tripod to sit on your desk to hold your iPhone to go live on Insta at the same time as FB/linkedin.

Panasonic Lumix G7 - Click Here

A great camera for your photoshoots and 4k filming & streaming. 


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