Ep117 Key Metrics in your online business

business systems Mar 17, 2021

Bec & Joe have spent the last decade learning about the importance of systemising your business. They help business-building couples with kids create and implement systems to achieve their ideal work-life balance. They love diving into the data to gain clarity, and leaning into your zones of genius to gain momentum. 

In this episode Bec & Joe talk about the importance of recording and reviewing the key metrics of your business to gain a deeper understanding of how your business is performing and what you can do to get it to the next level. 

The thing is with reviewing your business' numbers and Key Metrics, it doesn't have to be hard and scary. If you're just starting out, you don't need all the new software straight away, you can start with a simple Google Doc or Spreadsheet and just mark things off. If you're wondering where to start, and what you should be marking off and reviewing, here's a simple list to get started:

  • Email List Size
  • Social Media Size (Instagram Followers, Facebook Page likes, etc)
  • Podcast Downloads
  • Member retention (monthly)
  • Revenue
  • Profit 
  • and remember to note down your goal & actuals

Joe & Bec have been kind enough to provide a pre-recorded webinar for Her Empire Builder Podcast listeners. You can find it at the episode show notes:



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