Alexx Stuart on Changing The World Through A Low Tox Life.

podcast Jul 23, 2019

Alexx Stuart is the genius behind Low Tox Life. 

What started as a simple blog, picking up household items and packaged foods, analysing the ingredients and offering better options, has gone on to become a movement.

Coining the phrase 'low tox' back in 2009, as a way of describing better, more informed choices for our health and the planet, the Low Tox Life platform today boasts a podcast with 1.2+million downloads, 9 specialised E-Courses, online classes, a blog full of recipes and articles to help people navigate their low tox life, an online community that reaches half a million people per week and the best selling book "Low Tox Life" that has been reprinted 9 times in its first year - about to be released in Spanish and French speaking countries.

Now writing her second book, Alexx is called on for speaking engagements, is a columnist for WellBeing magazine and a regular on radio. When asked how she keeps herself from being overwhelmed by the challenges facing us today she says "You do what you can do most of the time, being very intentional about engaging in the can-do space rather than the alarmist space, and make sure you schedule joyful stuff into your week, so it's not all so serious all the time”.



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