Ep 110 Positive affirmations for awesomeness

productivity Jan 27, 2021


In Episode 110 of the Her Empire Builder Podcast, I talk about the importance of daily affirmations and how when we are kind to ourselves, it enables us to do so much more.

When The Secret came out, there was a lot of people who thought you can't just manifest things into happening and I very much agree with that.

Just wishing for something to happen does not make it happen, what actually makes something happen is when we believe we can, and this is where the manifestation comes in. And then because we believe we can, then we put a plan into place, and then we have the confidence and the courage to take action on those plans.

We will never have the confidence and courage to take the actions that we need to take if we don't believe in ourselves. And this is where affirmations plays such a big role.

If you want the full list of affirmations, I've made them into a gorgeous printable for you, just head to tinatower.com/110 

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