245: Million Dollar Funnels with Haley Burkhead

May 15, 2024

This episode I am interviewing my friend and entrepreneurial superstar, Haley Burkhead! Haley and I are discussing how she built her million dollar business in a year and then left on a sabbatical and now has recently come back and shown that the success wasn’t a one time thing!

We’re talking about live launching vs evergreen, what she’s done differently in round 2, how she battled health challenges while simultaneously experience fabulous growth and so much more. Haley built her business to $36,000 months within just 6 months so there's a lot to learn from her million dollar funnels.

Haley, a dynamic force in the entrepreneurial and investment landscape, started her journey by quitting her job and created a business that made $36,000 months within just six months at the young age of 24. As the former owner of Recurring Profit, Haley has demonstrated an unparalleled knack for creating and scaling businesses with sustainable revenue models. Beyond her success with Recurring Profit, Haley has carved out a significant niche as a business investor, focusing on empowering women to break through the barriers that have historically limited their financial and entrepreneurial aspirations.

Today Haley runs a small private equity firm, is a commercial and residential real estate investor in Texas and co-founded a place online that creates tools and systems to help women in online business grow faster.

How does an entrepreneur grew from zero to $36k months in six months with intentional marketing and product development? In this episode, I and Haley Burkhead discussed our experiences in building successful businesses, including overcoming health challenges and managing team growth. Haley shared her personal experience of over-hiring employees and the importance of automation systems in maintaining a sustainable business model. We emphasized the importance of prioritizing KPIs that align with the business's goals and maintaining a positive work environment. We also discussed our personal experiences with depression and the importance of creativity and innovation in business. 

Marketing strategies and product development

  • Focus on converting 20% of cold leads in 24 hours, not just pain-driven marketing
  • Add value-based education to the cell system to triple the amount of people coming in
  • Rewrite books in visual diagrams and sell concepts in simple sentences
  • Have one product until reaching $2 million, then switch to other offers 

Building an audience and increasing revenue  per 100 leads through automated email sequences and affiliate marketing

  • Spend $0 on ads until traffic was established (6 months)
  • Stack doubled or tripled cells in 30-120 days with automated loop
  • Use affiliate marketing to build their audience and increase revenue per 100 leads
  • 90-day email loop automates the process of growing audience and increasing revenue 


Scaling businesses with a new funnel structure

  • Stay scrappy and connected with clients 
  • shift towards more personalized and humanized approach

Listen to full podcast episode here: https://www.herempirebuilder.com/tinatower-com/245

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