251: Ask Me Anything (Part 1)

Jun 26, 2024

Gosh I loved this episode - thank you to the wonderful humans who asked so many great questions! It's always nice to reflect on some of the massive things that have happened. And I am sharing some stories that I haven't shared before because they helped shape me and there's so many lessons from them.

Questions answered:

🌟 What life event, and what business event had the most significant impact on who you are today?

🌟 How to transition, without burn out from a sole trader service base business to online whilst having a young family and limited financial resources.

🌟 What was it for you that was the decider to sell your business and do this?

🌟 Did you contemplate trying to own them all? Did you feel you let people down because you sold?

Part 2 will be out next week!

These are some of the takeaways from this episode:

  • Nothing is more important than  knowing how to balance work and family especially in the early years with young children.
  • Understanding your limits and being kind to yourself is also significant when managing business and personal responsibilities. 

With this episodes collection of tips on balancing business growth with personal life, this podcast is one golden mine of accurate actionable advice and inspirational stories, making her one of the significant role models in today's online business and entrepreneurship.

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