What to do when your launch is flopping

May 01, 2024

Not getting the launch results you hoped for? You're not alone. Many course creators face disappointing numbers despite meticulous planning and promotion. While part of this stems from external factors like the economy that are out of your control, there are also several strategies within your power that can help turn things around.

When projections don't match reality, it's easy to get discouraged. However, it helps to remember that overestimations happen all the time, especially for newer course creators still learning what resonates with their audience. Stay confident by setting realistic goals aligned with your current reach and relationships.

1. Focus on building your audience and brand before launching through consistent blogging, social media, free trainings, webinars etc. The majority of sales come from early sign-ups already familiar with you, not last-minute impulse buyers. Nurture relationships over time to build trust and familiarity.

2. Once open, keep a pulse on how your messaging lands. Pay attention to feedback and be willing to tweak emails to address concerns. While batching content upfront helps ease workload, taking the extra effort to rewrite mid-launch with a more personal, understanding tone can really pay off!

3. Nothing compares to direct outreach for converting interested visitors into buyers. Platforms like Bonjoro make sending quick video messages easy, allowing you to call out visitors by name and check where they’re at. Similarly, engage followers commenting on social posts. Not everyone will reply, but those who do often join current or future programs.

In the end, clearly no launch goes exactly as envisioned. Despite careful planning, unexpected hiccups always arise. Success lies not in avoiding problems altogether but in actively connecting with your audience to turn things around. Stay nimble, lead with empathy and your unique voice, and results are sure to follow.

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