242: 3 Essentials to building your business over $100k a year

Apr 08, 2024
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Show

 In a recent 'State of Creators Report', Kajabi shared that 96% of course creators are earning less than $100k per year. I want to change that! I am sharing with you, the 3 essentials that you need in order to make over 6 figures. We want to drastically increase the % of course creators who are running sustainable and profitable businesses. Considering the time, money, and energy that goes into building these passion fuelled businesses, it is disheartening to see over 96% of creators fall short of six-figure success.

The dream scenario is to build a business that not only covers your living expenses, but also makes an abundant profit while allowing you to positively impact clients. The good news is that crossing the $100k threshold IS possible if you get the essentials right.

In this post, we will explore the 3 must-haves for earning over $100,000 per year as a female course creator:

Refining Your Irresistible Offer

The foundation of your business model is your suite of offers, often called an ascension model. While having multiple programs can work eventually, when just starting out it is most effective to focus on one excellent offer.

Become known for your one signature course before branching out. You can determine how many launches per year you need and calculate sales goals based on your pricing. Is it easier in your niche to sell more units at a lower price or fewer units at a higher one? Crunching the numbers this way allows you to pick the most realistic path to $100k.

For example, if your course is priced at $197 and you aim to launch 4 times per year, you would need to sell around 575 units annually to hit $100k. At $47 per course, you’re looking at over 2000 sales. Consider your industry, offers, and sales skills as you find the ideal approach.

Growing Your Support Team

Doing absolutely everything yourself is unsustainable long-term. The money you free up through outsourcing gives you time for high-level tasks that generate more revenue.

I recommend spending around 20% of your revenue on team support. This might start small with a part-time assistant and grow over time. Hire help based on your weaknesses so your strengths can shine. And pay yourself a salary too - you deserve it!

Freeing up mundane daily tasks, both in business and at home, leaves you with more energy to build your empire. The leverage of an excellent support crew lets you scale your impact exponentially.

Clear Messaging & Consistent Marketing

The online space is noisy, and without deliberate marketing efforts, few will discover your offers. While going viral organically sounds nice, it generally requires showing up consistently over a long period.

The most effective tactic is speaking directly to your ideal client in your messaging. Write as if talking to a real person instead of “everyone.” This grabs the right people’s attention while allowing others to self-select out.

Repurpose content across multiple platforms for maximum mileage. Establish yourself as an industry leader through thought leadership and credibility building. Refine and scale your efforts over time for compounding results.

While the road to 6-figures has its obstacles, with the right essentials in place, you can build a business that fulfils your vision of wealth and purpose.


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