239: Creating Quizzes That Convert with Chanti Zak

Mar 06, 2024
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Show

Have you ever come across one of those online quizzes that seems irresistible to take? You know, the ones determining what kind of entrepreneur you are, what your special sauce is, or whether a particular business idea is right for you. As fun as these quizzes may be, they also serve a strategic purpose for the savvy online business owner.

Quiz funnel expert Chanti Zak shares that she first discovered the power of quizzes for online marketing many years ago when working as an in-house copywriter. The quiz she created ended up becoming the company's most successful lead magnet ever. After leaving to start her own business, Chanti realized quizzes could become her niche. She began offering specialized quiz creation and funnel strategy services, with phenomenal results.

Over recent years, quizzes have hit peak popularity among online course creators and service providers looking to boost engagement. However, many quizzes fail to deliver because they focus on being clever over providing clarity and alignment with one's target audience. The key is crafting a quiz that builds an emotional connection, gets your messaging across in a compelling way, and segments your audience based on their needs, challenges and goals.

When designing your quiz, you want to strike the right balance between having a fun, engaging personality angle while still keeping it laser-focused on your niche. For example, entrepreneur Jenna Kutcher had huge success with a "What's Your Secret Sauce?" quiz that honed in on what makes each reader unique as an entrepreneur trying to stand out. Over 100,000 subscribers joined her email list from that quiz alone!

Chanti explains that your entire business can be viewed as an ecosystem, with your quiz funnel feeding into it seamlessly. You are the sun, providing energy. Your leads are the seeds, ready to grow into happy customers with the right nurturing. Your messaging and offers make up the soil preparing them for growth, while change and adaptation is the water helping them blossom.

Quizzes can be inserted at the top, middle or bottom of your sales funnel to provide immense value. Try using one as a pre-launch lead magnet to build hype for your course, product or program launch. Strategically place another mid-funnel to help anyone still undecided gain clarity on whether your offering is the right fit. And use an onboarding quiz for new clients or community members to reduce overwhelm and direct them smoothly to the perfect starting point.

The copywriting, tech setup and design all play key roles in making your quiz a game-changing asset for your business. While each area can be DIYed, you'll likely achieve the best performance and longevity by working with a conversion focused specialist like Chanti.

If reading this has sparked curiosity about how a strategically crafted quiz could take your online business growth to the next level, listen to our full podcast episode '239: Creating Quizzes That Convert With Chanti Zak' of Her Empire Builder Show! Available to steam wherever you get your podcasts or Listen here.

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