Ep 188 - 10 Things Every Course Creator Needs To Go From $0 - $1 million

Sep 07, 2022

I wish there was a simpler way - but the thing that ALL million dollar course creators know is that it takes massive effort and ALL. THE. THINGS. to be able to create a growing, profitable and sustainable online business. 

These are the ten things that will get you from $0 - $1 million and you can learn how to do them ALL inside of Her Empire Builder. 


Too many people spend time on non-revenue generating activities in their business. 

In Her Empire Builder, we focus on getting you up and running and making money. 

First starting with (obviously) your course! 

Then, as you're gaining momentum, filling out your ascension model so that you have a teeny offer, an evergreen product, a live launched program and if it's suitable, a membership and / or high end offering. 



The online business world is constantly moving and we need to access the advantages of not only social media - but all types of content and repurposing systems to add value to our audience and give them the chance to know, like and trust us. 

A monthly lead magnet, ever changing social media strategies (looking at you insta), writing articles, winning awards, third party media - it's all part of what you learn inside Her Empire Builder. 


Want to reach a 7 figure business as quickly and easily as possible? We help all of our members to have their own, and to be a prolific podcast guest on others.


It's definitely a learned skill and takes practice! But we help you to do social media lives, nail your webinars, present in other programs and rock the stage at live events by packaging your expertise into presentations that add massive value and convert to customers. 


Do you have to live launch? Well, you don't have to do any of these things if they don't vibe with you.  

BUT - live launching is one of the quickest ways to build your business. It's one of the best marketing activities you can do, one of the biggest learning experiences and will fill your programs with your perfect customers better than anything else. 


You can get to your first 6 figures completely solo, no probs. After that, it's time to start outsourcing so you can spend your time and energy on the things that will bring greatest return and business growth. 


This is what makes business as easy as possible! You can do SO MUCH with so little in online business because of the systems you can create (or get straight from Her Empire Builder) and how much can be automated. 



A business is only successful and sustainable when you get results for your customers time and time and time again. 

In an industry filled with big promises, be the one to under promise and over deliver and you'll completely knock the socks of your clients so that they stay with you - and tell their friends. 

You're doing this to help people with the knowledge you have. Love up on your customers and it makes everything else work.


I'll be honest, I live way better than most people I know who make more money than I do. That's because I am very smart with money and very conscious of profit. 

I learned the hard way that 'revenue is for vanity, profit is for sanity' and so I make sure to share all of that knowledge with Her Empire Builder members because a $1 million business is a terrible idea if it takes you $800k to get it!  

Just like time, we learn to use our money in the ways that will bring the biggest return. 


Why do some people take action that causes success and some don't? 

It's all down to beliefs. I am MASSIVE on business strategy, but you can do all of the 9 things I've spoken about and if you don't work on personal development to enable yourself to take aligned action and actually do the thing, no amount of strategy will help.

We run a mindset session every single month so we can help to create expansive thinking and encourage you to dream big, plan well and take massive action. 


Learn how to do all of the ten things in our group business coaching program and you'll be amazed how far you can go with solid strategy and support. Click here to join us inside Her Empire Builder.

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