Ep 168: Packaging Your Expertise Into a Book With Jasmine Womack

May 16, 2022
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the incredible Jasmine Womack as part of my series of podcasts taking a deep dive into packaging your expertise into a business book. Jasmine Womack is a writing consultant and corporate trainer who helps high performing leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and executives, connect with others, package their expertise and maximise their message through storytelling.

Over the past few years, Jasmine has worked with over 400 authors to help them increase their influence and grow an expert platform through writing a book, teaching them how to expand their book into a profitable and scalable information-based business. Jasmine believes that stories make the world go round. “Facts tell but stories sell”, and not only do they sell but they have the power to change which is why storytelling is so important for business owners. There's no better way to reach your audience and connect with them than by sharing and telling a story that resonates and motivates them to take action. 

Jasmine’s own story is amazing. She was a middle-school language arts teacher who had worked in her field for 12 years and had always wanted to write a book (it was her plan and she'd tell people she was writing a book but it had never come to fruition). It wasn’t until she was pregnant and on bed rest with her son that she used the opportunity to consider her circumstances and take action. In the end, the book she had been procrastinating over for many years took her two weeks to write.

At that same time, Jasmine found inspiration from a young lady excelling in the digital world and used her own qualifications and skill set to launch her own online business. The success of her business allowed Jasmine to stop middle-school teaching, and after identifying the elements earning her the most revenue, Jasmine adopted a business model that now allows her to educate others about the publishing process. A true teacher at heart, Jasmine has packaged the process into her Author Made Easy Bootcamp, allowing others to manage the writing, publishing and sales pipeline and her the ability and flexibly to help more people through a less hands approach.

The average lead is not going to jump into your online course. They need to enjoy a nurturing period and Jasmine sees a book based around your expertise as a way of allowing a potential lead to explore your ecosystem until they’re ready to join. A book is a low ticket item for those not ready to make a higher investment and is part of the pre-work that should lead people into your online course. A thorough campaign around the launch of your book with promote momentum and not only generate book sales but result in the upselling of your core program; your perfect ascension model.

I have devoted 4 x May 2022 episodes of the Her Empire Builder podcast to book writing. Listen to the second episode and obtain the show notes here: tinatower.com/168

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