Ep 167: How to Write a Business Book

May 13, 2022
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Podcast

My love affair with books started long, long ago.

I loved (and I mean loved) books as a child and for me, when I first started to get into the world of personal development and business, much of what I initially learned came from books. It still blows my mind that for around $20 you can purchase a book written by someone who is a leader in their field, and gain such valuable tools, insight and wisdom. It is so incredibly awesome, and while I think everyone has a book in them, I do also appreciate that writing a book is one of the hardest things anyone can do. To write and bring a book to fruition, you’ve got to really want it because otherwise it will be one of those projects that gets started only to be put on the back burner and hang over your head forever.

You have to be committed. You really have to decide now is the time and this is why it's important to me, then treat it as a priority and put it above everything else. Writing a book is hard and it’s bloody scary because it’s permanent. You have to be disciplined and hone those writing skills that the convenience of today’s world (think social media, texting, that sort of thing) has seen us neglect.

You have to ask yourself such questions as does the world need my book? Can I deliver something that is not already there? Can I provide a different perspective? Can I speak to a different generation? Can I offer something that has the potential to help another human? Once you've got that figured out and you know in your heart of hearts that it's important to you, it’s time to kick things into action.

After choosing a title so “the book” becomes an actual thing with importance, you’ll turn your attention to getting it done. I’m a true believer in taking yourself away to do this and going all in. Doing nothing else. Immersing yourself in beautiful surrounds and absorbing their energy to boost your inspiration. History shows us that so many of the world's great authors took themselves off to castles and the countryside, wherever they felt most inspired. Find somewhere that sets your heart on fire.

Be conscious of your energy, not only that absorbed from your chosen location, but from timing, to make sure you’re commencing with the right frame of mind as it will affect the finished result. Consider everything going on in your personal life. Consider everything that's going on in your business. Make sure the time you carve out and commit to writing isn’t after a massive sprint in your business and you're exhausted. You need to be filled with energy, hope and inspiration so you can be focussed on all the lessons you wish to convey in your book. You need to be all fired up and ready to go.

The book you write will be around forever. It's your legacy. It's one of the most amazing things that you will create in your life so it is definitely worth putting in the time to get it as right as you possibly can. Take the time, commit and discover your creative space - then create your gift to the world.

I have devoted 4 x May 2022 episodes of the Her Empire Builder podcast to book writing. Listen to the first episode and obtain the show notes here: tinatower.com/167

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