Ep 165: Building a Digital Business to a 6 Figure Launch with Caitlin Marwaha

Apr 08, 2022
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Podcast

When I first met Caitlin Marwaha and she was considering joining Her Empire Builder, she didn’t really believe a 5 figure launch was possible from an online business, let alone a 6 figure one. I see this quite often, people underestimating what they’re capable of and the potential of working online, but when talking to Caitlin, I knew she had something special and was yet to realise her potential.

Eighteen months on, Caitlin has gone from being a stay at home mum and a part time Personal Fashion Stylist, to the successful digital CEO of CM Style Squad, a personal style membership program that allows members to identify their body shape and dress with confidence.

Caitlin’s experience as a Stylist, paired with her understanding of the customer experience and marketing, saw her contemplate how she could help more women style their wardrobe and allow her services to be more accessible. She new that a Stylist was often perceived as expensive or a luxury, and there was an associated intimidation factor, so she wanted to break through these perceptions and find a way to provide styling advice online, allowing her flexibility to meet the needs of her young family. Caitlin set about developing a program that focussed on body shape, which, clothing aside, she saw as core information she could share with her audience to allow them to make smart wardrobe choices.

In 2020, Caitlin launched her CM Style Squad program, the size and loyalty of her already healthy Instagram following playing an integral role in the process (she interacts with her community so beautifully - visit her on Instagram @bycaitlinanne). 

As she explains in the Podcast, after trialling and testing the right price point for her membership, she now has a beautiful Squad of over 500 women who enjoy her monthly membership offering. Caitlin has since developed an in depth, 8 week, 5 stage online course that identifies key components to support “women feeling happy, confident and fully-self expressed” with their every day style. This higher price point product, consisting of brand new materials, expands on what she covers as part of her monthly membership, so she has a portfolio of options that suit a variety of needs and budgets.

 Caitlin didn’t join Her Empire Builder until after she completed her first launch, which, as I suggested to her was possible, saw her generate $10.5k in sales. I’d met her ahead of her launch as she was tackling transitioning her database between the Wix and Kajabi platforms having not long entered the online world, at which time we’d discussed the potential of online business.

She was initially sceptical but with the proof in the pudding and $10.5k in the bank (less one gorgeous pair of shoes), she took the leap and invested in Her Empire Builder when membership doors next opened. Utilising the systems and strategies shared in Her Empire Builder, Caitlin generated sales just short of $100k during her next launch, a figure it had previously taken her a year to achieve.

I look at her now, constantly testing and tweaking her sales approach, and always planning and prepping for the next launch, even in the off-season. She’s now an empowered business woman who embodies and believes anything is possible; it’s heartwarming to see how far she’s come.

So what’s next for Caitlin? She has big dreams, and her and I truly believe they’re achievable. She’ll do it…just watch her.

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