Ep 154 How to use the holidays productively for an epic 2022

Dec 15, 2021
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Podcast

So, I want to tell you a story about my Podcast, Her Empire Builder. 

I never miss an episode of my podcast ever. I never miss anything I say I'm going to do, because I think nothing is stronger than your word to other people, and also to yourself. Sometimes that can mean that I will hold myself to impossible standards and super high expectations. Everybody that I know, who is really high achieving, are somewhat burnt out this year. When the pandemic hit in 2020, at the a lot of people kind of took a bit of a break. However, a lot of entrepreneurs, went into this survival mode where they were wondering what was going to happen to their business. So, while everybody else was resting or taking stock of life, the entrepreneurs of the world worked.

In normal times, a lot of our life is getting broken broken up with travel and different events, and all of these different things that are giving us that respite that are feeding our minds. And with nothing else really to do while the world was somewhat shut down, what I have found is a lot of very highly ambitious humans have been sitting at their desks working more than you have ever worked before, which has led to a lot of people being tired. I am one of those people. Usually, we get rest and those creative bursts when we're out and about, we're getting inspiration from different places and getting that space and that time.

Usually, I take like the week between Christmas and New Years off work and that's it, and I take the opportunity while everybody else is off, to work uninterrupted.  However, this year I’ve scheduled in to finish from the 16th of December, and not to return to work until the 31st of January. I've put all the systems in place to ensure nothing gets missed, like all of the emails & social media etc. But, I was looking at the podcast and thinking, oh my gosh how am I going to record over 10 episodes to last me until when I get back into the office next year?My husband, the rational one, just said to me, "Just stop. Take a podcast break. You're the boss!" And so that's what I'm doing, my friend. The podcast will be taking a break and returning in February, which is a huge deal to me!

So for now, in the last episode, I'm going to let you know all of the things that I think you should do in order to have your most productive downtime ever, all the things that you should do in the holiday period, so that when you return in January or February, whenever it may be, that you're ready for your most epic year ahead. 

Happy Christmas & Merry Everything Friends!

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