Ep 149 Why you should plan a live event in 2022

marketing Nov 10, 2021
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Podcast

I think we can all agree, that over the last couple of years we have had enough of virtual Zoom events. There is nothing I love more than hosting live, in-person events. There is just something so special about being with people and the connection that is made face to face - the energy, the inspiration and the beautiful people you get to meet - ah, there is just nothing better!

I have ran a lot of live events in my 17 years of business, and I know what works and what doesn't work. I have put together a special bonus for you as a Live Event Checklist for you to take the guesswork out of running a live event and make sure you nail it the first time and every time.

Benefits of running a live, in-person event:

1. Connection 

When you run live events, the connection you get & your clients get is threefold. What I mean by that, is that you the host, get to physically connect with your clients. If you have been speaking to them and building a relationship with them over Zoom for the last couple of years, and finally get to see them in-person... I mean, just think about it gives me goosebumps. Finally, you get to meet the beautiful people you serve in person, and they get to meet you. The magic in that alone, is incredible. Then, it's connection to the other speakers. What I mean by that, is that not only do you get to expand your professional network with these awesome rockstars speaking at your event, but they also get exposure to your audience and you will get exposure to their audience as the rockstar host that you are. The third aspect of connection is the connection between participants and guests. You never know who you will be sitting next to at a conference! From my personal experience, some of the people I have met at conferences over the years have remained some of my closest friends! People get to have really important and interesting conversations that they may not have in their normal social settings. You, being the host, have fostered that connection and your event will forever be in those people's minds. 

2. Inspiration 

The second major benefit is inspiration. Similar to my point above, is that people get to step out of their normal every day life and start having conversations to people outside of their normal social groups, they get to hear different perspectives from absolute rockstar speakers, and they start to think bigger & differently to when they first walk in the room. As a host of the event, that's really all you want to achieve. You want people to leave your event with bigger dreams for themselves that they ever thought possible, and you want to inspire people to take action and think "You know what, I can do this too". If you can achieve that high level of experience and magic for your participants, then you know you have done an incredible job.

3. Credibility 

We all know being in the online digital business space, credibility is the what we as entrepreneurs work hard for. We're writing articles, we're hosting podcasts, we're guesting in other people's masterminds, where public speaking, we're writing books - we're doing ALL THE THINGS, so that we can have those little credibility logo's on our website, on our Bio, in our Email Signatures to let our potential clients know "hey, she must know what she's talking about right?!" Hosting live events is the exact same thing. To get people talking about you and your business, you've got to be very very involved and very good at what you do. When you are standing on stage, the lights are on you and you've got a microphone in your hand and you are brave enough to share the truth, to share your thought leadership  and to manage something that is of epic proportions - I mean, that's ballsy! When you are pulling off a big event, and bringing all these incredible speakers together in a room, people look at you as the conduit for this and think "wow, she really does know what she is doing".

4. Marketing

Live Events are absolute GOLD for marketing you, your brand and your business. We hosted our Her Empire Builder Retreat in June 2021 in Noosa, and we had so much social media coverage of the event it was INSANE. The amount of photographs, video snippets  and everything going on at the retreat that was shared far and wide was crazy. Our audience on social media grew exponentially as did our application for my mastermind. Sure, I am on my social media all the time showing my work and my office and everything we are building, but it't not as exciting as seeing the live energy of being in a room with 100's of incredible women, and the lights, the music, the balloons, the MAGIC - that's what get's people excited and make them want to be at your next event too. 

Now that the world is opening up again, I am running a number of events in 2022 and would absolutely love to see you there. You can head to tinatower.com/events to check them all out.

If you want to grab the Event Checklist Freebie to help you out with hosting your next event - head to tinatower.com/eventfreebie to download it!

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