Ep134 Kayse Morris on Building a Multi-Million Dollar Course Business

business Jul 14, 2021

My guest on today's podcast is my favorite course creator in the world that I have ever met, Kayse Morris. She is a wonderful mom of four boys and a beautiful brand new baby girl, a reader of 3 Books a Week, former full time English teacher, founder of the CEO teacher movement and teaches educators how to create their own future income and impact using the skills and passion they have as teachers in the classroom. She's also featured as a Success Story in my book, Million Dollar Micro Business! I just can't get enough of this literal ray of sunshine!

I first came across her when I was at the Kajabi conference in 2018 and I immediately fell in love with her story. As I was listening to her I thought she has an incredible story and that I understood where she was coming from. 

Kayse started selling her teaching resources in 2013, after grappling with a four year long of going through deep postpartum depression. Fast forward to eight years of intense learning, she's not only mastered the online teacher business game but has now helped thousands of other teachers bring their wildest dreams to life. Her story is an inspiration to all who's dreaming of creating a business from what they love and passionate about.

Kayse talks about:

The story of her first launch. The success from the she wants to pay her Netflix bill to getting her first $30,000 in an hour after launching. Amazing!

Kayse in serving her community. Kayse reiterated that her success did not happen overnight. She went through different stages of her business and have done heaps of things to connect with her community.

Work and Life in balance. When her belief of doing all of the things soon transformed into working less and making more. And how she's able to enjoy life even more.

Her value for her team. Kayse tells her story of how she managed to got through her managing everything to delegating tasks and letting her team shine on their own creativity.

We've talked so much more on Her Empire Builder's latest podcast. So if you haven't heard it yet, go to tinatower.com/134.

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