Ep132 Heather Sager - Shining on Stage through Speaking

business Jun 30, 2021

Heather Sager was one of my first clients. She is a speaker and an online business coach. She's the creator of Speak Up to Level Up. She helps entrepreneurs structure their ideas, clarify their message and hone their speaking skills so that they can deliver magnetic live presentations, videos, and workshops that grow their authority. She's spoken on stages around the world, teaching six and seven figure business owners how to grow their businesses using effective communication.

She is a superstar living in beautiful Portland, Oregon with her husband and two sons. She was an executive in a healthcare firm before she started her own company, which now has helped other entrepreneurs shine and be confident speaking of their brands. 

In this episode of Her Empire Builder, Heather dropped her biggest gems and here’s what you will learn:

  • Heather’s origin story in the online course world
  • The secret to communicating and speaking virtually and keeping your audience engaged
  • Understanding your audience and giving the the highest of service


Show notes: tinatower.com/132

Find Heather here: heathersager.com

How to Attract Dream Clients Through Speaking Course:  Click Here

Instagram: @theheathersager

Facebook: facebook.com/theheathersager

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