Ep130 James Wedmore on Building an 8 Figure Digital Empire

business Jun 16, 2021
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Podcast

James Wedmore was born and raised in sunny Laguna Beach, California, and now resides and runs his business in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. He had grown his expertise for the last 15 years, helping to teach digital CEO’s in their businesses as well. He is the owner of the program Business by Design, Sales Page by Design and Nail your Niche. His model motto is simple: Work hard, play harder.

In the latest episode of Her Empire Builder, James is interviewed by my Mastermind members. This is the most elaborative podcast episode I’ve recorded. I learned a lot in this episode and let me share with you my top takeaways.


  • “ The role that you fill in your business determines the results that you receive.” A business is an entity where several roles exist. If you are a solopreneur, you usually end up doing all the roles for your business whether it be marketing, administration, logistics, and so much more. And it is exhausting but they don’t need to be done by you. You have to find people who have the ability to do those roles alongside you. 
  • Determining which are the 5% activities that will bring 95% of the results. Start your business doing that 5% even if it’s just you right now. It takes a lot of discipline to have focus and determination to do what needs prioritization at the moment. Most success comes from discipline. You have to do it daily, weekly consistently. 
  • James’ part of the most important 5% activity in his business is being a leader for his team. “Great people don't want to work for someone that just wants to get themselves rich. Great people want to be a part of something great.” As a leader, it is important that you communicate and convey, embody and show your vision to your team. You are to set the tone and ensure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to. Build yourself to become a better leader for your team.  
  • It's not about what you deserve. It's about the people you're helping. It is always important to look at what your people need. This way you’ll know how to serve them better. A players won’t work for B leaders.
  • Look for talents to build your team. Look for people with great attitude, and potential to grow alongside you. “You’ve got to slow down to speed up.” You are building a team, a family, a group that are closely knit with each other and will go through with you through thick and thin.
  • Your words are powerful and it is through words that we have the ability to influence and impact other human beings. It is a powerful skill to put into words what you do best. Leaders take a stand and share what they believe in, their perspective, their truth and people follow leaders. That is why how you communicate will bring impact to your audience.


  • And one of the greatest things that made a great impact on our discussion was about Specificity. Being specific brings more clarity. You have to remember that you can’t be everything to everyone. It won’t work that way. You need to bring out in the table what your specialization is. That way you will be easily identified.

We did cover a lot more and it still amazes me to learn from James Wedmore and how he runs his business with a team of seven wonderful people.

If you are also trying to bring your business to an 8 figure one, you need to listen to our latest podcast. Let’s grow and learn together!

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