Ep129 Million Dollar Micro Business

books Jun 09, 2021

A million dollar micro business is a business built to have a larger scale of revenue yet consists of a few full time employees to work on it and it's something I never thought before would be possible until technology caught up and had given us the opportunity to create and to leverage in the online world.

My new book, Million Dollar Micro Business is coming out on July 1st and in it I mentioned how you can create the possibilities to achieve your seven-figure business! Included with it are success stories of Superstars in the online course world that I interviewed and loved. In this episode of Her Empire Builder Podcast, you will hear some of the snippets of their success stories for my book!

So we have Kayse Morris, who is a CEO-teacher who's one of my favourite people in course creation. You’ll hear her talk about how she learned she was having a postpartum depression four years after the birth of her son, her hardships when she was still teaching until she went full time for her passion of online creation, then selling her resources online, and how her simple “I want to cover my Netflix bill” turned to making over a six figure business after she went all-in.

We have Clint Salter, who has Dance Studio Owners Association, one of the smartest business people I have ever come across with and embodies a heart for his customers and serving the world. He's an absolute legend. He started his business at a young age of 16. He’s got a lot of creativity in him, and has non-stop drive and ideas! He also talked about the struggles he came across on his way to success and what got him to where he is right now.

James Wedmore, of Business by Design of course all online creators know him, teaches how to have a business by design. He started as a Bartender with a great passion to teach, created everything from scratch, fell in love with the process instead of the end goal and his secret to his success is the great love that he has for what he’s doing.
Then there’s also Denise Duffield-Thomas, who is one of Australia's top course creators with Money Boot Camp. She's a fabulous author of one of my favourite books, Chillpreneur. She has this chill personality when she does her business. Her belief in sustainability skyrocketed her business to success and that comparison is her inspiration rather than something that cripples her.

Then we have Tracy Harris, from Mums with Hustle who runs Social Methods Society. She is one of the kindest, sweetest, most generous, and lovely ladies I have come across in this online world. Her passion in creating sprouted while she was on maternity leave. Working on her ideas, she started listening to podcasts of several known people in the online world and there an idea sparked. From not knowing what she’d share to her audience to finally deciding it’s time to sell her courses online and her struggles in achieving her goals, Tracy is the epitome of love for what she creates.

Their stories are just like everyone else who’s trying to create something and succeed at it. They never knew what would happen in their future but they pressed on and consistently, they showed up, and looked after their people. I have so much love for origin stories. It’s where I see how people got to where they are now and how different it is for everybody. So if you are somehow thinking about giving up now, don’t! You have a different path, timeline, and ideas. Create them, love the process, and work on it!

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