Ep127 Running a LIVE Limited Launch for your Course

business systems May 26, 2021
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Podcast

“If you want the big results, you’ve got to take the big scary actions, because that is where the field really lessens. So what I find time and time again, is you will look at people that are super successful and if you actually look at what they do, like always remember success leaves clues… But if you look at what they do, a lot of people aren't willing to do the things that they've done to get to where they are.”

Getting that big leap is always the scariest thing to do when you are in business. Oftentimes it is before the leap that you give up and quit not knowing that it would actually be a greater opportunity to thrive. But for me, I took that leap, I risked, I experimented not knowing what the results would be and that’s how I got to do my first Limited Launch!

In the latest episode of Her Empire Builder podcast, I talked about How to run a Limited Live Launch for your course, the whats and hows, and the struggles I went through before I got to create my own Limited Launch!

If you have never done a Limited Live Launch before, I included a checklist for you to be able to kickstart everything you need to know but let me give the following ingredients to guide you through also.

Show up for your people. Look at this as a Broadway performance but keep YOU as you are and give the best to your customers. LET YOURSELF SHINE! Let them see your passion and drive to help them thrive with their business as you promised. You build your reputation through what you do and what your customers see in you. 

Set up your goals. Make videos that will educate and provide purposeful content for your customers. Make them short and sweet and make varieties that will serve different purposes. 

Organise your marketing funnels and create your sales pages. Do it in a way that you are making sure that you are a great investment for them.

Make offers that your customers can’t resist. Make win-win offers that your customer and your business will both benefit from.

Less is MORE. Putting more effort into one Limited Launch is already a great marketing strategy to pull your audience towards you. A massive effort brings in a massive return! 

Create your perfect pre-launch Lead magnet. Do something that will lead them to the next stage of your course. Like the checklist. It did gives the steps on how to do a live launch but the details are in the course itself so people who wants to know more will go forward the next stage. Perfect!

Create your webinar. Make a content with teachable, tangible, and will create that trust from your customers that you are the right person to turn to if they wanted to know more on that topic. Make it seamless, pre-planned and all automated so you do not have to worry about it during the Live Launch.

Use your Social Media platform. There is no greater way to market your business than through social media. Do live videos prior to the Launch. Again, show up. Educate them. Make a connection because that’s really important.

Lastly, Focus on your Customer Impact. Because they are the reason you're doing your business. Your focus is serving people. It doesn’t matter how many shows up. You do what you have to do and give the best you can give. Exceptional results come from how great you’ve done the work. 

So, again if you haven’t done it, get the checklist, and make your Limited Launch happen!


Head to tinatower.com/checklist to get the checklist!

Show notes: tinatower.com/127

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