Ep126 Getting the most from your brand photoshoot

marketing May 20, 2021
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Podcast

It’s so frustrating finishing a photoshoot and not being able to see good results because you were just unprepared for and you simply did not know what to do about it. It’s as if you just wasted 3-hours or at worst a day of photoshoot and the photos are just not usable.

Well in this latest episode of Her Empire Builder, you’ll hear all about the importance of brand marketing through great imagery, what you need to prepare for before you jump into photoshoots, and how you will be able to best portray your brand!

The last few years I saw how great imagery changed how people see my brand. Brand photography is so important because you use those photos all the time to your Social Media, your website, events.

Here are some great points to remember on how you can optimise and maximise your photoshoot to get great imagery for just what you need it for.

1. Embracing who YOU are and letting YOU shine through.

In this business of online courses, YOU are your product. It is important that you are letting yourself be yourself and just enjoy the photoshoots. Your energy, your emotions, your love for your brand should be seen on those photos.


2. Get rid of anything that makes you stumble to give out your best -- your discomfort. 

It’s funny when I looked at my old headshots and saw just how awkward it was for me. It took me years to get rid of that discomfort I feel during photoshoots. But that happens a lot and you just have to get yourself in the right state before you get your photos done. Get ready. Do things that will take away the discomfort and make you feel relaxed. Because your emotions and the energy you put in will come across and you don’t want that. Your photos will look great if you are relaxed and just feeling the vibe!


3. Find a photographer and the right package to get your best shots!

So the first thing is pick a good photographer. So in looking for one, you need to remember these things:

  •  You need someone you can work with. How great their photos is not important if you can’t work with them. They will give you direction throughout the shoot and you’ll be communicating with them what you need. It is best if you have someone you feel comfortable working with.
  • You want a photographer who will bring out your best shots. Look into their packages because you want someone who’s willing to dump all the imperfect shots and give you the best ones. You have to have it all because you need those shots for your brand. And you need someone who will be willing to be creative and give the best to you.


4. Put on clothes that will both portray YOU and your brand. 

What you put on is just as important as your energy. I usually go for two things: the lighter or white and grey so I could put on a coloured background or the loud and bright colours on white backgrounds. You need those choices so you have a variety of shots you can use for whatever purpose you want.You might also want to consider your brand colours in the photoshoot. You want your audience to remember you so don’t confuse them with clothes that don't match your brand. 

And don’t change too much. Choose at least 3 outfits and you’re done. You don’t want to waste your time changing all day. Pick the ones that will represent your brand. Same goes for the jewellery.


5. What you need them for and how you want it done.

Communicate with the photographer your purpose for having the photoshoot. This one is really important. You don’t want shots you can’t use because it doesn’t fit their purpose. So you might want to think this through beforehand.

You may also need to tell your photographer how you want it done, what poses you can do. You can research ahead of time so you won’t be wasting time brainstorming what results you want to have. You may need to consider the LOCATION also. Because you want to get a variety of photos for your brand. Like you in the office, or outside, or having coffee at your kitchen. So you could really set the mood.


6. Where do you put all those great imagery?

Have a photo bank. This is where you store all the photos you get. For me, when we use a photo for one post we don’t use the same anymore for another social media post. So I need lots of different photos for different purposes.

To wrap it up, I have a full checklist of everything and you can just grab that and use that on your next photoshoot. It’s all you need to know and prepare for. And remember to just let yourself go, let loose, and enjoy!


Head to tinatower.com/photo to get the checklist!

Show notes: tinatower.com/126

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