Ep123 How to recognise when you need a business mentor and where to find one with Kelsey Chapman

development Apr 28, 2021
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Podcast

 Have you ever had that moment in your life or in your business where you find yourself at a loss of what to do next, how to grow & scale, and what direction you go in?

In the latest episode of Her Empire Builder Podcast, our guest Kelsey Chapman tells her story of how she started out in her business with the help of people in her life that have influenced her to become the successful woman she is today. 

Kelsey is an author, podcaster and personal cheerleader to women building their dream life and business. When she first launched her own brand in 2015, she leaned on the shoulders of incredible mentors who took her under their wing and taught her how to make the jump from dreamer to doer. 

So, the first question is of course HOW and WHERE to find a mentor. Usually, we think that mentorship can only be found through people who are offering and selling their expertise. But here, Kelsey explains that whatever area you want to grow, whether that is business, marriage, or you just want to make a positive impact with your relationships, then all you have to do is look for that person in your circle who you see as a model or someone that is excelling in that area - and then simply ask them for help! Ask them for their insights or their advice on certain situations. They don’t have to be famous or extraordinary. Mentors or coaches may just be a normal person in your life ALREADY and their one piece of advice may change your life.

When it comes to approaching your potential mentor, a lot of people wonder if it has to be formal or informal? Do you ask right away or do you sit back and observe for a while? Kelsey explains that life mentors tend to be a little less formal and that it really depends on who you are asking for help. If it's someone close to you, you can ask them in a more conversational manner and explain that you think they are excelling in the particular area and would love it if you could spend some time with them asking them for their help or advice. However, if you are seeking help for your business needs and only an expert or professional can help you then you will need to be specific in asking what kind of help you need from them and work in with their schedule, perhaps booking in a regular time every week or month. You may also be expected to pay for their time. Kelsey says it's extremely important to “read the room”.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, I believe we all need mentorship in our lives. As Kelsey phrases it, “I think it will forever, yield fruit in your life.” As to how long to work with mentors, there are many coaches that offer programs which will end at a certain time, if you need something more linear. However, Kelsey suggests that the longer term it is, the better the investment is.


For more information on Mentors and how they can change your life, listen to the episode here: tinatower.com/123 

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