#93 Vocal and Body language Coach Dr Louise Mahler on increasing confidence

Back in 2014 I was in the Telstra Australian Business Woman of The Year Awards which was one of the most exciting and awesome things I’ve ever been part of as a business owner. After winning the State Awards, each state winner was all flown to the Nationals for a couple of days of development and networking before the actual ceremony which was by far, more valuable than anything else. I got to meet some of the most interesting women, many of which I’m still friends with now. Of course, for a lot of us, it was one of the biggest things we’d ever been a part of and the awards program did everything they could to ensure that we were prepared. That’s where I met today’s guest, Dr Louise Mahler. Louise was bought in basically so we didn’t embarrass ourselves on the big screen and stage! She ran through our acceptance speeches, how to control our voices while we freaking out on the inside if we were lucky enough to be called as the winner, we even ran through how to walk onto the stage with confidence and without tripping over! It’s funny, if you watch my acceptance speeches on youtube from the State awards and then the National awards, you can see the massive difference. I actually love the state one because it’s so raw and you can see the shock and excitement just jump right out of me. The National winner was so much more measured, obviously excited as fuck, but I said the right things and it was a lot more polished. I’l link to them in the show notes in case you want to see 29 year old me quote Celine Dion in a business speech :) So that takes me to Louise. What sets her apart is her winning mix of body language, vocal intelligence and mental patterning to coach executives to deal with difficult, and often hostile, daily scenarios such as stressful boardroom confrontations, media interviews and staff interaction. Louise is a crazy smart woman and a business heavy weight with a PhD in business, Bachelor of Economics, Master of Applied Management in Service Management and Innovation, and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming. She is a highly sought-after media commentator on leadership, body language and effective presentation with regular appearances on TV, radio and print. She has a series of videos on the Australian Financial Review website and she has a global social media following. She’s a super successful speaker all around the world and we reconnected again when Covid 19 hit and Louise rang to take all of her leadership training and vocal and body language coaching, online. Now, she has super successful online programs that we were able to help her bring to life.

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Find Louise's courses here: https://www.themahlermethod.com/

Watch Tina's NSW Telstra Business Woman of the Year acceptance speech here: https://youtu.be/wDP_J1CkPBY 

Watch Tina's Australian Telstra Business Woman of the Year acceptance speech here: https://youtu.be/MmzCehI7Zx4 

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