#67 How to publish your book with Kelly Irving

Show Notes: 

If you've ever wanted to write a book, this episode is for you! Today I have book coach superstar, Kelly Irving. I've got Kelly answering all of your questions about where to start, how to get over writer's block and the big, beautiful business implications of getting that book that's sitting in your head, out into people's hands. Kelly is obsessed with helping experts and entrepreneurs author work that matters and makes an impact.

As a bestselling-book coach, editor, and creator of The Expert Author Academy (www.kellyirving.com/author), she nurtures authors from idea to implementation, with accountability and butt-kicking built into every step. Her unique Write Book Method results in industry book awards and major publisher deals (she has never had a book pitch rejected) and transforms businesses from 6 to 7-figure turnovers. www.kellyirving.com

To get started, check out her Author Your Journey writing journal, which is packed full of advice, tools, tips, and exercises to guide you on the authoring adventure. www.kellyirving.com/journal Or download one of many free resources from her website, like The Ultimate Infographic to Publishing Your Book, which provides a breakdown of costs and expectations: https://links.kellyirving.com/publish

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