#61: Increasing engagement through instagram with Emily Osmond

Show Notes: 

Today on Her Empire Builder I have the gorgeous Emily Osmond. I had been seeing Emily around and was getting more and more interested in what she does. She’s an absolute ray of sunshine and an instagram marketing expert and that sunshine totally shines out of her.

Last year I got to be on her podcast and then I got to meet her in real life which is always exciting for us that work online and I had to have her on Her Empire Builder because what she’s building is impressive. In our chat, we cover so many different things but I love how Emily isn’t afraid to talk about the childhood trauma she suffered that left her with some mental health obstacles she had to learn how to deal with into her adulthood.

We cover all things Instagram marketing and behind the scenes of her new online program launch. Emily Osmond is a marketing educator who through her online program, The Modern Marketing Collective, curated events, and her podcast The Emily Osmond Show, helps women to market themselves easily and authentically online and make more money doing the work they love.  

Emily has a Master of Communications, with a thesis on social media, and after growing up England, then moving to regional Victoria, she is now based in Melbourne. She’s obsessed with crime podcasts, Staffies and all things interiors, which she blogs about on her internationally recognised platform, getinmyhome.com.

Discover Emily’s free Instagram resources at emilyosmond.com/free and connect with her on Instagram @emilyosmond.

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#61 Show Transcription

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