#51: Cocktails & Coaching - Making decisions

Show Notes: 

Join Tina Tower on a recording of her LIVE Friday Cocktails and Coaching session. This week, she's talking about making quick and quality decisions to avoid decision fatigue and procrastination.

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#51 Show Transcription

Hello, I'm Tina Tower, and you're listening to Her Empire Builder. For my first decade of business I thought grinding and hustling and working harder than everyone else was my path to success. It was pretty successful by a lot of measures, but it led to burnout and adrenal fatigue. Then, when I travelled around the world on my family gap year, I discovered the simplicity and the reach of online business, and I completely fell in love.

You have so much knowledge and expertise that's within, and I want to help you to package that so you can also help to lift others up. So, how do you build a thriving, million-dollar business based on everything that's in your mind? This is Her Empire Builder, the podcast.

Hello, hello. Happy Friday everybody. Welcome to this week's edition of Cocktails and Coaching on this gorgeous, fine, fine, beautiful day. I am in, well I’m in our house in the Central Coast, and it is hot today. I looked it up before and it kind of is sitting on about 30 degrees, which is gorgeous. So yeah, so I'm pretty excited about that today.

I hope you have had had, oh, I hope you have had had, I hope you’ve had a wonderful, wonderful week. You know, as we're getting ready for my book to come out next week, our life is ramping up big time in terms of the amount of activity and everything going on, and it's times like that, that really make me super-duper thankful that I have a beautiful organised system for when things get chaotic. So that's something, you know, that I'm not talking about today, but I did want to put in there.

Hi, Lynne. Lynne says, “It's raining cats and dogs in Perth.” Okay, so it's very different weather here.

So, it is something I did want to mention today though, because, you know, when, when life does get hectic, it can kind of get into that stage where you're like, “Oh my gosh, where is everything? What am I doing now? How am I doing that?”, and it's when I'm really thankful that I'm used to lists and keeping good notes and keeping things organised, and preparing for those times that you know, are going to ramp up, because otherwise you kind of get into those areas and you're like, “Oh my god!” So yeah.

So next week when the book comes out, which for those of you on Facebook right now, look at this. I have a real-life book in my hands, which I think is, like, it's still so surreal for me, to do that. So, I got sent, like, four copies a couple of days ago, and then I get the big lot next week. So, everybody who has ordered pre-orders of the book on our website, they will be sent out on the seventh. So, coming really, really soon.

Jenna’s there. Hi Jenna. Hi Heidi. Heidi said, “Yes, it is such a big deal.”, and it is, it's kind of one of those things that you, you know, I was, I was so spun out when I opened the box and saw the book and you know, those who, who know me quite well and who follow along, know that I can have a tendency to get very over excited. Very over excited, I can get teary at the drop of a hat, but I kind of opened it and just kind of looked at it all like, like a stunned cat, like, just going, “Oh my god.”, like,  “It's a, it's a real book.”, and it's just so fun. Like, I'm surrounded with One Life stuff. I've got the book. I've got, like, note cards, I've got bookmarks. I’ve got, like, more stickers than anyone could ever need. I have all the things going on, which is, which is super exciting, super cool, but I am, I'm very thankful that, that we've had that system in place getting ready for that, because when next week starts the books go at and then the following week, I'm on tour. So, I'm going to nine different cities over three weeks, and then to the bookstores and everything there as well, and we just got booked on The Today Show. So that is super exciting, too.

So, yeah, so it'll be off to a big start and it will all kind of catapult there, and I've got to really do everything, I know this sounds super corny and, and maybe a little arrogant but it's, but it's very true when you get this moment. Sorry, a really loud motorbike just my past. When you get this moment, like I have to take advantage of that 15 minutes of fame. So, it's a really short window, when all of this will come out and all of the momentum starts happening. I will have a very, very, very short amount of time to capitalise on that, and make that last long, and make the book long lasting for years and years, rather than just like a one-month show, kind of thing. So, we're prepared for that. We're ready for that.

Okay. Hi Sarah. Hi Emma. Hi Lynne. Hi Belinda. All the people, hello.

So, Jenna’s said, “Stickers!”, I’ll bring you some stickers. Jenna’s coming to our Central Coast book launch, so, so, we'll have stickers there Jenna for you. That will be good. Sarah’s like, “Oh my God, The Today Show.”, yes, and yes, we will have to wake up early to watch me, and I will have to wake up early to actually get on there and make myself look presentable and not like I just rolled out of bed, which will be a slight challenge, but I'm up for it.

Okay, so what I actually wanted to talk about today, hi Emma, was decision making, because one, one thing that I get asked about a lot is how I do so many things in such a short amount of time, and how I seemingly, like, to outside and I guess, you know, it's true, is, is I do progress very quickly. So, you know, a lot of people have said, “Gosh, it doesn't seem that long ago that you were in Fiji writing the book and now the book is ready to be at and launched. How did that happen so quickly when so many people can take months and months and months, and sometimes years, to get that process done?”, and I was reflecting on that, and a lot of it is down to really quick quality decisions, and then I was thinking, you know, a lot of things in my business, I can do really quickly and progress from one thing to the other quite rapidly, because of really quick easy decision making.

So, to put it in a, in another sort of example, when we were renovating our house, like, what was that four years ago now, and some people hate decisions, and I remember being in Reece one day, so the, the plumbing place, where you pick, like, all the taps and all the, the showers that, like, all the, all the bathroom stuff and the kitchen stuff, and all of that sort of thing, and there was this couple there that were, like, fighting like crazy. Like you know, ”I want this one.”, “No, I want this one.”, and “I want this tap to go like this.”, “But I want this tap and this tap doesn't go with that one.”, and literally, like, the difference between these two taps I could barely even tell.

So, that was like polarising to me because we literally walked in and we’d picked our entire house’s stuff in about 40 minutes, which I thought was a long time. I was like, “I've wasted a lot of time in here today.”, but it was kind of really obvious there in going, “We can make really quick decisions when we don't second guess ourselves, and then we're able to move on to the next thing really quickly.”, and this, this kind of happened to me on Monday too. So, I was sitting with my, with my Graphic Designer, and on one of the, on one of the books, so, the subtitle on the book is, “How to Have the Life of Your Dreams.”, and each of those words are capitalised, and one of the things came out, kind of what it was now, it's like a quote card or something like that, but the “O” of “of” was in lower case, and so, he was sitting there going, “You know, should we go back? Should we fix this? Should we change this?” I'm going, “You know what, as much as I hope everybody pays attention to this, these finer detail the whole time, I guarantee no one will notice ever.”, and so sometimes we sweat these decisions in sweating on the small stuff and the minute details that don't actually matter.

So when it comes time to making these decisions and making big business decisions, I find it really handy to know what are the things that are going to move me in the direction of my dreams, what are the things that I value, and then just doing that, so perfectionism is not my jam at all. In saying that, though, don't mistake not having perfectionism for having crappy work. So, I always give 100%, do the best I can, by usually when you get to that kind of 98% level of where you're up to, to get that extra 2% is where people will procrastinate and go on, but no one will ever notice that. So, I always get to the 98% I'm like, “Right. Damn, Done. Boom. Off, off it goes.” So, making those decisions really quickly and not agonising over that.

So, you know, another example. When we created Her Empire Builder logo. So, I know, in a lot of people's situations, when you're trying to make new branding, or when, like, a new logo is a good example, because everyone's kind of been there. So when that comes out, you kind of get six different variations, six to 10 variations from Graphic Designers and they come out and you could look at them and go, “Oh my gosh, like, do I choose this one or do I choose this one? I like this one, but I like this one a little bit more, and I like that one?”, and you could literally spend months going back and forth with a designer to try and get something perfect, but really, perfect may not exist, because if you're going back and forth that many times and you're not getting what you want, you haven't given a clear enough brief or you may not even know what you want. So, I would go, just go with the gut. Go for the first one that you see, that you’re like, “Man, that is awesome.” Don't overthink it, go for that and done.

So, I'll give you an example with my, with my book process. So, when it came time to create the book cover, I was pretty clear with what I wanted. So, I knew the exact colours, I already had the colours worked out that I wanted, because the colour of my book, kind of, I sit in front of my rainbow bookshelf, and there's not that many in the like green teal, and I wanted that. I love a bold font, all of that sort of thing. So, I knew the colours I wanted, I knew it wanted, I wanted it to stand out, but I didn't really know about the background, and so I just asked for six different ones, and from those six different ones, I picked it. So, it was as simple as that. I was just like, “Yep.”, and they were all just like, “Really? You don’t want to think about it a bit more?”, but here's the thing. When we make a decision as humans, we like to protect our own ego, and so if we make the decision to do something, we immediately will defend that decision. So now I'd be like, even if I didn't like this cover, even if I thought maybe the confetti shouldn't have been over the Own, maybe I should have moved out a couple of millimetres to the left, which you know, I don't think that but I just looked at that and thought, “Maybe?”, but if it was something like that, is it worth going back and forth and doing that, or should I just go, “Yep, that's good.”, and done, because now that I've picked it, I think it's the greatest cover ever, and I'm going to stand by that decision as you stand by a lot of the decisions that you make in your business.

So, when we agonised back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, once you make a decision, you go all in on that and you’re sold, so make it a little bit quicker.

Okay, so Bridie said, “Expectations are good, perfectionism does not serve you.” Cheers to that babe. Hi Tamsin. Hi Amanda, and that's the thing, you want to have really high expectations, and as soon as you meet those move on to the next thing, because otherwise you can get totally caught up in the decision making process, and it will take you too long. So, we see it a lot with, you know, we've got an whole agency arm of our business that creates people's podcasts and online course sites and all of that sort of thing there, and so, when we're doing that, and we're working with people to be able to develop their website, someone will say I want this exactly, and so we will produce that exactly, and they’re like, “Hmm, maybe I need to move this across an inch.”, or “Maybe I need to change that.”, and so you’re spending all of this time agonising over the, the minutia, when really if you hit Go on that, you've got it out to market and you're making money.

So, don’t get caught in the decisions that are stopping you from being out and building your business. Focus on the things that are going to move the needle, and don't worry about the small stuff there. Does that all make sense? Yeah. So, Sarah said, “Totally love it. I think you've done well by keeping the book totally in line with all your branding across all of your platforms.” Yes, so it was kind of the other way around. So I had the colours already that I started and then when we got the cover, which was about, about two months ago, I want to say, and so then once we started getting that, that's when we rebranded the podcast, so we rebranded the podcast to Her Empire Builder with that same, sort of, it's like a spin on it, and so everything now looks super on brand, but I also got a really kick arse Graphic Designer. So, that really helps with doing that, but how she's been able to create so much new stuff for us, and when the book comes out, when you do, I feel like I'm plugging the book a bit here, but it's just a good example. So, when you get a copy of the book, there's a whole lot of things in there, and then there's templates on the website. So if you go to that website, which I'm not going to tell you just in case you go there without buying the book, but when you go there, you can download all of these different resources and templates and all of that sort of thing, and she's created all of those from like sketches on, on a piece of paper, that I have done, and so when she's been creating all of those, like, that could have taken months, but when she does it and I look at it, I'm like, “Does it have all of the essential things?” I think of you guys and going, “Okay, if someone had got this for the first time, is it easy to understand? Is it easy to fill in? Is it going to be helpful? It's going to be valuable? Yep? Great.” You know. Do I care if, if there's like a little thing that I would change and take an extra half an hour to change the little things that actually are important? No, don't give a shit, not at all. So, I would say, “Focus on the things that are going to bring the greatest value to the people that you serve and everything else it doesn't really matter all that much. So nice, quick decision making.

Hello Grace. Hello Donna.

Okay. So, now I would like to open it up. The week that has been. Let me know the wins from, from this week. For me I think this week, we finished early bird for Palm Springs, and I've got a beautiful group of people coming with us which is so exciting, and then my other when was last night, I totally fan girled. So, I went with, with my bestie Grace who's on the call, and we went to see Marie Forleo with a whole group of other business chicks, and she was such a legend. She, I told her about the book and she lifted it up, and took a photo with me, with the book, which is very much become one of my favourite photos ever, and I think I'm going have to print it out and put it in the pool room forever. So, I love her, and I love her energy and everything she stands for, and so, you know, being able to have that moment was a, was a definite highlight of my week.

Lynn said, your Graphic Designer must love you, and you know what, it's very true. So, she does say to me, it's really easy to work, because, you kind of, you don't sweat the small stuff, and you'll find that too, with, with people if you let them just do good work and just deliver on the things that they need to deliver and not nit-pick all the time, it does make a really big difference.

Okay, so with all these people on here, come on, you've got to have a win for the week, let me know. Tamsin said, “Love the picture with Marie.” I know. I just, like, I'm so over excited in that picture. I looked at it, I'm just like, “Can, I like, my smile looks like it's about to burst off the side of my face because I'm, I'm literally that excited.”, but, so Sarah said, “Total win for me was booking the Palm Springs retreat, and hubby and I booked to go to Vancouver right after.” Yay. That will be a great trip. That would be so good. Okay, let me know your other wins.

I can see Stacey is on here. Hi Stacy, “Online course launch!” So, we had the pleasure of building Stacey's new online course site. So, I'm so glad that that has launched beautifully. Sarah said, “Your hair looks amazing in the pic.” Do you know, so let me, let you in on a side thing. So, I can't do my hair. There are many things that I can do, but I think it probably has something to do with today's topic of, you know, making quick decisions and moving on and focussing on the things that matter, not the things that don't matter, and not that beautiful hair doesn't matter because every time it's done and that's what I like, I'm still trying to get a bit out of it. It's still out and lovely today, but every time I think, “You know what, I'm going to be one of those ladies that present beautifully and I'll do my hair like a proper grown up lady.”, and I kind of block out the half an hour and I stand there and I literally get five minutes in with the, “GGGGG blow drying”, and I'm like, “Oh my gosh, I want to stick forks in my eyeballs.” It’s like, I can't stand there and do it when I, when I know there’s so much more productive stuff that I could be doing that would make a difference. So, like, would I serve people better if I had beautiful hair? Would I make more money? Would I make a bigger impact? Maybe, some would argue, yes, but I think no, but when I do get my hair done, I do take, take advantage of it and do that, so yeah, thanks. Thanks for the comment.

Jenna has said, so, Jenna runs a Pilates studio, “Tuesday this week, my studio ran at 100% capacity.” Wow. Okay, so when you're at capacity, it's like a blessing in disguise because you're tapped out. So, you now either need to figure out how to put on more classes, how to expand the space, all of that sort of thing because there's so much growth.

Amanda said, “I'm late but want to know what happened with the house.” So, last week on Cocktails and Coaching for those of you who were, who were on, we had a very, very stressful Cocktails and Coaching, with the cooling off for the house that I was trying to buy finishing at 5:00pm, and on here at 4:00pm, we did not get the house. So, at 5:00pm I started crying. My best friend bought over chocolate mousse. It was eaten in front of Netflix that night. I threw myself a pity party, but this week, if you listen to the podcast, so on Her Empire Builder, I did a whole episode on How to Deal with Disappointment and How to Bounce Back from that. So, go and tune into that one if you want to kind of get the whole story with, you know, my, my full-on pity party, and then how I recovered and moved on, and we actually bought a new house on Wednesday. So, we have, we have a house which is good. It's not as good as the house we were trying to get last week. You know how everyone says, “You know, everything happens for a reason and there’s going to be a better one around the corner.” No, we went a totally different tact. So, instead of getting kind of the beautiful Barbie dream house, we got a fixer-upper, because I actually do love renovating, but I thought, “You know what? My life is too full to go through that again.”, but we're going to do it because it's a hell of a lot cheaper, easier, and I can make it exactly how I want which, you know, I am quite fussy with how I want things, which is why we're all self-employed, right, because we like things the way we like things.

Okay, so, Tamsin said, “My husband got retrenched, so I am all in.” Well done, and you know what? Oh sorry, I'll, I'll finish your, your comment. “Got two amazing leads from a Facebook group which was amazing, just from offering some advice.” Yeah. Excellent. So, there's two things I'll touch on from that.

So, my husband became a stay at home dad six years ago, I think, so he's gone back to work since we've come back from our trip, but he had a good five years of being off, and when that first happened, I shat my pants just a little, because I was very reliant on his income, and sometimes I would get some of his income and, like, feed it back into the business when I needed to in those times, and so there was no kind of lifeline there, but what I found when he, when he stopped work, and then I kind of knew all home was looked after, and the kids were looked after and everything was fine, I kind of let all of the guilt go, and, and kind of went, “You know what? I can do whatever I want. I can make this baby fly and really go all in on it.” So, you'll find that now with that new energy, it gives you a whole lot more freedom to be able to take those opportunities that you probably may not have been able to take before. So, it's, it's, it'll be a great move for you I imagine, and then the other comment that you said was, “Two amazing leads from Facebook groups.” So, I do want to touch on that because there's two different parts to my business. So, I do, like, the coaching and, and consulting and speaking, but then we have our agency side that builds people's sites and podcasts and all their things, and so most of the work that we get for that side of the business comes from Facebook groups. So, it's something that if you're not doing, or if your business lends itself to it, some businesses don't lend itself to it, but if your business lends itself to it, be in the groups where your customers are, and give free advice. So, it's something that we do every day, is we jump in. So, our main page is the Kajabi user’s page because we build all peoples’ online course sites on the Kajabi platform, and so we jump in there and anyone that needs any help, we kind of give them the help and then they're like, “Hang on, you know a lot about what you talking about. What else do you do?”, or they'll click on your personal profile, see that you actually have a business, click through and use that. So, it's a really good strategy if you're serving those people to be able to jump in and do that.

Hi, Sharon. Hi, Rochelle. Nice to see you on here. So, Donna said, “90% plan for 2020 timetable and a new studio fit-out quotes in motion.” Nice, that is exciting. I have 2020 planners for you coming out soon as well which will be really cool.

Kylie said, “Love your dress Tina. Colours match, very colour coded.” I look like a rainbow kind of vomited today. So, I've got the rainbow bookshelf and I've got one of the most colourful tops that I've ever had from Jericho, and I totally, totally love it. So, thank you.

Tamsin said, “Go Jenna.” Sharon says, “Hi.” Donna said, “Congratulations on the new house purchase. Listened to that podcast episode.” Yeah, cool. So, Sharon's also said on the Facebook group thing, so Sharon runs The Functional Family. So, her course is Calming the Chaos, which is for, for parents to use in their homes when their children have ADHD or special needs, and she said, “Yeah”, she sells a lot of courses through the ADHD groups, so it definitely works. Now while I'm finishing these comments off, if anyone has any open business questions, now's the time to type them in. So, anything that's going on in your business right now, anything that you're curious about, pop that in there, and I'll get to answering that.

Grace has said, “Shout out to Jenna who is the queen of Facebook group selling as well.” Yeah, it's a really untapped market, and I like it because it kind of, to me, uses social media for what it should be, which is social. So, I think rather than placing ads all the time, jump on in there and add some value, and the more value you add, the more people will want to engage with you there as well, and Jenna said, “Yeah. Facebook groups are the greatest.” Oh, and then Grace said, “But selling without making it feel like selling.”, which I just talked about. See, we're on the same wavelength here. Bill said, “Transitioning to stay at home hubby is not an easy process.” Yeah, it definitely isn't, and you know, there was a lot that my husband had to go through in terms of social norms and expectations and all of those sorts of things, but if you ask him now he will say the greatest honour of his life and the greatest kind of achievement of his life, was getting the opportunity to be able to do that, and the other day he said, you know, he's got such a good relationship with, with me and with that kids, and that, had he not done that he absolutely would never have known what he was missing out on and how rich those relationships absolutely could be. So yeah, it's not an easy process, but I think the upsides great.

Okay, so Heidi has asked, “Do you know which groups HR people culture leaders hang out in?” No, it's not my area of expertise, but how you find those groups is just to search them. So just jump on Facebook start, like, searching for different things, and then when you find a group that kind of is, is your jam, kind of fits with everything that you're doing, what will happen is on, when you're in that group, on the right hand side, a whole heap of other groups will pop up of the people that are in that group. The other groups, like the highest quantity of people that are also in these other groups, and so you can kind of jump into those other ones that you know, a lot of your target market are also in there as well. So just start, start searching.

So, Sharon has said, “It's also a massive smile fest when you see other people recommending your course.” Yeah, it is. Nothing feels better when someone's like, “Hey, does anyone know who can help me with this?”, and then everyone starts going, “You, you, you.”, and you're like, “Oh, shucks guys.” It’s lovely.

Okay, so keep asking the questions in there. So, Tamsin said, “Do you just randomly go into groups or do you search by keywords?” So yeah, I search by keywords. So, I do find, find the groups where my people are, and then once a day, so I've got 15 minutes scheduled once a day where I jump into those groups, and I kind of scroll through the latest things and I go through each of those things and go, “Okay. What can I answer for people?”, and so I do, like, 15 minutes of power, where I'm just like, “Yep, I know the answer to that. I know the answer that.”, and go through, and then a lot of the time people will send you DMs, so that takes an extra 10 minutes to answer all of that sort of stuff. So, I do that once a day. So again, you don't want to kind of go down the rabbit hole of this, where you're just constantly on there, you want to kind of do it really purposeful, strategic and add as much value as you can in a short amount of time, and that's, again, we're back to the decision thing that I was talking about in the beginning. You don't want to overthink it, like, just keep it social and just go, “You know what? This is, this is what I'm thinking at the moment.”

Grace is still, still blowing Jenna's horn, “What's so awesome to see about Jenna is all the people who recommend her before she gets there herself.” Yep, absolutely. Okay, so who else has some business questions? I would love to answer any of those for you to make your next week a bit easier. So, think about everything that you're trying to achieve next week, what your intention is, and anything that you’re kind of stuck on to go, “Hmm, I'm not quite sure about this, or how this one's going to go.”, or something that was a bit of a stumbling block this week. Pop that in there and see, see if I can help you out at all.

So, Sharon said, “I would so love to see how you schedule your day. I get sucked into emails way too much.” Yeah. Emails is an abyss. So, the first thing with email is unsubscribe from everything, because you'll notice, so I check email systematically twice a day, so usually at 10 o'clock and 4 o'clock, is my email time, because I find people will usually wait those intervals, and so when you do go interval, and not drips through the day, because I've got to turn it off, because if I see that red number down, so I'm on a Mac, and so when the email comes in, if I've got it on, and that red number sits there, it's like a magnet to me, I'm just like, “I have to, have to see it.” So, I turn that completely off, and then when I go into email, my purpose is to either respond, delete, or file, right there and then. So, usually, it'll take me about 30 to 60 minutes, twice a day, to do that, because email is still the most common way that people use to communicate meaningful information. So, you need that. Where it gets hard is when people are, like, half texting, WhatsApp, Messenger, email, and you're like, “I know this person was waiting on me for something, but I can't remember how they contacted me.”, that's the worst, but when it comes to scheduling the day, I love, I’m a time Ninja. So I love to schedule things in, in different times, so that you don't spend too much time in doing something, because if you've got, you've got the clock going on that, then you have to get in and you have to be really ruthless with things, because you know, you'll sometimes see emails come through and you'll be like, “That one looks like a lot of work. I'm going to just leave that one for now and I'll come back to it later.”, and by the time you've actually responded to it, or got around to it, you could have read it like five or six times before you’re like, “Mmm, I'll do that later. No, I'll do that later.”, and so by going in and going, “I'm going to respond to these things straight away.” It saves a bucket load of time, but you've got to be really disciplined in, in how you do that, so I hope that helps.

Okay, Sheree has said, hi Sheree, “How can you set yourself to be looked at in different light in these groups instead of just the admin.” So, it's adding massive value. So, when you're inside Facebook groups, the, the whole goal is to give as much value as you possibly can and help people as much as you can. So, it's not to sell, that's going to be a beautiful coincidence, coincidental by-product of the value that you're providing it. So, if you can jump in there and help anyone with anything that they've got, you start to get that reputation in there. So, people will start recognising your name, and you'll start getting more authority with the different comments that you post there as well. So, I would always say, go in with the guise of how can I add massive value? How can I help people today? Then just go from there. Don't try and sell anything, don't try and pitch anything, because you'll find that if you do that, one, you’ll probably get booted out. Two, people will ignore you because they'll think you're just trying to sell them shit all the time. So, jump in, just do that, and trust me, when you give people massive value, you will get all of the DMs and all of the comments saying, “Oh my gosh, I'd love to know more about this. Can we have a chat?” So, go with that.

Okay, so Tamsin said, “In your Business Blueprint presentation, do you intro yourself in the beginning or just go into the presentation?” Which sort of presentation is that? Can you give me a little bit more information on that Tamsin? In which sort of presentation, you're talking about there?

Okay, and Helen said, “Check out the Inbox Zero process. Google it. It will save you time and energy.” Yeah, absolutely. I'm a big fan of Inbox Zero. At the moment, I've got over 100 emails in my inbox and it, like, gives me heart palpitations, because getting ready for book launch next week, I've had lots of things on my list that aren't normally on my list, and so what I'll do is, after this, I will keep having my cocktail. So, if anyone's getting an email from me later today and there's some typos or something in it, it's because I've had a couple of gins. So, you know, it happens on a Friday afternoon, but I will clear that before I go into the weekend, because it's really important.

Okay, “On Mentor’s Day.” So what Tamsin is talking about is, are you doing one of those round tables Tamsin? Is that where the question’s coming from so that I can answer that properly for you? So, what Tamsin’s talking about is a program called Business Blueprint, which is ran by the most awesome dude, Dale Beaumont, and so one of their days, they have what's called Mentor’s Day. So, they have about 20 tables around the room, and then everyone gets to go to one of those tables, and on each table is a mentor. So, I am on those tables, and I do, yep, I do one of those mentor days, and so when I set that up, always whenever you're doing any sort of presentation, if it's not in your own channels, so like if it's on your own Facebook like I'm doing right now, or if it's on your own Instagram, then no, you don't need to introduce yourself but anything else, always introduce yourself. So, it depends on the length of time. I would always say never spend more than 5% of your time talking about yourself, but, whenever you're doing a new presentation, you need to introduce yourself to give yourself credibility, because otherwise everybody else that’s there is thinking, “Well, why should I listen to you? What have you got to offer me.” So work out how long you're spending, so if it's a an hour or a 30 minute or a day, or however long it is, go 5% of that time, figure out your introduction, to take up 5% of that time, and then go into adding the massive value because it's really important whenever you do a presentation to give people a bit of background so they know who they're looking at, who they're listening to, and why it's important to listen, because you do actually know what you're talking about. So, I hope that's helpful.

I am going to take another sip of my drink. Any other business questions? Let me at them. I love this. This is one of my favourite things in the week, Cocktails and Coaching. I was talking to someone about this the other day, and they were going, “You know, it's a big commitment to show up, show up every week live and do that.”, and it is, you know, sometimes it's different things on. I know, when I'm on book tour, like it's going to be crazy, and I'm going to be in different hotels and all over the place, but it will be, it will be fun, and I do love doing this and being able to connect and, and doing all that sort of thing. So, if you don't have a Facebook Live strategy in your business, have a think of what you can do on a regular basis, because before I started Cocktails and Coaching, which I think was two or so, maybe three months ago now, I would just do it ad hoc. So, I would have kind of this little brain fart. I’d think, “Oh, you know what? That's handy. That's got some value to it.” So, I would just show up and do my live, but having this as a regular thing, like I love it. So, it's a really good strategy to be able to do and connect with the people that are there.

Helen has asked, “Can you spell the name of the training platform you use for online training?” Yes. Yes, I can. Hang on. Let me get you. I can go one better and get you the link so that you can go straight over to it and get a month for free. This is how good I am at multitasking. So, any other business questions there? So, it’s called Kajabi, and I'm just going to reply to your comment there, Helen. There we go. So, it’s in there. Kajabi freebie. Alright, we’re there.

Okay. So, any other business questions that we have going? Anything else? You're welcome. People saying thank you. What else have we got going on next week? Anything big? Is everybody booked in to come and see me on book tour because it's likely I'm going to be near you? I'm going to nine cities over two and a half weeks, so it's going to be very big. So, if you haven't yet, go to tinatower.com/tour. I would love to see you and especially all of these people that are on every week that I haven't actually met in the human real life, if you come then I'll be able to give you a big, tight, squeezy hug, which will be great, which I got to do last night a little bit too, at Marie Forleo. There was, there was probably about five people that I met that I only ever knew from online space and following on social media, and all of that sort of thing. So, it's beautiful when that goes off into online. Sarah said, “Yeah, going to the Gold Coast.” Nice, nice.

Okay, well, it looks like all of our questions have dried up, unfortunately. So, it's time to get those weekends under way. Thank you so much for tuning into Cocktails and Coaching today. I hope you got something out of it that can implement into your business, but the main lesson from today, the main thing that I want you to take out even if you've got nothing else from, from today's session, is next time you have to make a decision, don't overthink it. Trust your gut, you know exactly what you should be doing, and make it nice and quickly and just go with the thing that you want and focus on doing the things matter, not those little small, small stuff.

Jenna said “Yeah, I can't wait for book launch night.” Emma is going to Sydney, awesome. Jenna is going to Central Coast. Beautiful. Alrighty everyone, thank you so much. Have a great weekend. Bye.

Thank you for listening to this episode of Her Empire Builder. If you loved it, please share it on Instagram and Facebook for your friends, and if you really want to deliver me smiles, you can pop a review on iTunes. I'd love to hear from you, so if you have any questions email me at [email protected] and if you want to know more about what we do, head over to tinatower.com. Now I truly hope this podcast gives you so much value and you can use it to dream big, plan well and take massive action in building your very own empire that's perfect just for you.


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