#46: Five things to add $10k to your online business

Show Notes: 

For the online course creators among us, this one is for you. If you have thought about running an online course or you already have it launched, today is essential listening. I'll be taking you through five simple things to boost the revenue of your business before the year is done! Simple though, does not always mean easy, but we've got this. I also share with you at the end, an amazing offer for my Palm Springs Retreat! If you have the opportunity to come and immerse yourself in your business for a week with an intimate group of superstar women, believe me, your future self will thank you for it. And, the early bird offer is pretty crazy awesome!! www.tinatower.com/retreat

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#46 Show Transcription

Hello, I'm Tina tower, and you're listening to her Empire Builder. For my first decade of business, I thought grinding and hustling and working harder than everyone else, was my path to success. It was pretty successful, by a lot of measures, but it led to burnout and adrenal fatigue.

Then, when I travelled around the world on my family gap year, I discovered the simplicity and the reach of online business, and I completely fell in love.

You have so much knowledge and expertise that's within, and I want to help you to package that so you can also help to lift others up.

So, how do you build a thriving, million-dollar business based on everything that's in your mind? This is her Empire Builder, the podcast.

Hello, I'm Tina Tower, and welcome to Episode 46 of Her Empire Builder. So, for the online course creators among us, if you have an online course or you're thinking of doing one in the future, today is for you. So, this morning, I ran a master class, which was all about five things that you can do to add an extra $10,000 to your online business bottom line by the end of the year; a nice, short, succinct title…


…but I ran it, and it was only ever intended to be a master class, but if I do say so myself, it was pretty good, and so I thought, “This is all something that I want to share on the podcast as well.”, and so I've got the recording of it today, and in a couple of things, you will hear me reference things that are on the screen, but there was no images or anything like that, so you’ll, you’ll get the value from it for those five things, because if you do those five things, I think you'll earn a hell of a lot more than the $10,000.

The trick is actually implementing the five things that I talked about.

At the end, I also have an offer, so for those of you who follow along, you might have seen that I'm running a retreat in March next year in Palm Springs in California, which is for the thought leaders, the experts, people that want to get to running a million dollar one person business.

So, I have an amazing, irresistible offer for that at the end, and if you want to see that you can go to tinatower.com/retreat. It's an early bird offer that's only available until 31st of October, so you’ll want to listen to that one.

Get that special deal while it's out if it's something that you're thinking of doing; if you are a course creator, you want to build your personal brand, you're speaking or that sort of thing, it's going to be absolutely perfect for you.

Okay, let's get into it. Grab a note pen.


A note pen?  Grab a notebook and a pen, and let's get learning.

So, today we're looking at five things you can do to add an extra $10,000 to your online business before the end of the year, and this, just in itself, is a lesson in how to have the most short, succinct title to a webinar.


So, a lot of people will say, you know that it's, you know, it's so important to be able to have a really short, punchy title but for me when I was coming up with all of the, the different things that I wanted to do, I was like, “You know what? I'm not going to worry about the short punchy title”.

This kind of encompasses everything that I wanted to cover today, because I do know that as we're coming into the end of the year, so actually I should have counted before we started, we're up to about, I think it's about 70 days left in the year, 70 days left in the decade, which is really exciting.

You know, I was talking this morning, every morning when we wake up we go and sit on the veranda and we have our tea and our breakfast all together, the four of us in our family, and we were sitting there reflecting on the end of the decade and talking about, you know, when it, when it hit over into the new decade 10 years ago, which 2010, which feels like not that long ago when you say 2010, but think about where you were then and then where you are now, and, you know, one thing that we're going to do at the end of this year is we're going to write a letter to ourselves in 10 years about what's happened in the last 10 years and then what's going to happen, what we're hoping for our lives in the, in the coming decade, and then we'll open it all in a decade's time, but anyway, that was a long winded way of me telling you that we're sprinting into the end of the year, and what normally happens when it kicks into the end of October, is people start slowing down, and while you need to have a lot of time and a lot of, a lot of kind of reflection space in that December / January period, it's also a great time to do business because there's a lot of other people are slowing down.

So, if you can take advantage of that time, then you get to speed up while others are slowing down and take advantage of a quieter market.

So, Tamsen said, “You just reminded me that last decade, me and my family did a video decade diary.” That is so cool. Okay, that's so cool. Side note. Okay, so let's go through, we've got five things.

Number one, launch your program.


So, we’re starting with, with kind of a bit of a simple one here, but it's amazing how many people have gold that they sitting on, have all of this IP that they're sitting on, that you're not getting out there, and so if something's been there, and you've kind of been, been dwelling on it or stewing on it, and you're like, “I don't know if it's perfect yet. I don't know if it's ready for market.”, my advice to you is that idea, get it out, get it out there right now.

If you've got an evergreen course what I want you to do is to plan the next launch.

So, even though an evergreen course is open all the time, what happens is when people are doing courses and they're opening and closing, it creates that excitement and it creates that scarcity, and as fortunate as it is sometimes, it works.

So, sometimes I'll think, “Gosh, it would just be so much easier for people just to have it open all the time, so that when people want to join, it's there, it's ready and available.”, but it doesn't work like that, the open and shut really works.

So, if you've got an evergreen course, what I want you to do, is to plan, say November, I wouldn't do it any time after around the 10th of December, but any time before the 10th of December, gold.

So, plan right now your next launch. So, if you've got something that you can launch for the first time, or if you've got a program and it's time to launch it again, or if you've got an evergreen, then it's time to do like a week's promo period for that, where you’re throwing in some bonuses and some excitement that's just for that time.

So, let me know in the chat box, “Have you got a launch ready, or are you ready to go?”

So, Lauren's asked, “Did you launch yours before you'd finished recording all the modules?

I recorded my modules during my launch period. So, I’ll use Laptop Life as an example.

So, Laptop Life was my course for people on how to create online courses. So, that was something that a lot of people were asking me for and initially I was doing all of these step by steps for coaching clients, and then I thought, “Actually, I can make this into a course.”, and so it took me five days to do the whole thing in terms of researching, recording everything, all of the marketing behind it, we had a five day launch period, like a launch runway, and then through that, while I was doing that, during the day, I was filming all the modules for the course as well.

So, by the time the course went live, was right at the same time as that hit. So, anyone that thinks you don't have time, you need five solid days and you can do it. So, don't use that for your excuse.

So, Sharon said she's got her course coming, Perfect Hair for Busy Women. Awesome. So, great time for something like that, Perfect Hair for Busy Women. So, let's launch that before December so that you can do it on the premise of, for all those Christmas parties that you've got to go through, with all the money that you spend on getting blow dries, let's use that instead.

So, Francis has said, “I've recorded my course, but it needs editing and stuff, should I start promoting it now to launch in November?” Yes, yes, most definitely. So, if you, there's nothing like a deadline, to make you go fast. So, if you carve out the time, and you know you've got the time to be able to complete recording, then definitely start selling it now, so that by the time you've, you've launched, you've got all of that content there, and then my third and final point here is, have a thought out launch runway.

So, a lot of people will just kind of have that old adage of build it and they will come, but if you just launch and you know, a launch is so exciting. I know for everybody that's on, that has online courses already, the build up to the launch and the excitement, and the nerves that come with that, is a very real thing, but if you do that, and then you kind of launch and you do a couple of social media posts, and you do an email out to your database, but not much else, you're going to get crickets.

So, the massive, there's a massive effort involved in doing a really well thought out launch runway. So, I want you to really take the time to do that, so that you can kind of go, “Okay, for those seven days”, you've got two weeks pre-launch that's going to be warming up your audience, and then when you kick into that launch, you're going to have to be hammering that every single day, which is why I like open and shut courses, because otherwise it's really hard to keep the intensity of marketing up for people to actually remember what it is that you've got to offer.

Okay, number two, offer coaching or a mastermind.

So, for a lot of people that run online businesses or are thought leaders and experts in their space, if you're not offering something for the people that you're working with to go deeper with you, you're really missing out on some gold opportunities.

So, people have different schools of thought with this. Me, personally, I love coaching. I love one on one coaching. I love small group masterminds, because I like the intimacy of the connection. I like being able to get people individually and answer their questions, rather than it being this massive, ginormous thing, where, you know, you're learning from this person, you’re never actually connecting with them.

So, if people are feeling like that with you, there's, there's a significant portion of your customers that would be saying, “You know what, I'm willing to pay just that little bit extra more, to have more of a connection and more access to you there.”

So, have a think about, what can you offer now? So, right now is a really great time to, if you want to do a 12-month, mastermind, for example. So, say you want to get a core group of your customers together that are going to go kind of that next level, because one on one’s very expensive, because it's using your time, so a mastermind’s kind of that in between a one on one, and having a pure online course.

So, you could start promoting now and getting people paying deposits now, for a program that you're going to launch in January and have that running all year long. So, now is the perfect time to start doing that for a mastermind, and if you crunch the numbers on that, you'll probably be likely to make your $10,000, right, just on point number two, here. Actually, I think you've done it on point number one again already, but we'll just keep the value rolling, right?

So, Francis has said, “I don't know how I can do coaching mastermind as an Interior Designer.” Of course, you can. So, if people are looking to renovate their homes, and they want to work more closely with somebody, but not have to pay the individual consultation fee, having a mastermind to do that, of a group of other people that are also renovating their houses next year, and having that whole community, yeah, you absolutely can.

Okay, point number three, increase your personal branding. I cannot stress this enough.

So, when it comes to personal branding, now I have this point here; be visible to your customers, not famous. So, sometimes people are reluctant to really step into that space of personal branding, because they kind of think, “Well, I don't want to be talking about myself the whole time, and I don't want to, you know, kind of look like I'm trying to be this famous person, and it's not about that, it's being able to use social media to connect with people on a really intimate level, and social media, at the moment, is absolutely amazing for that.

So, most of the business that I do now is started through direct messages on social media. So, I am, which I know a lot of people that I can see on this call now, also follow me on social media. So, you know, I'm pretty prevalent, I'm on there quite often. I do a live every week, at least, Instagram stories and Instagram posts every couple of days, so it's not overkill, but it's enough to be visible there and to use it, but what, the way in which I use it, is trying to get really personal with people, so that they can feel free to ask me questions, and so that it's approachable, and so you can form those relationships, and so when you do that, it allows people to then come in, and then you can work with them after that, and so don't be turned off by, it's not about the quantity, it's about the quality of those connections.

So, using my example of social media, so my numbers are very, very small. So, I only have 1,600 or so followers on Instagram, and I think about 600 on Facebook. So tiny, tiny, tiny little numbers, but if you look at the engagement on Facebook Lives and the conversion when I have program launches, it is huge, and the reason for that is because you're able to show up and connect with your customers one on one, so making sure that you doing that.

Another brilliant way to increase the personal branding, to increase sales, is with speaking engagements.

So, I do think that being on a stage in front of people is one of the best ways that you can connect. So, you know, if you're, say you're doing like a webinar like this, your level of connection to me is good, but it's not as good as if I was standing in front of you physically, and so although it's very effortful to do that, the more speaking engagements you can do, the better.

So, I want you to think about right now, where is kind of, you know, three places that would be great for you to speak where your customers are? Make a list of those three places. So, it may be industry conventions, it may be some sort of business conference or whatever that space is, where your customers are, make that list of those speaking engagements, and then, one of the most common questions I get is,  “How do you actually get the speaking engagements?”, and here’s like the ground breaking advice; ask.


So, all you need to do is, is identify those three, and then send an email to the organisers of those places and say, “Look, this is the value that I have to share for your people.” So never kind of sell it in the way of going, “You know, I just want to speak.”, it's more about what value can you deliver to those customers, that's going to make the organiser of that event, look really good, and so, if you can do that you can get in front of them, and then of course, when you're speaking, you share your irresistible offer, which we're going to go through later, and that's the way you convert that into highly paid customers there as well.

So, Francis has asked here, “What about small speaking gigs, a room full of 20 or 30 people?”, brilliant. Again, it's about the quality, not the quantity. So, sometimes a small group is actually better because you can connect with people in a much more quality way. So, you know, if I have, you know, say I'm doing a round table of 10 people and I'm able to get to know each of those people, my connection with them is still going to be far better than if I'm standing on a stage in front of 1,000 people. So, yeah, it doesn't matter how many there are. Focus on creating quality connections and providing massive value, and it will have a huge value return for you.

So, Lauren has asked, “I love speaking engagements yet there is a belief here that all are for free. Do you mainly do these so that it builds your profile and networks, or should we focus on paid gigs only?” So, it depends where you are in your journey. So, I will very, very rarely speak for free now, but for my first couple of years, I spoke everywhere for free. I would speak anywhere that would have me because I wanted to get practised. I wanted to get a good reputation up. I wanted to get those testimonials, the speakers, reel photos, all of that sort of thing, and so I didn't feel comfortable getting paid the big bucks because, I mean for speaking engagement, you know, you can get paid anywhere from four to eight to $10,000 a keynote, so you want to make sure that you're going to ace it when you're getting paid that much, but it's usually a values exchange.

So, sometimes, you know, I might get paid $8,000 for a keynote speech, but then if I do one for free, it could be for an audience that's so good that you make a hell of a lot more than $8,000 in your offer, because often when you're speaking for free, you're allowed to do an offer to the audience at the end. Often, with paid ones you're not allowed to do that offer. So, I kind of look at it on a case by case basis, but yeah, once you kind of get that reputation up, if people are trying to get you to do freebies all the time and ask you, you do have to have your boundaries and sometimes just say no, or say, “Here's my speaking fee if you're willing to pay that.”

Melissa is asking, “My industry, to get in front of a large audience, I actually have to pay the organisers to get a speaking spot early days, build the reputation, eventually I believe they will pay me.” Yeah, absolutely, and sometimes, you know, to be in the right places, it is worth paying that fee because it's, in a way, advertising, so, for an online course provider, for example, one of the last speeches that I did for free, I did that, because I knew the types of people that would be in the audience and then for the two hours after, because I was able to do my offer at the end, we sold $18,000 worth of courses at the end of that, so totally worth speaking for free, and I would have paid for the privilege there as well. So, take it on a case by case.

So, consider a podcast is the other one here. How am I going for time? Oh, I'm talking fast, but not fast enough. Okay, so consider a podcast. So, podcasts. Does anyone listen to my podcast Her Empire Builder? Everyone's going to go, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, hell yeah.”, Yeah, I love it. Thank you. That just gives me the confidence to keep going here now because, side note, by doing a webinar like this. So, usually, when I'm on Zoom, I'm talking to people and I do my group mastermind and so I can see other people, so it's really weird just talking to my screen by myself. So, I love seeing all of these, all of these come up, come up and running.

Francis, it’s a yeah, the Cocktails and Coaching is now going to the podcast as well. So, what I wanted to say about podcasting. Podcasting is a very intimate medium. So, you're in people's ears. So, they’re usually listening to you when they're focussed. They're either driving or they're running or they're walking or they're doing something and they're listening to nothing else but your voice. A weird thing the other day, you know, I went to the Business Chicks breakfast on Monday to see Sarah Jessica Parker, and I was walking in the elevator and you could tell everyone was going to the same event because they’re all women dressed to the nines, in the sky, high heels at seven o'clock in the morning, and so everyone gets in the lift and pausing and I'm that person and I kind of, everyone got in and you know, everyone's looking down at their phones trying not to make small talk. I'm like, “Good morning, everybody. How's everyone going, are we excited?”, because, you know, I’m that person, and one lady looks up and goes, “Oh my gosh, are you Tina Tower? I hear your voice all the time.”

So, she was a podcast listener, and so, for me, that really solidifies in going, “It's amazing the connections that you can create, and you don't even know that you're creating them”. So, having a podcast really does increase that personal brand, and then when you're having an opening in your online course, or you have something to sell, you can drop that into the podcast, which is another way of reaching those other people, and then you can, they can buy from you, and so if you don't have a podcast yet, consider it for 2020, and first though, before you get your own podcast, make sure you're appearing on three to five other people's podcasts to start promoting that and getting used to that as well.

So, Alana’s asked, “Was I wearing high heels too?”, because this is my year that I committed to sneakers, sneaker flats only, but I did wear high heels to Sarah Jessica Parker because you can't wear sneakers to see Carrie.


Okay, number four, create a value packed, opt in funnel.

Okay, what do I mean by that? So, what I mean, is having an opt in funnel that people just must opt into. So, thinking about what do your customers absolutely need. So, this is something that I like to change up kind of every month, every six, maximum every eight weeks. So, the one that we're working on now, for example, is our marketing plan template for 2020. So, we create a full marketing plan, it's about 40 pages long, it's a month by month that has suggested things in there, a whole thing and it's, it's massive, it's a massive lot of work. The value to customers, so to you guys to be able to go, “Alright, so I can just put my email in, and I get this full marketing content plan for 2020. That's like, half of my work done for me.” I mean, how can people say no to that? It's fantastic. So, think about, “What do your customers need?”, and then you can put that on your website on a simple opt in page.

Promote that all through social media, all through podcasts, all through anywhere where you're appearing, and then people will exchange their email for it, and so then you've got to create an email nurture sequence. So, that's something like when they first download it, sending them the actual download, and then maybe a couple of days later, “How did you go with that?”, da, dee, da, dee, da. Then maybe a couple of days after that, “Hey, if you loved it, here's the next step you can take if you want to work with us further.”

In Australia, so I can see, I'm looking at names here. I recognise a couple of my U.S. friends, but most Australians, so the U.S. will put up with a whole lot more emails than what Australians do. So, you may have been in those situations before where it's kind of like death by funnel, and you opt into something and then you’re just bombarded and you just have all of these emails coming at you like every day for weeks. Don't be that person, because people will just unsubscribe.

So, you want to keep emails for Australian audiences really, really short and succinct, and as sparse as possible, you don't want to kind of bombard them too many times. So, I would say three, max four, emails, and then pop on to your normal frequency of updates, whether that's weekly, fortnightly, or monthly with your, with your newsletter there.

But yeah, focussing on building that list because then when we go back to point one, and we have those launches, you've got a beautiful list to be able to launch to. So, you're not launching to crickets there. Who's got in the chat there, who's got an opt in funnel that they're promoting right now that's going really well, or who's got an idea for one that you can put in there so that you can start, this is perfect for a pre-launch.

So, for all the people that kind of, in point one, went, “I am going to do my launch.”, you want to promote an opt in, a free opt in for two weeks, about two weeks, really heavily so that you can build that list, build that trust, you’re top of mind of people, before you then go into, “I'm launching and I have something to sell.”

So, Francis has said she's got three opt ins on website. Yep. So, you always don't want to, say, you don't want to have too many in the one spot, so just focus on one at a time. So, is that with a super cool lead magnet? Yeah, lead magnet, opt in, same-same, same-same thing.

Sharon's got Seven Steps to a Calmer Household for Calming the Chaos online course. Perfect. Perfect, perfect.

Okay, number five, we're ready for number five. Call people.

Now, I know these seem so simple, but it's often the simple things that people don't do, and so when I say call people, I mean have a follow up sequence in place. So, when someone enquires with you, whether they do that over Instagram message or over Facebook Messenger or over email, or however they enquire with you, do you have a system in place to follow those people up?

So, the lowest hanging fruit right now, if you want to make an extra $10,000 before the end of the year, is go back, go back through all of the enquiries that you've had before and connect with those people, because as you know, life is busy. So, they may have had every intention of actually engaging and working with you, but life’s got in the way, they forgot, “Oh my gosh, two months has gone past. How did that even happen?” You want to follow up with people.

So, one, you can pick up the telephone. It is a bit freaky. It sometimes freaks people out…


..but if call people and they answer, and you’re like, “Hey, how you going? I just wanted to check in to see how things were.”, people are really like, “Oh my gosh, there's like a real human on the phone.” People don't get calls all that often. So that's number one.

The second option if you don't want to call because, you know, you haven't picked up the phone and made a telephone call to someone in a really long time, is a video or a voice message. So, there's different programs that can do that. I will usually do it through how people contacted me in the first place. So, if someone's contacted me through Instagram direct messenger, I will go back and I will do a voice recorded message to them in Instagram messenger. If it was in Facebook Messenger, I will go back and I will usually do a video, so like a selfie video, checking in, seeing how they're going, all of that sort of thing. Now the difference between that is, that it looks more personal.

So now, we're all total sceptics, and so when we get messages from people, we think, “Is this an automation? Is this a bot? Is this even real?” So, to have you, even when it's 30 seconds, makes people go, “Hey, they actually care. They've taken the time to think about me, they've seen me, and they want to help me with the problem.”, because if you're the person to solve the problem that someone's got, you really should get in contact with them there.

So, Francis has asked, “What opt in do you have for an online course that isn't launched yet? So, think about something, something that's going to be a value to your customers and something that relates to the course so it's kind of like, the people that are going to join that online course, I want you to think about what's kind of the first step that they would be thinking about, and then get them to opt into that so then the logical next step is to go deeper with you and go into that online course there as well.

So, all about connection, is what we want to think of when we're looking at point five.

Now point six. I did say five things to make you an extra $10,000, but one of them, point six, is create an irresistible offer which includes bonuses, and so, point six is bonus.

So, what have you got so far out of those five? What has been the most valuable one for you? Let me know in the chat box, which one has kind of made you go, you know, “Well I know if I did this, I would add some dollars on to my bottom line there.” Which one has been the one that's most? Is it all of them or is it, is that one that's kind of stood out that's gone, “You know what? I know if I did that, I could really get some good results.” Let me know in the chat box how you’re going, what's been the most valuable one so far, or what one are you going to like do straight away?

Okay, we've got a few “all of thems”. All of them. Getting back to past clients and quotes. Launching. Yeah, yeah. See, it's things that just sounds so simple, but it's like you just need to do it.

Launching, launching, personal brand. Want to find an online course. Creating a mastermind. Excellent. Okay, so lots and lots of them. Launch and get the offer out there. Yes, if you have not launched, it's time to get your gifts out into the world, and I know the first time that, that you go to do that, it's a scary thing, like, you really are putting yourself out there. When it comes to online courses and personal brand it is you and so it has that extra layer of vulnerability, but I always think if there's just some people that you can help with the expertise that you have, you owe it to them to be able to share that. So, always focus on the people that you serve, rather than on the fear and the nerves that you're feeling there as well.

So, Belinda said, “Could I do a mastermind? How do you start?” Yep, I do think most people could do a mastermind. Belinda could definitely. So, Belinda does have a very niche market in that she helps motor, I always call them motor cross, motor sport drivers to become athletes, and so yeah, that totally lends itself to a mastermind, with ease. I can talk to you further about that later Belinda.

Okay, so create an irresistible offer. So, the points in this, is when you are creating your offer to always give more than what you're expected to give, which is kind of where my point six came in instead of five points, and reward those who are engaged.

So, when it comes to launching for example, and you're doing a webinar or a master class, I want you to be able to have rewards and special offers for the people that are engaged with you. So, you know, there's always the different groups of people. So, there’s the people that are always looking at your stuff, getting all your free stuff, kind of pilfering everything they can but never becoming paying clients, then there's the ones that kind of engage with everything and pay you for the work that you do, and then there's those next level ones that are kind of at all of the lives, at all of the engaging in social media, everything that's there, and they're really great people to work with.

So, you want to kind of find a way to reward the people that are engaged. So, the people that are showing up to your webinars, you're giving offers that you're not giving to other people as well, so that you can give rewards to them. So, it's kind of like, if they were on the fence about different things, you can go, “Well hang on a minute, I'd be crazy to miss it.”, because that's what you really want to do, is when you're ready to go create an offer that your customers would be crazy to miss, and I really do think that when it comes to this point, you have to totally 100% nail that, because you need to be able to go hand on heart, “This is the best deal. If the result that I am promising is the result that you need, I’m the best person to get that from.”, and that was something that I always kind of learned through sales when I had tutoring centres.

So, when we had tutoring centres, I would kind of have no shame in, in walking down the street and talking to parents and going, “Hey, did you know a tutoring centre is up there? Do you want to come along for a trial class?”, because I knew that for children that age, they will be so benefited by coming to our centre. So, it kind of got rid of all those nerves of sales and I focussed on the value that we were able to give them, and so in that spirit, I've got an irresistible offer for you.

You knew it was coming though right?

So, who has seen the Palm Springs Retreat? Let me know in, in the chat box if you've seen it, and if it's kind of been playing on the back of your mind there. So, next year. Yeah, I've got, “yep, yep, yep”, a lot there. So, next year, we're going to Palm Springs in March. It is something that I am so excited about. It is the dream trip for me, going, as I said earlier, I like a small group. So, I don't like massive things, I don't like, you know, sometimes it's good to be in a room where there's like 1,000 people, but I like to do things, if I'm going to spend my time and my money, where you can really connect and get a lot of progress in a really short amount of time, which is what this retreat is designed for.

So, it's designed to get people that have online courses, that want to build personal brands, that want to build their speaking, that have their thought leadership, their expertise to offer to the world. It's designed to be able to get that and then totally elevate you by the end of the week and actually do stuff. So, we'll be there with, with our workbooks. We’ll be there with our computers actually implementing and doing and practising, so that when you walk out, you're all good to go into that as well.

So, it's got five days of workshops. We've got, yep, sessions that would take, normally take you months to do things, we’ll be doing in those five days. We’ll have a 12-month plan so that you know exactly when you're launches are going to be, how you're going to launch, what those runways are going to be, where you're going to put your speaking engagements. Everything like that, will be solidified in a plan so that you're not wondering month to month what to do next.

Obviously, food, it's around this beautiful, beautiful house so that we can have drinks by the pool, which will be nice. You'll be connecting with women all on the same level that are having, like this massive crack at life, which is great, and one of my favourite parts is a photography session there as well.

So, the house is absolutely incredible. It's amazing, and so the first thing I thought when I saw it was, “Oh my gosh.”, because you know how hard it is to find good locations for personal branding. So, I was like, “Well, I'll get a really awesome photographer to come in for two days and take people out, like one at a time, and do all of your photography and your videos for website and that sort of thing.” So, that's all in there as well.

So, we'll be working on day one, one will be all on branding, getting your brand message right, your offer right, your personal brand, all of that sort of thing. Day two is live events, so looking at how to run webinars like what I'm doing right now to get you really comfortable in that. We will be practising and doing them there in person so that you're getting really comfortable. We've also got coming one of America's top speakers, which is like speaking coaches, who will be teaching you how to get your signature story, and how to craft that into a killer keynote, with a beautiful offer at the end there as well.

We'll be working on online courses, getting that perfect. Content creation, so how to repurpose content, how to do all of that, how to map out your content for the whole year, but it's not just theory. So, on these days, were all doing it right there and then, and then on day five is credibility, so going into media, getting a lot of PR coverage, awards, all of that sort of stuff, and then the party at the end, which will be awesome, because we'll be around this pool here. Okay, so this is the house.

Tamsin’s asked, “Do you need to be a coach and run online courses to do the retreat?” You don't need to be a coach, but you would want to have an online course, because otherwise, the day before is, so day three is all about online courses. So, if you don't want to do an online course, then that part's not going to be really relevant to you, so I would say,  “Yes, you want to have an online course.”,  but if you haven't got one yet, you've still got like five months to create that, so plenty of time.

So, it's, it's at the 1950s House in Palm Springs, which is gorgeous. Okay, so everything that you get, this is the value, so we've got five days of sessions, lunches, dinners, the corporate photo shoot, this surprise guest, now when I went to do the value of this, I was like, “You know what, how can you even? I don't even know how to put a, put a price on that.” One of them's costing me $12,000 USD just to come, but you know, divide that amongst people, it's awesome and will make such a difference.

Now, as I was saying before, irresistible offer for the people that are most engaged. So, I can see all of the people that are here still at the end, you deserve that reward, right? You deserve that good, that good bonus for being there. So, I've got the offer that runs until the end of this month, so the 31st of October, as, as an early bird offer. Now that gets one month of coaching with me, so my normal coaching rate is $2,500 a month. So, you get that one month, which will really serve to prepare you for the retreat, so that you're already there, and anything that you need to work on to kind of be ready for the retreat, we can work on that there, also, you get access to the Laptop Life course so that if you need to refine your online course or create a new one, you've got the step by step to get through that.

Francis has asked, “What about if you already have a course?” Yeah, fantastic. So, I'd love everyone to have a course up and running before they come to the retreat because we'll really be working on how to do courses in different ways and how to refine what you've already got there, and one of the speakers, Clint Salto, whose coming on the online course day, so he has a membership for his. So, he's got short courses and a membership, and so he'll be running through the difference in that and how to create that for yourself. So, he, he earns more than a million dollars a year from his online courses, so an incredible person to learn from there.

So total value is a lot…


…but, now one of the biggest feedbacks that I got when I put out Palm Springs was from my Australian friends in going, “I don't want to pay in USD, I want to pay in Australian dollars.”, and so this is only until the 31st of October, after that it will go back to the USD dollars, but right now, we're doing a payment plan for people because the feedback I got was, “I don't want USD, and I can't afford to pay it all up front.” So, we're letting people pay the $997 x six payments, so it'll be six months. So, you won’t actually finish paying it until after you get back from the trip. So that makes it really achievable for everyone to go. All of the tips that I've given you, even in this webinar today, if you implement them, you will get that thousand dollars a month to be able to afford to come there, and then five days with me and everything there, you will make it back tenfold, I promise you that.

Or, you can pay up front, in Australian dollars again, for $4,990. So, it's absolutely incredible. A lot of value to be able to do that. I've seen a lot of American retreats, a lot of even Australian retreats that are way more than that, that you get a whole lot less and so it's something that I wanted to do, just to give people that are kind of sitting on the fence until the end of the month, that opportunity to do it.

So, Francis has asked, “How much extra is it to stay at the house?” So, it's $1,500 dollars. So, there's two VIP tickets to stay in the house because it's a three-bedroom house. So, I'll be staying in one of the rooms and then there’s two other rooms for VIP tickets, so it's an extra $1,500 dollars to do the VIP tickets on there.

Everyone else, so the accommodation it’s just, there’s so many hotels, like we'd be in 100 metres of that, yes in Australian dollars until October so after October it will go up.

Yeah, so heaps of accommodation all in the strip there. It averages at about $150-$180 a night, and it depends on, on kind of what, what your preference is in terms of the fanciness of where you want to stay, but all the dinners are all in the main strip of Palm Springs so everyone can walk to kind of the surrounding places which will be so cool. If you haven't been to Palm Springs before, it is like my favourite town in the world. So, you know, up until earlier this year, we went to 28 countries around the world, so we saw a lot of different towns, and when I went to Palm Springs, my main aim was, “Oh my gosh, how am I going to be able to come back here again?, and that's kind of where the retreat came from”.

Lauren said, “Thank you, appreciate you offering this to us.” No problem, because as I said, it is a great way to be able to reward people that are highly engaged. So, as I said, early bird offer it expires 31st of October, so in about a week, the standard pricing after early bird is the $4,990 USD. So, the reason that we're doing that is because everything else needs to be paid in USD dollars, all the speakers, all the accommodation, all the food, all of that sort of thing, so it's just until the 31st that you get, you get that offer in there nice and, nice and quick, and after that there's not the private coaching or the course in there too.

Okay, so if you want to do that, you can go to tinatower.com/retreat. I have also popped it in the chat box here. I'll put the link in there so that you've got that. So, all of the details are on that page at the moment. You can go into there. They will be on the page until the 31st of October, then they will be up to the normal, the normal level, which is still fantastic value, but if you do want to come in, come in now, then you're able to let me share that with you again, you're able to do it for the $997 of six payments if you want that payment plan, so that you can lock in that space. At the moment we're sitting, we've got four people booked in, there's only 12 people that can come. So, there's not that many spots available.

Okay, so what questions have you got for me? Let me know, in the chat box, if you've got any questions, even about the retreat, or about anything that I've talked about today. So those five plus bonus, those six things that I went over today. Let me know if you have any questions in there that I can answer for you to help you get yourself launched because my whole point of today was cheekily to be able to say okay, if you do these, you'll going to earn another $10,000 in your business which is going to allow you to afford to come to Palm Springs next year.


So, it's a no brainer, and then once you get there, you'll learn all of the extra things to really elevate because my, my goal is by 2025 to have 100 clients earning a million dollars a year and so that's really what I'm working towards, and Palm Springs is really the first step in being able to do that and get that group of people that I really can nurture and, and shoot up into the stratosphere there.

Lauren said, “Love it.” Lauren, have you booked yet? You're loving it or are you booking? Are you coming along?

Any other questions that we've got? So, are you clear on how to do all of those, those six things that I recommended there? Is there any other questions that we've got in there?

You see a few people, there's still lots of people on there. So, let me, let me know. Let me know if you've got any questions, because you’re still, you’re still sitting there, waiting around, or are you all busy jumping across to the retreat page and booking in your seat?


So, let me go over to, hang on, we'll go over and we'll share here. So, this is the, the retreat web page here. I’ve got it there. So, you can see the different days, and then when you scroll down at the moment, we've got the early bird offers there, so you'll be able to see which one that you want to choose there, and then we’ve got the VIP tickets and then after the 31st this block will disappear and it'll just be back to normal there.

Okay, what have we got in here?

Lauren said, “Got an hour calling people to, to make my extra dollars so I can book.” Excellent, and you know what, if you haven't followed up on people for a while, then it's amazing how much you can find that thousand dollars to be able to do that each month to allow yourself to be able to come.

Francis said, “Awesome. Thanks Tina.” Thanks, Francis.

Thank you so much for being so engaged today. I've loved all the comments in the chat box. It makes it so much easier when people actually chat back and makes it a bit more interactive and exciting for me rather than me just talking to myself, so I really appreciate the participation, and yeah, my hope is for you that I did give you such an irresistible offer, that you will jump on over to the website and book it in now and come to Palm Springs because it's going to be the trip of a lifetime. Absolutely phenomenal. So, I look forward to welcoming you in there and jumping on the plane next year and going to America and meeting great people, working really beautifully and elevating up into that, that kind of that next level where you're being able to share your gifts and do what you love and get paid really, really well for it.

Okay, so there’s lots of people saying thank you but no other questions. Last call for questions. As always, if you've got any questions that you want to talk to me about privately, my email’s [email protected], so you can get me on there.

Alright everyone, have the most fantastic day. Mel said, “Thanks Tina, was a great way to kick start my day. Brain is ticking on how to get started.” Whoo, awesome. Well, enjoy the rest of the conference.

So, Alana said, “Thank you.” Thank you too Alana. Alright everyone, have an absolutely fantastic day. I look forward to talking to you soon. Bye.

Thank you for listening to this episode of her Empire Builder. If you loved it, please share it on Instagram and Facebook, for your friends and if you really want to deliver me smiles, you can pop a review on iTunes. I'd love to hear from you, so if you have any questions, email me at [email protected], and if you want to know more about what we do, head over to tinatower.com. Now I truly hope this podcast gives you so much value and you can use it to dream big, plan well, and take massive action in building your very own empire that's perfect, just for you.


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