Join business strategist Tina Tower as she explores how to build your empire by packaging your expertise into online courses, speaking, content, podcasting and credibility.

Tina has over 17 years of experience in starting, building and selling companies, she's a speaker, teacher, mama and world traveller.

She's unapologetic about living an intentionally big life and if you want too, this show is designed to show you many different options to help you gain clarity over YOUR version of awesome.


  • Breaking down unconscious barriers to treatment plans.

  • Balancing life and work is a mystery.
  • Sold beta testers into new protocol, but stalled.

  • Create then sell for conviction and integrity.

  • Economy tough, adapt and do what pays.

  • Burnout is chronic stress causing physical exhaustion.

  • Pitched podcasts, book unpublished, successful launch strategy.

  • Price and program led to customer hesitation.

  • Program hit milestone, launch a complete success.

  • Success is feeling aligned with oneself.

  • Female empowerment inspires strength and resilience in unity.



We have a fabulous member story for you today - Filly Bellette! Filly started her online course journey in 2020 after covid changed her plans and then joined Her Empire Builder in Sep 23 to have her highest launch ever a few months later with a revenue of $66k for launch week! In this episode she talks about how she started and the different program pivots she made until finding her winner with the Ending Body Burnout Method.

Filly is human sunshine and has been through everything she teaches which makes her have so much compassion and understanding for women who want it all!


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Filipa Bellette is Co-Founder of multi award-winning health practice Chris & Filly Functional Medicine - and author of Ending Body Burnout. She is an accredited Clinical Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Coach & Trauma Therapist. She is also a PhD Scholar & regularly featured in the media, such as, Forbes and Body+Soul.

Together with her husband Chris Bellette, Filipa has worked with over 2,500+ burned-out clients in the past combined 25+ years. Their practice is best known for ending body burnout (for good!) in “busy” people with energy, mood & gut issues, with their ROOT-root-cause approach. They were awarded as the Tasmanian State Winner & National Finalist for the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2022, as well as Winner for the Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards 2022.

Filipa’s own passion for helping “busy” people have more energy, productivity and connection, came from her own personal experience of body burnout, after juggling the demands of business, family, and her failing health.

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Show transcription 


Tina Tower [00:00:00]:
Hi, friends, and welcome to her Empire Builder show. I have another incredible member story for you today. So if you want to hear how someone goes from zero to burnout to starting new businesses to going through Covid, to being able to do a launch and then crashing again and then building a multi six figure business, then you're gonna love today's episode with the fabulous Philippa Ballet. So Philippa has just put out her new book, Ending Body Burnout, and that is also what her online course is all about. I'll do her proper intro for you in a moment. But what we're touching on today is how Philly went from being a sole trader and a practitioner with a paper consultant for several years before COVID hit. And then when Covid hit, how, like so many of us, they had to pivot and re redesign what they were going to do for their business. And what I love about Philly's story is that she's done a couple of iterations of programs.

Tina Tower [00:01:11]:
So she had rise up, then power parent, and now has settled on her ending body burnout method, which is where it's really taken off and flown. And the reason that I love to share these stories with you is because so often we think that we can't change our mind, that we can't pivot, that we're somehow stuck in the offer that we have created. And I always want everyone to know that you have the ability to change direction at any point in time. And part of Philly's success has been because she's been willing to experiment and go, okay, I'm really vibing this. Like, I'm really aligned with this. I'm going to do it. And then I think I can do something better over here. So I'm going to just like cut my losses and go over here and the ebb and flow of that.

Tina Tower [00:02:00]:
So I think you'll find this conversation really, really valuable. Philly joined her empire builder only in September 2023, and she has flown since. But she launched her online business in April of 2020. So if you're wanting to get the results like Philly and you want her empire builder help for that, we actually, if you're listening to this on launch week, we have for australian end of financial year, we're doing an email list only launch. So if you are on our email list, you will be able to join her Empire builder. So you don't have to wait months and months and months for it. If you're wanting details on that, go to her and then you will be able to join that early list in there as well and get on that. So Philippa, I keep going like stumbling over her name because Philippa is her name, but we all call her Philly.

Tina Tower [00:02:53]:
So every time I go to say Philippa, I cross my words together. Philippa Billet is co founder of the multi award winner health practice Chris and Philly Functional medicine and author of her beautiful new book, Ending Body Burnout. She is an accredited clinical nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, coach and trauma therapist. She is also a PhD scholar and regularly featured in the media such as, dot au, Forbes, Body and Soul and the Today show. Together with her husband, Chris Burlett, Philippa has worked with over two and a half burnt out clients in the past combined 25 years. Their practice is best known for ending body burnout for good in busy people with energy, mood and gut issues with their root cause approach. They were awarded as the tasmanian state winner and national finalist for the Telstra Best of business awards, as well as the winner for the Australian Women's Small Business Champions awards. And Philly's passion for helping busy people have more energy, productivity and connection came from her own personal experience of body burnout after juggling the demand of business, family and failing health.

Tina Tower [00:04:01]:
And I think that that's something that, you know, a lot of us as entrepreneurs can relate to. And filly's talking about, you know, what led to that and how she overcame that and now how she runs her business in a really sustainable way so that she can keep her vibrancy because she is such a vibrant, incredible woman. So I know you're going to love this conversation with the fabulous filly billet. Hello and welcome to her Empire Builder show. I'm your business strategist and host, Tina Tower and I am so happy you are here. My goal with this show is to bring you the inspirational and informative conversations with interesting humans as well as the tools, tips and resources to help you build your online business. Since starting my first business at 20, I have built and sold four times. And in 2018, while traveling around the world with my family for a year, I tripped and fell in to this wonderful world of online courses and I instantly fell in love.

Tina Tower [00:05:00]:
I'm a million dollar course creator, a world traveler, best selling author, a mummer of two man children and a lucky wife. There's no playing small here. It's your time to grow to run a highly profitable business that makes you wildly wealthy while you positively impact your clients and the world around you and have the life you've always dreamed of. Let's get it. Gorgeous filly. Welcome to her Empire Builder show.

Main Episode

Filly Bellette [00:05:28]:
Hello, Tina. I'm so excited to be here.

Tina Tower [00:05:31]:
Yes. And I'm so excited because we've got the member series happening now, which we were just talking about, and bringing on some of our beautiful members to spotlight because I love the story from where it started to where it is now, so that it can help people to have realistic expectations of, of what to expect and how the whole online course journey unfolds. So thank you for coming on and being willing to share, like, all of those different iterations as well.

Filly Bellette [00:05:58]:
Thank you. I've got some pearl is you do.

Tina Tower [00:06:01]:
You do. Okay, so you joined her empire builder, like, not even a year ago, in September 2023. But you've been running courses for a few years before that and running your business before that as a traditional business. So take me back to when you first entered into the business world and how that first looked.

Filly Bellette [00:06:20]:
Yeah. Okay. So I entered into it, like, in a really organic way, actually. So after I had my first baby, she is almost twelve, I had a lot of health complications, which then led me to essentially do what I do now. But after she turned one, it was literally like every month I was just getting sicker and sicker. Like, I just started developing all these weird health issues month by month. And when she turned one, I literally felt like an 80 year old. I was in chronic back pain.

Filly Bellette [00:06:51]:
I had really low immunity, anxiety, gut issues, hormone issues, all the things, chemical sensitivities. And I picked up a book called deep Nutrition, and it basically was a book that talked about you could eat whole food and you can heal your body. And I'm like, what? How have I not known this? And so that's probably where my business journey started, because as I started finding natural solutions to try and heal my body because I had hit a roadblock with GPS, I just started sharing on socials. And then eventually I'm like, hmm, I could maybe like, actually sell some things. And so, and then during that process as well, I became a practitioner, clinical nutritionist first, then functional medicine practitioner later on, trauma therapist, transformational coach.

Tina Tower [00:07:37]:
I love when you find something in your life and you're like, all in, like, this is me.

Filly Bellette [00:07:42]:
Oh, I was. And maybe a little bit slightly in an unhealthy way, I became very obsessed and standing on my pedestal too, like, thou shalt not eat sugar. You will get cancer if you eat that brownie.

Tina Tower [00:07:57]:
Yeah. Okay. So you went really hard.

Filly Bellette [00:07:59]:
I went really hardcore, and that was partly why I developed body burnout. In the first place. Cause I was. I ran massive perfectionism, overachieving over doing patterns. So when I tried to heal myself initially, I kind of. I could have done it in such an easy, flowy way, and I would have healed so much quicker. But that's now what we help people to do. Yeah.

Filly Bellette [00:08:21]:
So. So initially, it was. Yeah, it was kind of the standard brick and mortars. Come in. Come to my clinic, have a consult, paper consult. Here's some supplements, here's some lab tests. And, like, I really loved doing what I was doing back then, but I just found that this sounds really bad, but probably there were only about 10% of clients that actually got really good results. The other 90% either couldn't take the treatment plan that I had created for them based on lab tests, and actually.

Tina Tower [00:08:52]:
Because it's too rigid or more, just.

Filly Bellette [00:08:55]:
Because there's so much unconscious self sabotage going on, it's like, it's not safe to be, well, can I do it? Like, a lot of people, they don't know what's happening, but now what we do with clients is we're breaking down those unconscious barriers. So a lot of people struggle to implement a treatment plan, because what if they fail? So if they try really hard and they fail, then it's going to essentially bring up the greatest fear that they had about themselves, that they're a failure. There's a lot of people, too, who have had chronic health issues that develop unconscious core beliefs that they're broken. They're the flop. They're the weird one where nothing ever works. They're the ones that go to the doctors and specialists and can't get answers. So they must be essentially broken. And then another group of people, too, could take a treatment plan and implement it perfectly, but get no results.

Filly Bellette [00:09:44]:
And, you know, that was just really mind boggling. So during 2020, the lockdown, Covid, so many people have pivot stories coming from that.

Tina Tower [00:09:55]:
Yeah, it changed everything for everybody.

Filly Bellette [00:09:57]:
Yeah, it changed everything. But we'd already. So my husband, Chris, who is now in our business, he was a personal trainer, elite athlete, but he was also probably a year or two previous, really getting into mindset, coaching, and looking at the power of the mind to help with performance and get results. And so we talked previously to 2020 that it's like, oh, you should come and join my practice, because there are people that need what you do. I don't have this skill set. I'm really good at telling people what to do, but I don't know how to coach them, to help them do the things. And so 2020 gave us that opportunity because his gym back then, which, again, was brick and mortars, got locked down. He was completely burnt out as well.

Filly Bellette [00:10:45]:
So we both had our burnout stories, and he loved it. Lockdown was the best. He's like, I don't have to get up at 04:00 a.m. and get home at 10:00 p.m. and train people every day and have, like, staffing issues. I'm not gonna. So he just decided just to, like, let go of the gym. We didn't even sell it.

Filly Bellette [00:11:04]:
He literally just sold all the equipment, which there was a lot, and also.

Tina Tower [00:11:09]:
A good time to sell the equipment in Covid.

Filly Bellette [00:11:11]:
Oh, yeah, absolutely. It all went really quickly.

Tina Tower [00:11:13]:
Yeah, everyone wanted it.

Filly Bellette [00:11:14]:
Yeah. And then. And then we created Chris and Philly functional medicine, and it was very intentional that we wanted to do it on the online. Online space, so that could give us more freedom to live the life that we wanted to, whether it was go traveling or just hang out together as a family. Because previous to that, like, my. I was pretty much single mommying, and my children hardly saw Chris.

Tina Tower [00:11:40]:
I don't know how people do it. I mean, I talk to Matt and my husband about this a lot in going because I get asked a lot how. How we do life and how we spend so much time together as a family. I don't know if people don't own their own business, I actually don't know how they do it. And if two people are, like, working full time, I don't know how they do it either. Like, both those things, I go, I just don't know how this works for people. So often my response was, I don't know how you do it. This is how I do it, and that works for us.

Tina Tower [00:12:11]:
But I think once you have a taste of that life, you never want to go back. You're like, how did I do that for so long?

Filly Bellette [00:12:18]:
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So great. The other reason, too, was, as I mentioned before, I just wanted to help people get great results. And the standard paper consult. Take this piece of paper. Here's your lab results. This is out of whack. Go and do the thing.

Filly Bellette [00:12:38]:
It just wasn't working for the majority of the people. And so that's where we developed our skillset and really started looking at the deeper root causes to why someone's body systems burnt out in the first place, and offering a complete and remarkable program. Well, a complete program that is very supported, very holistic, that can provide our clients remarkable results.

Tina Tower [00:13:04]:
Yeah, nice.

Filly Bellette [00:13:05]:

Tina Tower [00:13:06]:
And so what did you start with? Then? You got to 2020, and you're like, all right, we're going online. We've got Chris and Philly's functional medicine. Let's launch. What did you launch with?

Filly Bellette [00:13:15]:
Yeah. Okay. So we started off with a six week program called rise up, and it was really cheap.

Tina Tower [00:13:27]:
That's how a lot of people start out. They go, we'll just market cheap, and then we'll sell, like, market tons of them. And I love this story because it's like, I always stand by. I actually think it's easier to sell higher ticket than it is to sell low ticket in a lot of cases.

Filly Bellette [00:13:42]:
Yeah. So rise up, actually, in terms of selling. Okay, first of all, I had major money, money blocks back then. So the moment that Chris and I joined forces, and Chris was very, or still is very visionary and, like, risk taker, and let's try this and try that. And I was back there, like, little Philly still stuck in paper consult. That's the only way people are going. Like, the only way we're going to be able to get clients. So already I brought a whole heap of negative energy to it.

Filly Bellette [00:14:13]:
Yeah, but I just let him sell it. And look, actually, we sold. I can't remember. I probably should have found the figures, but we sold a good chunk of beta testers into the rise up protocol, I think because it was new and we had people that already liked Knowden, trust us, and they're like, oh, yeah, I'll give that a go. It was cheap, it was discounted, and it was good. But then kind of after a couple of months, it just stopped. Like, it was almost like the people in our current audience that were interested had already purchased it and gone through it. And I guess we hadn't really created an ongoing marketing machine to be able to bring new people into the circle.

Filly Bellette [00:14:58]:
So it kind of, like, fizzled out. And when we created rise up, we also made the decision that no one could work with us unless they joined the program. So, like, literally, we just cut the pay per consult model out. And that got really stressful maybe six months in, because all of a sudden, it's like, where are all our clients? Like, we're literally not making any money.

Tina Tower [00:15:16]:
Especially when you're both in there and your whole family's, like, lifestyle and everything. It's all based on this one business.

Filly Bellette [00:15:23]:
Yeah, absolutely. Like, before, when we had the gym, that was probably our mainstream of income. Luckily, during COVID we got the Jobkeeper. The business stimulus is all that sort of stuff. So that kept going.

Tina Tower [00:15:38]:

Filly Bellette [00:15:38]:
Yeah. That kept us going. So, anyway, things got really tight and stressful, and then we ended up joining a business program, which is where I met you, Tina.

Tina Tower [00:15:48]:

Filly Bellette [00:15:48]:
Which was really great. But we created our next product called the Power Parent. I laugh now. It sounded really good at the time.

Tina Tower [00:15:59]:
When I was reading all your backstory, and I'm like, this doesn't seem to fit in everything else, like, name wise and what it.

Filly Bellette [00:16:07]:
What it is.

Tina Tower [00:16:08]:
So, yeah, talk to us about that.

Filly Bellette [00:16:09]:
Okay. Yeah. So power parent essentially was like, okay, well, who do we love working with? I love working with people like me. So, I mean, maybe that's like a business owner and a mum who's burnt out, and Chrissy's like, yeah, a dad and a business owner. So we kind of went down the parent route for a bit, which makes sense.

Tina Tower [00:16:27]:

Filly Bellette [00:16:28]:
Yeah. So that made sense. But then power parent, look, to be honest. So in the program, it was a brilliant program. It was quite masculine, though. So Chris was over here, like, power parent. And then our coaches, when we brought the idea to them, they're like, yeah, I love it.

Tina Tower [00:16:47]:
Power parent.

Filly Bellette [00:16:48]:
Yeah. I can see myself as a power parent, and I just knew that it didn't quite feel right, but I just went with it. So already, I kind of wasn't listening to my own intuition, and I feel like since we've pivoted to our message now, I'm kind of the main. The main. The main face of the business, because I am the embodiment of what we help our clients.

Tina Tower [00:17:12]:
Totally. Yeah, totally. And so how did power parent go?

Filly Bellette [00:17:15]:
It was a flop. So we launched the program, and this time we. It was six months. You know, there was, like, a combination of Oneonone group, online course, all that sort of stuff. Very well supported. But mind you, we didn't really know what. What was inside it. We were literally planning to just create it as we received our first beautiful intake of clients, and then we're like, and then we'll build it out.

Filly Bellette [00:17:43]:
So already the messaging was kind of unclear. I had all the money blocks back then as well, so I'm like, I don't even know what we're selling.

Tina Tower [00:17:51]:
I hear people talk about this a lot in our industry, is like, sell it first and then create it. And I always disagree with it. And. And most people disagree with me on that sort of ethos, but I think from a sales and marketing point of view, if you have built something and you're so proud of it and you know exactly what it is and what it can do, for people, it then becomes so easy to sell it because you're like, I know what's behind this curtain. Like, this is going to show you so much and teach you so much and going to deliver on this transformation promise. Whereas for me, I always feel a little bit like, if it's not created yet, you're just not lying because you know you're going to create it, but you don't quite know. Like, you don't have the same conviction with, this is what we go through, this is what we do because it's not there yet. So I love that you, I love that you felt like that because you should have felt like that.

Filly Bellette [00:18:41]:
Yeah, I so agree. Chris, um, like, he worked with a few different people and they had the same, like, the opposite message was, yeah, just sell it first and then create it. But I couldn't. Even now, like, sometimes we'll put on in advance, you know, for launch period, we'll do, like, a three day live event. And I've mapped out, like, the skeleton of what it's going to look like, but I really don't get into the, into, like, the zest of it until I know exactly what's going to be.

Tina Tower [00:19:10]:
Yeah. And you know how it's going to transform for people completely.

Filly Bellette [00:19:14]:
So we launched power farrant. Now, we actually used your free checklist. So, like, I really put a lot of effort into back in 2021. Back in 2021. This is after meeting you in a masterclass as well. So you kind of, like, offered that as, like, oh, yeah, here's a free checklist. I'm like, okay, cool, we're going to sell heaps. This is great.

Filly Bellette [00:19:34]:
I've got the formula.

Tina Tower [00:19:36]:
Don't blame my checklist.

Filly Bellette [00:19:38]:
I'm not blaming the checklist. The checklist was awesome and we actually had quite a lot of engagement from it. But I remember the last day of doing live, so we did, like, four live Instagram. Yeah, I actually, I said to Chris, I can't. I can't turn up. I feel sick to my stomach. I'm burnt out. I'm, like, not sleeping.

Filly Bellette [00:20:01]:
So he. So I ditched him. So already, like, there was a lot of, like, mind you, it definitely wasn't your checklist, and it probably wasn't even our program. It was that I was in a very insecure state within myself back then and I didn't even know why or that it was happening.

Tina Tower [00:20:18]:
Yeah. And so in hindsight, looking at that, because I see a lot of people do this. Like, they put a lot of effort into a launch and then it doesn't go well. And, you know, the. The whole instinct is to, you know, get under the covers and hide and never come out again because you've failed in your eyes of gone totally below what your expectations are, and you experienced that. And I know, like, we'll get to the business that you have built now, which is awesome, but for a lot of people, they would have wit. Then how did you not, like, how did you get through that? And what do you think caused you to go, like, to put your head in the sand through that launch and to be so burnt out through it and not show up as the vivacious human that we know you are?

Filly Bellette [00:21:05]:
Yeah. Okay. First of all, we sold one, and then she asked to cancel like a month in. So that was like an extra dagger to the heart.

Tina Tower [00:21:15]:

Filly Bellette [00:21:17]:
And, you know, we were just so deflated by then. We had a, no, can't. Like, you can't get a refund after a week cooling off period. But we were just like, stuff this crap. Take your money.

Tina Tower [00:21:28]:

Filly Bellette [00:21:30]:
So I look, actually, I experienced PTSD from that. That's like a big claim, but I definitely felt it in my body for many, many months afterwards.

Tina Tower [00:21:42]:
Yeah, yeah. Oh, I think whenever you fall well short of your expectations in something, it hurts.

Filly Bellette [00:21:48]:
Yeah, it hurt. And so what we did to recover from that is that we were just like, okay, let's turn this program into a membership option. So we turned it into more like a, you can join. There's no contract. You know, there's little commitment. We don't really know what's going to come, like, how this is going to build out. But we sort of just did an open ended sort of membership so that we could still have people coming into our vision of a holistic container. But there was less.

Filly Bellette [00:22:25]:
Less pressure, I guess, for the person making the purchase because, you know, if they didn't like it, they could leave after a month.

Tina Tower [00:22:32]:

Filly Bellette [00:22:33]:
And then also there was kind of less pressure for us, too, because it was a bit of an easier sell. But what we also did was I added back in the paypal consult because I knew that that sold. I knew that people were asking for that. Chris would get so many free discovery calls, especially from maybe old people that either worked with me in the past or followed. I don't want to do the program. I just want to see Philly. And so people were asking for it. We weren't making any money.

Filly Bellette [00:23:00]:
We weren't pay us, paying ourselves a wage. So I took. I put that back in place from a financial security point. Of view.

Tina Tower [00:23:07]:
Smart. Yes.

Filly Bellette [00:23:09]:
Yeah, it was smart. But I also felt, again, like a failure. I'm like, oh, I thought we were never going to do this. This isn't the best way of practicing, but, like, literally this is going to be able to feed my children while we figure out how to make this work.

Tina Tower [00:23:21]:
Yeah, I mean, it's the conversation I'm having with a lot of people now. Like, in our economy generally, like, some industries are really touched, some are not touched at all. But generally speaking, our economy is worse than it has been since the nineties. And so for a lot of people, it's going well. You know, if, if there's things that you have in your toolkit that you can put in that you know, you'd stop doing but will pay the bills and will allow you to survive another day and to thrive throughout an economic downturn, do the thing. Like a lot of us as course creators, we stopped doing done for you services. I'm seeing a lot of people get back in, do dumb for you services. And to me, there is nothing shameful about that whatsoever.

Tina Tower [00:24:01]:
Like, we do what we've got to do as business owners. Our job is to survive and to run sustainable, profitable businesses. And I hate that when things get hard, that people feel shame around having to get back in and serve clients again. Like, it's fantastic. It's wonderful that you have that backstop as well. Yeah.

Filly Bellette [00:24:22]:

Tina Tower [00:24:23]:
So you did the right thing there. That's why you're still here now.

Filly Bellette [00:24:26]:
Absolutely. Otherwise, I don't know, I'd probably be in hospital, psychiatric unit.

Tina Tower [00:24:32]:
You're hard on yourself, aren't you?

Filly Bellette [00:24:35]:
Well, I really was. I'm like, so, okay, so in the space of. So we joined her empire builder last September.

Tina Tower [00:24:44]:
August, yeah.

Filly Bellette [00:24:46]:
The month before that, we did our second ever, like, proper launch.

Tina Tower [00:24:52]:
It took you a while to go again. So you waited nearly two years to launch again.

Filly Bellette [00:24:58]:

Tina Tower [00:24:58]:
Oh, yeah. That was hard for you.

Filly Bellette [00:25:00]:
That was PTSD. That's what I, that's what I mean. So. But during that two years, we continued working on our message. So we're like, this power parent thing is not working. Let's just shelve it. Even though we'd spent a lot of money on like, a graphic designer and like, it was all pretty and beautiful and, you know, all that sort of stuff, but we're like, it's not working.

Tina Tower [00:25:21]:

Filly Bellette [00:25:21]:
And I'm, I can't remember the timeframe, but I'm pretty sure pretty short after the burnout. Burnout. It's like, this is what I've experienced in the past. This is what Chris has experienced. This is what majority of our clients who are already in our world are experiencing, because burnout, like, a lot of people think that burnout is, you know, you've just been working too hard in your job or business, and now you're burnt out. But burnout is essentially, like, chronic stress that has gone on long enough that now your body systems are literally burnt out.

Tina Tower [00:25:54]:

Filly Bellette [00:25:56]:
And it's. And it's. And you don't recover from just having a holiday or having a good night's sleep. It's literally like there is something deep inside your system that is burnt out.

Tina Tower [00:26:06]:
Yeah. It took me a good two years. When I hit, like, adrenal fatigue and full. Full body burnout. It took me about two years of getting better.

Filly Bellette [00:26:16]:
Yeah, yeah. And it takes time. Yeah.

Tina Tower [00:26:18]:

Filly Bellette [00:26:19]:
So then we came up with, all right, well, it's something around body burnout. And again, this went against every coach that we'd ever spoken to before because they always said, name your product or your service or, you know what you're known for something positive, like the price.

Tina Tower [00:26:35]:

Filly Bellette [00:26:37]:
But we're, like, far out people.

Tina Tower [00:26:40]:
Late to it.

Filly Bellette [00:26:41]:
They're late to it. But power parent didn't work because it was way too. Way too up there in terms of, like, you know, a person is struggling to get out of bed and work and parent, they don't. They're not even thinking about wanting to be a power parent. They actually are stuck in survival. And so we needed to. We needed to be able to talk to those people, which is why actually talking about the pain point really started working. So end your body burnout.

Filly Bellette [00:27:12]:
And then, you know, the tagline is. And find your spark.

Tina Tower [00:27:16]:
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Filly Bellette [00:27:17]:
Which is really nice, too, because a lot of people who are really burnt out, like, struggling with what we call body burnout, are exhausted. They're stuck in survival. Like, the next step, Alfie, is. Yeah, I want to find my spark. I want to find something that then can build my energy and my motivation so I can do the things that are going to be able to heal me and have the life of my dreams.

Tina Tower [00:27:41]:
Yeah, yeah. And so then in August, you launched ending body burnout, and you had a very different result. Talk to us about that.

Filly Bellette [00:27:50]:
Yeah, so, okay, here's the thing. We didn't actually launch it. It's just that we. We closed doors. So over those two years, maybe it was maybe a year before we did, like, a proper launch. Again. It was still just a membership model. Anyone could join at any time after they had a consult with me and if they wanted the holistic approach, come and join the program.

Filly Bellette [00:28:14]:
Still, back then we still had a pay per consult option. Again, that's like the PTSD I was talking about. I'm like, I have to hold onto that as a safety net because I'm really nervous that if we drop that, we're going to go bankrupt again. Not that we went bankrupt, but I felt like that last year things were going really well. So there was a lot of things we'd done from a marketing perspective as well. So we became Telstra best of business awards winner in Tasmania. We were a national finalist. We were winner for the australian women's champion awards.

Filly Bellette [00:28:49]:
So, you know, we build up those accolades and awards over that period. Also getting featured in Forbes Body and Soul. I published a book.

Tina Tower [00:29:01]:
I mean, all of that goes like, goes so far for your credibility and trust building, which I think is a key metric in terms of how successful a launch will be.

Filly Bellette [00:29:13]:
Yeah. And then I think what made that launch really successful? So actually by then, our podcast, I mean, my book wasn't even published, it was published last November. But we'd also built our podcast and I started pitching to higher profile podcasters in our industry and it just so happened. And it was good because then we. I could offer a podcast swap as well. It's like, I'd love to come on your podcast to add value to your audience. Oh, I've also got a podcast, so I'd love to have you on. And most people say yes because it's like, yeah, cool.

Filly Bellette [00:29:47]:
That was easy. I didn't have to, like, organize that. I'll show up. I don't know if you're a thermomix lady, but there's a beautiful, beautiful lady called Jo Whit. Jo Whitten. She has a business called quirky cooking. And honestly, she's just, oh, yay. I was her.

Filly Bellette [00:30:04]:
She was my idol because when I first started changing the way that I was eating, it was her cookbook, the thermomix. Like, literally, I'd been cooking with Joe for twelve years.

Tina Tower [00:30:12]:
Oh, I love that.

Filly Bellette [00:30:14]:
And then she said yes for me to come on her podcast, and I was so excited.

Tina Tower [00:30:18]:
That is the best feeling. Yeah, I know.

Filly Bellette [00:30:20]:
It was so good. And we recorded that. I don't even know when, but she didn't release it until the week before. We did the proper launch in August last year. Yeah. So that was kind of like perfect timing. We had a lot of people join that and then we closed doors back then. We were still doing a membership model, and it was a lot cheaper than what it is now.

Filly Bellette [00:30:42]:
So I still felt like. Like I really. It almost, like, made me a little bit sick to the summit, because I'm like, this is still so cheap for what people are receiving in terms of support, but also results. But, you know, I want to be able to have enough people that we can say, this program is flipping awesome. And it works.

Tina Tower [00:31:00]:

Filly Bellette [00:31:02]:
Yeah. So then we closed doors. I think we had maybe 24 people join us in that one. And then I'm like, Tina, I'm ready to join your program now. I'm really gonna, like, this is gonna work.

Tina Tower [00:31:14]:
Interesting that it's like, so you were already using the free resources we put out, like, in 2021, but you felt like you needed to, like, reach some invisible marker of success before. You were like, okay, I'm ready. Whereas part of me is like, if you just joined back in 2021, you could have saved two years.

Filly Bellette [00:31:33]:
I know. Isn't that funny? I don't think that was the only reason. I think, like, initially, when I came across you, the moment that you were in a masterclass inside the other business program, I'm like, at some point, I'm going to work with Tina because she's so cool. I just loved you. And also, like, what you offered in that three and a half hour, three hour masterclass was so gold. And, like, that's how I got the tell not, you know, that's why we went for the Telstra Business awards. I probably never would have if you hadn't inspired me to do that. Awesome.

Filly Bellette [00:32:05]:
But also, there was so there was a period, too, after I finished that program that I'm like, I got to do some deep work on myself. And that's when I. Before we joined your program, I'm like, we're literally hitting a financial ceiling because I don't know why. Invisible me, sabotaging my ability to be able to make more money. And so that was really important for me to do that personal work on myself. So that then I'm like, yeah, when we joined Tina's. Yeah, exactly. So then when we joined Tina's program, I know it's just going to be, like, amazing.

Tina Tower [00:32:40]:
Yeah. And how did it go?

Filly Bellette [00:32:43]:
So good. So good. So then we did our next launch in January this year and this time. So this was again, like, a little bit nerve wracking, because instead of having a month by month membership option where people could cancel at any time, we turned it into a six month program because we found, too, that, you know, if someone can stay in that space for six months, they're going to get pretty awesome results. Sometimes people need a little bit longer and we have a back end membership for that. But generally, if someone throws themselves wholeheartedly into the results, I mean, into the process, they get amazing results.

Tina Tower [00:33:18]:
Yeah, for sure.

Filly Bellette [00:33:19]:
And we doubled the price and, you know, so it was a little bit like, oh, I don't know what's going to happen, but we outdid the previous launch in September. I think we welcomed in 28 or 29 clients. I think it was close to $70,000 launch.

Tina Tower [00:33:35]:

Filly Bellette [00:33:37]:
That was so cool. Yeah.

Tina Tower [00:33:40]:
And so what do you think that you did differently for that launch that you hadn't done before, which got you that bigger revenue than you'd ever had in a launch?

Filly Bellette [00:33:49]:
I feel like it was probably just the price. The price, but also the program. What I found with the membership one, when we had that, is that a lot of, is that even though in my psyche I thought that that would be easier for people to opt into because it's low commitment, most people had questions around, how long am I actually going to be in this for? Like, is this like a three month thing or is it like a two year thing? And, and when we turn it into a six month program, like a six month program, I actually feel like for people's nervous systems, which essentially, when we're talking to a prospector and your client, we're talking to their nervous system, not to their brain.

Tina Tower [00:34:28]:

Filly Bellette [00:34:29]:
Their nervous system felt safe because it's like, oh, okay, six months. Cool. Yeah, that's good. That's, that's, you know, there's a clear timeframe there. It's not ambiguous. Okay. Yeah, I can do that. So I feel, I actually feel like that was beneficial.

Filly Bellette [00:34:43]:
And also during all the launch marketing stuff and when we did our three day live coaching event, during that, too, I was able to talk about the program with more authority. That's not the right word. With more clarity. Yeah, that it's like, in this amount.

Tina Tower [00:35:04]:
Of time, what does now? So you're running your three day challenges, you showing up like, I know you well enough to know how you show up, and I watch everything that you do. But from what you were saying before with you got to the end of launch, which launches can be exhausting. Like, they are very high energy, very concentrated marketing activities. What do you do now so that you don't, like, wig out and go, oh, you, Chris, I'm out at the end. How do you support your nervous system when you're going through it so that you're staying really vibrant throughout.

Filly Bellette [00:35:36]:
Yeah. Cool. Awesome. Okay. So I like to be prepared and organized so I make sure that love language. Love language. So I try to do all within my power to get what I need to do done before launch. Now, we also have Chris on our team, who is, like, a last minute dude, but, you know, I've learned to, like, accept that.

Filly Bellette [00:36:00]:
And he's okay to, you know, crunch out whatever work he needs to do during launch. But if I can do what I need to do, then I can feel settled. So that when I come into that, my energy is there to show up and serve and to love and to answer questions and to just feel really regulated myself because I feel like that's. That's essentially why people are attracted to our program. They're dysregulated. They want the opposite.

Tina Tower [00:36:24]:
Yeah, for sure.

Filly Bellette [00:36:26]:
So that's a huge one. Another one is, like, literally just talking to myself around. Your worth is not attached to person joining our program. So it doesn't matter if someone buys this or not. It has nothing to do with me as a person. Like, at my core, even if we had a flop launch, like, our last one, when was that? Just recently. May. I wouldn't call it a flop.

Filly Bellette [00:36:54]:
It was actually great. We hit a benchmark in terms of our program for how many people we can fit into our program. We hit that and actually, we let a few extras slide in, but that was, like, a huge milestone. So I would say last launch, even though it might have been a bit less in revenue, is still a complete success. But if that hadn't have happened, I am still an awesome practitioner. Like, our program is still flipping amazing. And so, like, I really work with myself and my own inner self talk that I'm unattached to the outcome of whether someone chooses to join or not or the amount that we earn. And that allows me, again, to show up grounded, relaxed, calm, and to also just, like, love the person, especially when they say no or, like, not this time.

Tina Tower [00:37:52]:
Love that. I love that. And what do you think has been the biggest learning for yourself in the last two years in terms of the actual, like, you've talked about, you know, you becoming more comfortable with yourself and your being. But what do you know about course creation now that you can share with people as tangible tips that you maybe didn't know a couple of years ago, like, so much?

Filly Bellette [00:38:18]:
Didn't even know what Kajabi was?

Tina Tower [00:38:20]:

Filly Bellette [00:38:23]:
Okay. What can I tell? Tips. I actually find it really funny. I think one of my superpowers too, is being really detailed. So when we are creating a course, I want to imagine that client or customer working through it and getting great results. So I actually really love mapping out, like, what the video is going to look like and what the little download and what the action steps are going to look like. And then in terms of, like, the tech side, I actually don't do a lot of that. Chris does a lot of that.

Filly Bellette [00:39:02]:
Our va. Yeah. So I guess I'm probably the more creative one on the course creation side.

Tina Tower [00:39:10]:
Which is so handy to be able to have both of you doing it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Filly Bellette [00:39:16]:
Actually, that's. That's a big thing that I've learned, is that Chris and I were trying to do jobs that weren't in our genius zone.

Tina Tower [00:39:23]:

Filly Bellette [00:39:24]:
So, for example, he's amazing at graphics and what things look like. I'm really great at words and writing. And when we try and move into each other's space, that's where, like, things go really haywire and we get really angry with each other.

Tina Tower [00:39:43]:

Filly Bellette [00:39:44]:
So, like, that might be really helpful for someone who has a team, even. Even if it's a small one, even if it's you and a va, or there's two founders, what's your zona? Genius. And being able to really amplify that and rather than you trying to do everything well, what are the things that you're not so good at or that you don't like doing and find someone to be able to do that.

Tina Tower [00:40:05]:
Yeah. It'll save you a lot of angst in there. So where are you heading? What does success look like for you?

Filly Bellette [00:40:14]:
I think success is a feeling in my body. Love that it's when I can wake up. There's no success for me, is there's no urgency, that it's okay to build the business slowly or fastly, depending on how I feel in my body. So it's being aligned with myself to know, am I moving towards this project or towards this growth period or even this slow period from a space of alignment or is it from a space of fear? And when I can tap into that alignment, energy like that, success. So it's actually less to do around numbers of clients, or the amount in our bank account, or revenue or profit. And it's more around how I feel, because when I feel great, I know that we make more money.

Tina Tower [00:41:08]:
Yeah, everything works when you feel better.

Filly Bellette [00:41:09]:
Everything works better. My marriage is better, my parenting is better, my kids are happy. I feel better, I feed myself better, move better, I sleep better. So just yeah. So that trust in. Trust in self.

Tina Tower [00:41:22]:
Yeah. That's such good advice. And my final question, what do you love most about being part of her empire builder?

Filly Bellette [00:41:29]:
Oh, so much. So much. I know that I've, like, listened to other podcasts when you have spoken to other members, and pretty much everyone says community. And I didn't think that that would be the case when I joined because I, again, like, I'm the strategy, the detail, it's like, yeah, give me the things to do and I'll implement it. But the community's awesome. The Gold coast conference, which was my first one in April, was so good to be able to connect with people and to be excited and motivated by what other people are doing, too. And when you get stuck, there's always someone who has solved the problem, whether it's yourself or someone else.

Tina Tower [00:42:14]:
Yeah. And I think that's so, so powerful in going, like, obviously, I'm a strategist. I put so much effort into all of the strategies and all of the templates and all of the sops and everything that we do, but it's. It's like having. Being surrounded by, you know, 200 other women that are all in it and doing it at the same time really pulls people out of that. You know, if you have a launch that falls below expectations, like, you can be pulled up in the resilient, like, the bounce forward is so much more. Or, you know, we see people all the time that are. That are scared to take the next step, but then they'll see a woman to their left kind of doing that and be like, okay, if they can do it, I can do it, too.

Tina Tower [00:42:51]:
Like, there's just the. The rise up of everybody together is. Is my favorite thing.

Filly Bellette [00:42:57]:
Yeah. And I love being able to just pick your brain, as well. So, like, in our group sessions or at the end of masterclasses, sometimes I'll bring a question. I'm like, oh, this is so basic. I think I already know the answer. But you'll be like, and do this and this and this. I'm like, whoa, I didn't even think about that. So it's so.

Filly Bellette [00:43:15]:
It's so nice to have that regular touch point, because otherwise that wouldn't progress. I'd just be trying to do the things that I think work or that might have worked a year ago. But you are so up with the times all the time.

Tina Tower [00:43:29]:
Yeah, I do love it. Yeah. I nerd out on all of it. But also, like, you, I think you do well, because you do. You do ask questions. You do get involved. You do go, you know, I'm at my edge now. I want to go past the next one.

Tina Tower [00:43:42]:
How can I get there? And you're open to experimenting in that, which is such a hallmark of people that go further and do really well. So well done on you for going. Yes, I am always open to learning, but I'm very happy to see you embody more of your confidence now because the results that you do get for people and the program that you run and the way you run it is so important. Yeah.

Filly Bellette [00:44:09]:
Thank you. I'm very happy to.

Tina Tower [00:44:12]:
Amazing. Thank you so much, billy. You're amazing.

Filly Bellette [00:44:15]:
Thank you.

Tina Tower [00:44:18]:
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Tina Tower [00:44:54]:
I'm Tina Tower, and I'm cheering you on all the way.