Join business strategist Tina Tower as she explores how to build your empire by packaging your expertise into online courses, speaking, content, podcasting and credibility.

Tina has over 17 years of experience in starting, building and selling companies, she's a speaker, teacher, mama and world traveller.

She's unapologetic about living an intentionally big life and if you want too, this show is designed to show you many different options to help you gain clarity over YOUR version of awesome.


  • Launching an online business with a transformational coach.

  • Transitioning from traditional business (bricks and mortar studio) to online business.

  • Evolving offers and messaging for an online business.

  • Creating an online business and marketing model.

  • Overcoming self-doubt and showing up authentically in a community.

  • Embracing natural appearance for women in business.

  • Podcasting, course creation, and embracing aging with grace.

  • Reaching financial goals as a course creator.



Today on the podcast I am kicking of Member Sessions with Emma Walkinshaw!

Emma joined HEB in Feb 2022 and 6 months later, launched her online business. She is one of the kindest and most warm incredible women that I have ever met. Always there cheering on the woman beside her and helping people believe in themselves. The work that Emma does, I see her do it through general life, always.

She’s sharing today what she implemented to go from zero to launched. What she’s learnt about business and herself. The hardest, and the most fun things about course creation and shares her advice for anyone starting out and making their first $100k a milestone that Emma is so close to crossing.

Emma Walkinshaw is a dedicated Transformational Coach, Accredited Yoga Instructor, and a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for empowering women. As the Founder of the transformative "21 Minutes of Morning Magic" and "Embody Me Program," she creates spaces for growth and self-discovery. Emma also leads the "Body Love Revolution Online Summit" and hosts the inspiring "Wholehearted Retreats" for women here in Australia and India . She is the author of "365 Days of Morning Magic," a daily guide to setting your intuition and embracing a life of clarity and purpose.



Where to find Emma Walkinshaw

21 MMM Free group here
365 days of Morning Magic Book here
Emma's Website here
Celebrate a Sister Podcast here
Wholehearted India Retreat here

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Show transcription 


Tina Tower 0:00
Hi, friends, and welcome to our very first episode in our members Story series. So I had this idea a couple months ago. And I wanted to use the platform that I have here on her Empire Builder show to spotlight people at the beginning of their journeys, because a lot of people that I talk to, are absolute experts in their field, which is fantastic. And also people that are a seven figure course creators. But what I have learned through being in the course creation industry for the last seven, eight years is that there is a lot of people that actually don't want to be million dollar cost creators. For a lot of people that I work with, they get to like that three 400,000 a year and they're like, this is a dream, I get to make really great money, support my family, I get to live a really great life, I have freedom, I have really good working hours, I get to do good work with good people, like leave me here. And what I know to be true is that the first 100,000 in your online business is the hardest. Like it really, really is. And so many of my conversations were Oh are with people that are so far past that, that you forget how hard that is at the beginning. And every day, I work with people that brave and courageous and chasing their dream with gusto. And so I was like, You know what, I want to put them on the podcast, I want to put people that are in the arena going for it like going How can I do this? How can I go from like zero to launch? What things will we have to come up against what's working now what did work, what isn't working anymore? What have I discovered about myself like one of those blocks, all of that sort of thing. And so every second week now on the podcast, I'm going to be bringing in one of our her Empire Builder members to share their whole story so that you get the whole evolution from the beginning to everything that they're going through, and then how they've come out the other side, and now kind of have hit that tipping point where they've got traction. And so we've got people that you know, have just made their first 10 20,000, I've got some people coming on that have made 100,000 I do have some of the members coming on that are more in the half a million $2 million range. But what what my goal is is to showcase all of the different types of people and goals and revenues so that so that you can see yourself in that and get some tips that are super practical that you can implement right away. And so our very first member Story series is with Emma Walkinshaw, who is one of my favorite humans on the planet. Which is why I wanted her to go first. Emma joined her Empire Builder back in February 2022. So she's been a member for just over two years, six months after joining, she launched her online business. So she started when she had been sitting on the idea for years, but hadn't actually pulled the trigger. And so a lot of people I get about half and half half of the members will join her Empire Builder when they've already got their course. And they're like, you know, I've got proof of concept I've made, you know, 50k or however much it is. But I want to grow I want this to be like a serious business, not a side hustle. So how can I grow it half the people fit into that camp and then the other half, like Emma, who was, you know, sitting on this idea how to bricks and mortar traditional business and was like I just, I'm just not prioritizing, like, I don't have the time, I don't want to mess around with that and go this way or that way. And you know, you can either go trial and error, which takes a really long time, or you can shortcut it and that's what she decided to do. So six months later, she launched her online business. She is one of the kindest and most incredible women that I have ever met, she is always there cheering on the woman beside her and helping them believe in themselves. And the work that Emma does through female empowerment and as a transformational coach. Like I see her do that in her general life. Always. And it is what I love is when people like talk the talk and walk the walk when they're the one in the same human and that is Mo and so she's sharing today what she implemented to go from zero to launch, what she's learned about business and herself and the evolution of selling her bricks and mortar business and then going all in on online. The hardest and the most fun things about cost creation and she's sharing her advice for anyone starting out and making their first 100k which is a milestone that Emma is like, just a little teeny tiny bit away from so she's very close to crossing that and I think she will probably by the time they Episode comes out. So a little bit about Emma. Emma Walkinshaw is a dedicated transformational coach, accredited yoga instructor and dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for empowering women as the founder of transformative 21 minutes of morning magic which is a fantastic free program that she offers. I have linked it in the show notes below I highly recommend you grabbing that she does that and the embody me program she creates spaces for growth and self discovery. And we're also leads the body LOVE REVOLUTION online Summit. And she's speaking a little bit about that in the podcast today about you know, she's a size 16 yoga instructor and bucking the trend of your what it means to be visible and to really step in and honor who you are in that as well. So, like I said walks the walk of and she hosts the inspiring wholehearted retreats for women here in Australia and also in India. She is the author of 365 days of mourning magic, a daily guide to setting your intuition and embracing a life of clarity and purpose. Here she is the fabulous Emma Walkinshaw. Hello, and welcome to her empire builders Show. I'm your business strategist and host Tina tower. And I am so happy you are here. My goal with this show is to bring you the inspirational and informative conversations with interesting humans as well as the tools, tips and resources to help you build your online business. Since starting my first business at 20, I have built and sold four times and in 2018. While traveling around the world with my family for a year, I tripped and fell into this wonderful world of online courses and I instantly fell in love. I'm a million dollar cost creator, a world traveler, best selling author, a mother of two man children and a lucky wife. There's no playing small here. It's your time to grow to run a highly profitable business that makes you wildly wealthy, while you positively impact your clients and the world around you and have the life you've always dreamed of. Let's get it. Boy, just ever welcome Shawn. Welcome to her empire builders show.

Main Episode

Emma Walkinshaw 7:18
Thank you, Tina. It's an absolute delight to be here. I'm over the moon.

Tina Tower 7:22
I'm over the moon to have you here. We know each other quite well. We've been in each other's orbit for a couple of years now. You joined us inside her empire builder in February 2022. So just over two years, which I'm so stoked and then launched in August 2022. So took you like a good few months to get the launch happening there. My first question was, what was your reason for joining before you actually launched so we have a lot of people it's like some people will join us before launch. Some people will wait and and feel like they have to be launched and ready to do it. So I'm really interested in your thinking with that.

Emma Walkinshaw 8:00
It was it was mostly getting ready to be ready. I felt so at the time, February 2022. I owned a bricks and mortar, Pilates reformer Pilates and yoga studio on the Gold Coast. And I knew that it was time for me to let the studio go. I'd made that decision. I'd already been sort of dabbling in the online will not dabbling thinking how I needed the how, how do I get online? How do I refine my messaging? And where do I start? So I went I attended your women's online event. And you spoke and have these speakers and I thought, oh Tina is my woman. So I signed up that day, and I'm that person who's incredibly impulsive as well. Am I I'm not incredibly impulsive. I know when it feels right. And it felt right. So I said yes, joined as a her Empire Builder. And then started to learn while I was getting ready, which I did then sell the studio. But while I was getting ready to sell it took me so I was running the studio as well. And then learning from you and the incredible her Empire Builder community learning the how if I was to do this, how would I do it? What's my messaging? And where do I start? So you would that answer?

Tina Tower 9:23
Yeah, I love that. And how long have you been sitting on the the idea before you like you know what, I'm ready to take action on it.

Emma Walkinshaw 9:32
I had the studio for four years, and I was definitely dancing in that guy. I've got a bricks and mortar. So I'm gonna say probably four or five years before I realized how you get online. Yeah,

Tina Tower 9:46
but always you wanted to get online. Yeah, definitely. Yeah, a long time to sit on it.

Emma Walkinshaw 9:52
I know. Well, I feel like I kind of went bricks and mortar because I was thinking about well how do I get this seen and heard, how do you become visible? Yeah. So in my train of thought was perhaps I need to open a bricks and mortar store, you have that credibility level there. Yeah, yeah. And also to build a database and at that point now I no different thanks to you. But at that point, I felt this is the way I grow a database. I knew that much I needed a database. And then from there, I wasn't kind of sure where or where to go. But you had that answer. You too.

Tina Tower 10:27
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I was in the same same boat, like I looked at coming online. When I started franchising back in 2011. I was either going to do the tutoring Institute online, or franchise, my bricks and mortar. And I chose franchising, because like I knew traditional business. And it seemed weirdly, it seems like the safer, more reputable kind of option of like, this is respectable, like different locations and having those, whereas online was still so conceptual to me. Anyway, the amount of times I've kicked my own off over that decision. But eventually, you know, we get there.

Emma Walkinshaw 11:04
Yeah, Tina, I could have done without that studio, quite frankly. Yeah. Well, I you know, it is funny when you think that and you perhaps feel the same way. You know, there's no jumping from step to tech, one to 10. And the studio and the franchise is just one of those steps. Yeah, it's either that one or another makes

Tina Tower 11:25
things easier as well. Because, you know, we have, I have a lot of people that will come into online business from like employment. And you're like, Ah, this is hard, like, there's a lot to do. But I think after running traditional business, it's so easy, because, like, nothing's as hard. As you know, paying your big rent every week, filling your classes, like all of the logistics that go on online is like so much easier after you've done something like that. So I think that, you know, it all works out how it's supposed to.

Emma Walkinshaw 11:54
It does. Yeah, and I agree with that having the having the responsibility of having a lease on a bricks and mortar. And I remember someone recently saying to me, they were asking about what I pay for Kajabi. And I told them, and they said, Oh, gosh, that's expensive. I said, You got to be kidding me. It's priceless. When I had to pay for a bricks and mortar studio to house my business. And it wasn't like I could just decide to pull the pin. Next week, I was locked into a three liter, right? Yeah. So online. Space. It's so good. Yeah, so much spaciousness.

Tina Tower 12:29
Yeah, I was having the same conversation with someone the other day about like cost to entry, and going because they're like, you know, can we start an online business for nothing? No, well, it was not nothing. But you could you could start like, I think if you've got a good five to $10,000, you can get going in a really professional manner. You could start it for about two, I think. But if you've got five to 10, like that's a really good buffer. I like wow, that's a lot. I think he did it is a lot. It's a substantial amount of money. When I started my first business, I had 80,000 that I stayed saved up to be able to implement for that. And it was gone before I even opened the doors like we gyprock to the walls, we put in some furniture, like a couple of different things. And I was like, Shit, I ran out of money already. Like in terms of barrier to entry. I mean, I know everyone listening to this is probably already in online business. But I'm like, preaching to the converted, but it's just beautiful.

Emma Walkinshaw 13:21
Yeah, I agree. Yeah.

Tina Tower 13:25
Okay, so I want to talk about how your offers and your actual, like, ascension model has evolved since you started. So in the last couple of years, like WHAT did you What did you first come to market with?

Emma Walkinshaw 13:38
So I came with a program that I'd actually pre purchase called the clarity catalyst. I'd already been running that while I had the studio on, and I ran it before the studio, but it was always face to face. So I had a great program. So I knew that this was it was tried and tested. I knew that women loved it, I'd already delivered it to over 100 women. So I knew that it was a great, a great program. And then taking it online. I then started to realize, well, what is this ascension model? And you beautifully educate us in that? And then where do people find me? And what's the transformation? They go on with me? And where do they start? So having this great program was all good and well, but I needed a fabulous lead magnet, and I needed to be more visible. That was the two things that I if I would think about what you have taught me really well and and the women in the community is those two things and then when it comes to messaging, I mean, it is really a it doesn't just pop out of thin air you actually you know my saying is you can't steer a parked car. You actually have to get going to then direct it. Yeah. And thinking about Yeah, and thinking about Yes, I've got this great program. I'm going online. I actually have to give it a run. And keep going keep refining the messaging and being okay to change your messaging as well. Because as I felt like as I went through, I was starting to get to know myself more as a transformational coach and getting to know what I actually want to offer and what I enjoyed. And the women who were attracted to my offer, what did they need? So that ascension model has been tremendous. And of course, I've tweaked it and simplified it and complicated and then simply came. Yeah, that has been an experience in itself. And I feel like a very still a very live and vibrant process.

Tina Tower 15:39
Yeah, I mean, I don't think that ever ends, like we just celebrated four years of her empire builder, and my messaging and offer has changed throughout the time. And I totally love that analogy of the parked car, because it is, like, often I find people will hold themselves back and go, Well, I'm not sure if this is the right way, or this is the right way. Or if this is going to hit with messaging. And it's like, you just need to start, you just need to start and look at it all as like a constant curious experiment so that you can go, alright, well, this was landing. This is not like I was even reviewing our last month social media this morning, and going like what's working and what's not. And what's working is not what used to work, like we're never actually done. And when I was looking at, at what is working now I'm going Gosh, this is this is the content that we now need. So I've just like scrapped a whole lot of planned content going alright, we need to put more of this stuff in. So it's, it's constantly being open to that changing. But you said a couple of things there that I want to ask more about. So so the first is staying on offers for a moment. So you started with clarity catalyst? And then how did that change into what you did next. And then we'll get to where you are currently with your offer.

Emma Walkinshaw 16:46
I found that the clarity catalyst was a great base. But because I purchased that program, I felt like I hadn't quite embodied it myself. And then through working through women, I started to realize what again, like you're saying, Tina, what my women needed and wanted. So it has evolved and and being okay to come out and say I run the clarity catalyst and being known for that. And then actually saying that no longer is available. This is the direction I'm going in. That's taken a bit of courage, but it has landed much more for me. And also then traction has started to move more in terms of that magnetism to the women that I want to work with. So that took a little bit of courage to change that messaging. Did I answer that question? I hope I did. Yeah,

Tina Tower 17:33
you did. Because it's very insightful and going it's after you start that you realize like, you'll, you'll want to work with a group more than someone else. You're like, these are the people that I want to create something for, because I want more of this place, which is what you've done. Yeah, yeah. And so what does your office suite look like now? So

Emma Walkinshaw 17:52
now I have my, I guess you could say my lead magnet, which is my community of 21 minutes of morning magic, which is wonderful. So I practice three mornings a week, because a lot of the work that I teach is tapping into your intuition or your voice of wisdom, and letting go of your voice of judgment. And I found it's all good to talk about this conceptually. But how do I do that? Almost like what her empire did for me and what you've done for me, Tina has given me the hell don't tell me you can have this great online business and it's all you know, unicorns and popsicle stands and everything. Everyone's living fettled life. Tell me the how. So with my offer, the 21 minutes a morning magic is the how will if I was start to start to listen to my voice or wisdom, how do I do that we've got to get quiet. And you've got to move your voice of judgment out of the way. So because I'm a yoga teacher to do the practice of yoga, and quieting the mind is the perfect way to do that. So 21 minutes, samadhi magic, I came up with this concept, because we're also all so I'm gonna use the word busy. We don't have a long time to sit and meditate. And even how do you do that? And what is that? So that 21 minutes a morning magic is just a little bit of yoga, a little bit of movement for seven minutes, and then we meditate for seven minutes, and then we journal for seven minutes. So that's where people come into my world and start to practice that and have some wins themselves. How do I actually listen to this intuition? Or what is it even like to have a practice of journaling daily? So that's where people find me. And then from there, they can either choose to come in. So this is how my ascension model works. And they can either choose to do the incredible lead

Tina Tower 19:33
magnet, by the way, like Thank you, Tina. Yes, we will link to all of Emma's stuff in the show notes too. So if you're like this sounds delicious. Just scroll down and click on that and you can get access to it as well.

Emma Walkinshaw 19:44
And Tina, can I do the shameless plug? Yeah, the book is out to

Tina Tower 19:49
the year 365 days of mourning magic. Congratulations out.

Emma Walkinshaw 19:56
Thank you, Tina. So that and that's another thing the ascension model right Coming back to her Empire Builder and you've written two incredible books Tina, which I love. And then that was the other idea that just evolved. So through this 21 minutes of morning magic and me realizing what women I want to attract on what I like to do, because I was pre writing a theme for 21 minutes a morning magic, it turned into a book 365 days of mourning magic, which just evolved through this journey of being in your world for two years. And being committed and consistent. I think that's the other thing too. Knocking the wobbles, or, you know, I'm the first to admit, I've had many wobbles where I thought, Oh, my goodness, what am I even doing? We do get the wobbles, but then going, hang on a moment, stay committed, stay consistent. Just keep going. It's okay. So that was how the book came from that and then from there, women can either come with me into the embody me program, which is an evolution of the clarity catalyst. So swinging back to that the clarity catalyst I purchased, then I've evolved it to the embody me program, because I feel it's more me. And I've morphed that and recreated that whole program. And also retreats. That's the other thing I've been running. So India, last year, I took excuse me this year, this year, March, India took 13 women to India. Next year, we'll go again in March, and I've already sold 10 tickets to that. And again, back to the the India retreat, even though is it technically online? No. However, all of the marketing principles that I sold that retreat that I sold six spots in the first 72 hours, and even this retreat, this one here, this one here. I think in the first week, I've sold 10 days, I've sold 10 tickets to India. And I feel like this is also through the principles of her Empire Builder and marketing, and just staying with your messaging and serving your people. Yeah, but that's what I've learned is it is really, you know, we can talk about ascension model. But it's a really beautiful process of how you connect with your community and market. Yeah, so I feel like that's also how I've done that as well. And of course, I do one on one, coaching as well. So pretty much all I really offer is 21 minutes of morning magic. And a book now one on one coaching retreats or embody me program. Yeah, that's

Tina Tower 22:24
beautiful ascension model. Yes. beautiful. Yes.

Emma Walkinshaw 22:28
Thanks to you, Tina. I have it took me a little while to land here. But she it feels good now. Yeah, it feels really good. How

Tina Tower 22:37
long is that you launched in August 22? How long? Did it feel? Like? How long did it take you before you felt like I've got this?

Emma Walkinshaw 22:45
I'm going to say potentially six months, that's good. Six months to really be willing to feel like I was stuck, and then make a bit of progress and feel like her regressed and then go again. And even just getting Kajabi set up getting

Tina Tower 23:04
a steep learning curve, the beginning. It's so so many things.

Emma Walkinshaw 23:08
And Tina Canva. I mean, I know you speak of this magical thing. Canva and you love it. Whereas for me, not my happy place. But you know, Canva and I have a subscription and

Tina Tower 23:23
yeah, and the templates, you can use the monthly templates.

Emma Walkinshaw 23:26
And I have helped now too, which is wonderful. So I do have a little team member who is tremendous, who helps with all of that stuff. But that's been also a process too. But it is all fallen into place. It's taken, you know, has it taken a long time? No, probably not. You

Tina Tower 23:43
know, in hindsight, it doesn't take a long time. But it's like while you're in that, like thick of it at the beginning, like I think your first 100,000 is really hard. Like there's no I know, we're bombarded with all of these messages online of like, it's so easy, and anyone can have it and but it is like it is hard. You're doing things you've never had to do before new concepts that you haven't understood before. You're doing stuff that you're like, I don't know if I can do this. If I can't do this. I'm Seamus like, it's such a mental battle. It's such an emotional belt. Like it's all of the things that once you get past that, it's like, Ah, I've been here before, like, I just need to refine and do that. And it gets so much easier. But that beginning is tough.

Emma Walkinshaw 24:24
And it is I think self belief and confidence to really backing yourself because it is such a mindset. And I feel like that's where her Empire Builder being in the community. It's a lot of high vibe women, which are tremendous in a lot of ways because I know myself I've reached out you know, I've created some really great friendships and relationships and they are your people that you can reach out to in launch and go I've got the wobbles, and they give you a really firm talking to you.

Tina Tower 24:53
Yeah, like hey, I'm here for my pep talk. I'm ready. I'm trying for this. Let's go.

Emma Walkinshaw 24:59
This is it. Exactly right. And it's it's literally a text message going have you got 20 minutes to talk, talk, talk to me. And it's like calling our sister.

Tina Tower 25:08
So good. That's so good. And so you said at the start that I want to ask a little bit more about too is one of the biggest things that you had to change and develop was getting more visible? How did you go about doing that?

Emma Walkinshaw 25:22
That is still a process, it is still a process in itself. And it is getting out of your own way. And knowing that me really knowing I'm here for the greater good for my women. And being the example you know, I cannot speak and say I'm a transformational coach and stop sitting on the sidelines, ladies, and let's tap into your voice of wisdom, if I'm not doing that. So it really is for the greater good of the community. And it is a practice, then it becomes even more natural and that self belief. And then the the wins that you have along the way. And it's also the question, How bad do I want it? How much do I want this for my community? And how bad do I want it to? To live this wonderful life and go to India? If I don't show up? No one knows. I'm going to India. You can't sell a secret. Yeah, yeah, totally. So it's just showing up. So the visibility thing, and then you bought into that to tenure is the own little journey of being okay with being in a size 16 body and doing yoga? Yeah, that's another little journey of my own is showing up and saying, It's okay. You don't need to tell yourself that you're not pretty enough or you're not skinny enough. Or you're not x y. Zed. You're perfectly imperfect. Show up your women need you. Yeah, that's been a process.

Tina Tower 26:47
But quite that one doing? Yeah, yes. Very, very true. Um, what has been the most like personally difficult evolution for you over the last couple of years, what has been the part that you've gone? This is this is a harder one to break through. Besides Canva

Emma Walkinshaw 27:09
that's fine. That damnit Canva it would be Yeah, it would be the showing up actually showing up and not feeling like I have to be perfect. Showing up you're in 21 minutes of morning magic has really got me out that I am there without any makeup on no hair in my yoga gear. So it is the showing up and and the women in the community seeing the rear. Should I say the real Emma not the polished Emma, the real Emma. And

Tina Tower 27:42
I think that's something that you've learned to will you learn to embrace more as you go, I know even when I started, I would blow dry my hair, I would put my makeup on, I would put my best clothes on. And then the thing is, if I wanted to show up every day, and do that and do Instagram, like it just wasn't consistent, because that wasn't what I wanted. And I know some people love to do that everyday. Like they, I know my grandma everyday she did her hair, and she put her face on. And that's how she likes to go into the world. But that's not doesn't come naturally. To me, I'm more of a natural, you know, take me as I am kind of gal, I'd rather spend my time in a million different ways than half an hour in the bathroom every morning, putting my face on. So I did that. And then when I started going, if I want to show up for people and actually teach and train and educate, which is really my number one goal is I want to take the complex things, make them simple and help people it doesn't matter how much mascara I have on my eyes to be able to deliver that. But it felt weird at the start. And when I embraced that and then just would come as I was now I can do a story from anywhere I can go live for any time because it's like, you know what, you know what I look like? So we're good here.

Emma Walkinshaw 28:52
And I actually loved the conversation that we had at the most recent conference here on the Gold Coast and and we had a speaker and she talked about using a filter or not using a filter. And it was great to have the conversation with peers about how do we feel about that. And some people absolutely no filter, no just show up as you are other people like well, I'm going to have a filter because it allows me to show up. Yeah. And if that's a barrier, use the filter. I sit in both camps. I really want to get to a place where I don't need to have a filter. I don't need to have hair and makeup done. And I do in my group my Tony Robbins a morning magic but I feel that's a very protected group where people already love and adore me so it's safe. But I really would love to work to a place where it doesn't matter whether you got to filter on your lipstick on your mascara and it actually doesn't matter. Transcending to that place is most definitely but that's probably been my biggest Achilles heel around the disability is thinking that I have to look a certain way to feel presentable or to feel confident. Yeah, and I think age is a beautiful thing and the more you shop online And the more I'm starting to let go of that belief because it actually doesn't matter. No.

Tina Tower 30:05
And I mean, I think there's a difference between like showing up as a slob and and just not like doing yourself up to the nines. I always think, you know, you look nice and you look presentable like you would if you're stepping out of the house and going to the grocery store kind of thing. That's my level of okay, but the whole filter thing like as, as you know, but people listening probably don't know, I stopped using filters in 2021, after a launch, and I walked past a mirror and looked at went, Holy shit, like, I look really tired. And I realized, it wasn't my face, it was that I had spent so long watching myself through filters, that that augmented reality had become my perception of myself. And then I like felt like I was missing something without the filter. And I was like, I'm not doing this again, like I had a moral thing about it and going, I'm not doing that. Also, I work with a lot of men. Like, up until that point, a lot of my coaching clients have been men, a lot of my consulting clients have been men. Weirdly, most of my VIP Intensive Days and private clients have been men. And they don't do anything to their hair on their face, they put on their suit, and out they go. And so I'm like, there's a lot you can do with with a blazer. And a pair of earrings I have learned is one of the I always had the earrings next to me to put in the blazer on if I have to look like Schmuck, but I was like, I'm not going to spend all my time on doing this. Because I want to show to people that you can show up as you are, mind you and that there's been more than one occasion that I have regretted that decision. And go no go and I go or you know, you don't look good every day. And I like I'm looking tired today. But it's just, you know, it is what it is. And and I think I'm not coming online to be a model. I'm not trying to be an influencer. I'm trying to be a business educator. I am a strategist. And if people would judge for not wearing makeup with that, like, and that's why I love that you've said You know, you're a size 16 yoga teacher, you're a really good yoga teacher, you are really good at getting women to connect with themselves and listen to themselves. Do you need to be a size 620 year old filtered up? Made up person to do that? I think it would probably work against you. Yeah, yeah, this is

Emma Walkinshaw 32:21
this is the embracing me to go on a bit of a rant there, though. I love it. No, because I think this is a message for women. If you want to show up, you don't have to be whatever you think that is. And you're 18. Or maybe I'm going to take this challenge and let go of any filters when I'm tempted. You've set the challenge. And also, because I want to embrace to aging with grace. I want to embrace this beautiful body that I have in menopause and beyond. And maybe it is time to let go the filters and this is a beautiful thing about the evolution of being online and getting with other women is going it's okay for me to show up. Because like you say, Tina, it's not used to learn god damn good strategist and you help women elevate their business. It doesn't matter if you have lipstick on or not. Yeah,

Tina Tower 33:09
it's also the like, because we do so much in person as well with speaking and events. And there was a period there where I felt like it's why I never airbrush or do Photoshop on any photos as well, is because you show up to something live and I felt like I was showing up and going like Sorry about my face right now. I know I look different to my pitches that are like all Photoshop because that's what photographers did five years ago. But now it's like, don't touch them. Like how they come is is how we want to look and we want to look like us all the time. We turn to that maybe and just embrace it.

Emma Walkinshaw 33:43
Yeah, and beautiful lighting does wonders, wonders. Yeah,

Tina Tower 33:47
natural light is your best friend as a course creator. Yes, very much. Um, okay. What have you surprised yourself with the most since you started your course creation journey? What have you been like? Damn. Good there. Yeah,

Emma Walkinshaw 34:05
I'm gonna say it's the podcast. I have ADD. So under your encouragement. One of the goals that I said, I believe was it was where were we? We were in Port Douglas. Yeah. So Port Douglas was June and I said, three? Correct. And I wrote down that my absolute six month within the six months. So from June to the December, I was going to have a podcast and listening to the women in the room and podcasts are one of my wonderful ways to pass my time. So I thought I can do this. So I've really surprised myself with this podcast. So I'm on episode 34. This week it will be so we launched in October. And that has been tremendous for us. reaching my audience, and I also really enjoy it. I love it. So that has surprised me because I thought I know under your suggestion, which was great, which I thought this is what I'll do. You said, Just do a season, maybe go for 12, do a season and then see how you go. No episode.

Tina Tower 35:19
Not stopping. So much easier way to start psychologically, though than to go okay, I'm going to do an episode every week forever.

Emma Walkinshaw 35:28
Yeah, which was a really lovely way to think it's just a season, commit to it, too. And I feel to again, just like with the showing up, and just like with the online, it's a practice and it's an art. And how do you get good at something unless you keep doing it? So I feel like I'm still refining and it's lovely. When I run into someone, they go, Oh, I listened to your podcast. And I do get like a little bit embarrassed and forgot. Oh, goodness gracious. What did I say? Like you think that there's some because I really wouldn't like when you said that or did it? So that's been incredibly enjoyable. Yeah. So that's

Tina Tower 36:01
it my favorite medium. Like it's, it's my favorite. But I agree with the like when people will quote back to me because often, especially with solo episodes, I will go into my own little world and just start chatting. And you forget that so many people are listening to it. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I did. I did say that out loud. Yeah. But it's, that's what makes it so good to connect with as well. Yeah.

Emma Walkinshaw 36:22
Yeah. Sweet. Fabulous. So that's been my biggest surprise and love it. So thank you, Tina.

Tina Tower 36:27
Oh, you're so beautiful the way you're like, Thank you. You're just so kind. Um, what advice do you give to others who are wanting to level up their online business who maybe have that idea, maybe started something and going, I want to go all in on the ascent at the moment, like that unknown is scary. What's your advice,

Emma Walkinshaw 36:47
be committed, and be consistent and lose the expectations of a timeline. Because it's not necessarily on your timeline, but it will happen. It will happen.

Tina Tower 37:02
Again, right. It's just

Emma Walkinshaw 37:04
being committed and consistent and doing one thing, not mastering it. But doing one thing and getting the wheels happening on that one. Then do the next thing like the podcast, the newsletter, the lead magnet, your the social media posts, but just kind of it's almost like getting all the plates spinning or all the wheels to or it's like the cut all the cogs turning. And then all of a sudden, you've got like a little machine happening that is producing something beautiful to your community, or and then there is the financial gain of that. And Tina, I am so close in pajama, you will be the first person that I screenshot this to. I am so close to my six figures in my Kajabi the 100k. I am so close. And that is incredibly exciting. Because I didn't realize that that would happen. Well, although of course I did. It was a goal. But it's really lovely to actually see that materialize. And that's very, very exciting. So

Tina Tower 38:03
excited. And you got to sell it. How are you going to celebrate it?

Emma Walkinshaw 38:05
Oh, how can I celebrate? I think a lovely dinner out with husk boss with my husband would be Yeah, I think

Tina Tower 38:12
it's a worthwhile milestone. One thing that I always try and do is have those milestones and take stock because otherwise what happens is you're constantly going, Okay, I've made that. What's my next goal? Now? Can I do that in the next year? Now? Can I do that? Like you'll just go to the next goal, which is great. But you also have to take the time to go look at what I did. I did?

Emma Walkinshaw 38:32
Yes. Yeah. The books a bit like that to the set. I'm going to have a little book launch with girlfriends. I'm going to have a high tea just to really mark the moment and say I did it. I said I wouldn't I did. It's just that committed and consistent for me. I said I wouldn't I did.

Tina Tower 38:48
Yeah, I love that. And now it's like it. Like I said already like that first six figures is the hardest like you people tend to when you've got the staying power and you're consistent up until that point, you fly past there. It's like that's that's the hard part. Because like you said, it's trying to get all of the pieces and all of those cogs working all at once, but then now you've got them there. And so now it's just okay, how can we dial it all up? And it just, it's so much easier? So I'm so excited for this stage for you.

Emma Walkinshaw 39:17
Thank you. Yeah, it's take a little bit of tweaking to get these cogs going. But I feel like now where we're at, we've got some momentum building good.

Tina Tower 39:26
Okay, my final question for you because I just this is pure, pure personal interests. What does success look like to you?

Emma Walkinshaw 39:37
What does success look like to me? Feeling like, I am rewarded for my gifts and talents that feels quite successful to me, and rewarded in many different ways. So even if I give the example going to India, that feels like the most blissful experience to go to India and travel with women that I love. And it be a profitable part of my business, that retreat is profitable. That feels like success to me that I get to have these incredible experiences with people that I really adore. And is, it's for the greater good for everyone that's profitable. That feels like success to me. Yeah, yeah,

Tina Tower 40:26
beautiful way to look at it, it is the amount of times that I will talk to your friends and go, like, because I have this as my 20th year in business. And I have done a lot of businesses that have not been fun, that I've always thought like, you know, I've just got to do what I've got to do until I can do what I want to do and just got to get through it and and just grind it and hustle and do all of the things. And the amount of times I will just marvel that I get paid to do this job that I get to work with people like to me, and this is what I think a lot of course creators have in common is people create a course or create this online ecosystem that we have, because they have an expertise and a value that they want to share with so many people and make that impact. And that it's a vehicle that people can go in and be able to do that and get paid to do good work with good people is like the coolest

Emma Walkinshaw 41:22
thing. Yeah, yeah, that's exactly yeah, that's success, isn't it? That is just doing that doing what you love and being paid handsomely and having just the most wonderful time with people you really enjoy. So yeah, I agree. It's brilliant.

Tina Tower 41:39
I love that. Emma, thank you so much for sharing your story and your insights, you are only just getting started this for regular podcast listeners, I am now doing a member interview every second week because I want to show all of the levels of course creation and what it looks like from the beginning as well as still bringing on some seven figure course creators and doing solo episodes, but I really want to go because the majority of people are sitting in the beginning going, how do I get up there only 4% of course creators are making more than a million dollars a year. And I think that it's sometimes hard to only listen to people that are already there. But to go hang on, what does that journey look like when we're on our way? And how can we do that together. And so thank you for being my best for that.

Emma Walkinshaw 42:28
Thank you, Tina, an absolute pleasure. Thank you.

Tina Tower 42:32
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