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Wondering what Her Empire Builder is all about? In this weeks episode I'm talking about how HEB is so different from other programs out there and how it came about.

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Show transcription


00:00:00 Hi, friend, and welcome to episode 206 of the female course creator show. This is Tina Tower, and I am coming to you live from our launch house in Palm Springs. So we are mid launch of the her Her Empire Builder program right now, and I'm a couple of days late putting this podcast out because I had the bright idea to want to record this episode while we were in mid launch, so we're in launch energy. I didn't want to be like, doors are open now, and I've recorded it, like, a month beforehand. So all of my other episodes that have gone to air while I've been traveling have all been pre recorded except for this one that I wanted to do in the moment, but then the moment came and I was too busy, so I'm doing it a couple of days late. 

00:00:50 But if you're listening to this one, live doors to her Her Empire Builder are open now, and if you are not  if you're listening to it later, we open the doors three times a year, every year in March, June, and September. October ish so you don't have all that long to wait. We try and do it every kind of three to six months so that when you're ready, it's good to go. But today, I just want to share with you how her Her Empire Builder has evolved, how it's come out, and also what the program is all about, so that if you're looking at joining us, you can have a little bit of a sneak peek inside. All right, let's get to it. So we have two and a half days before launch closes at the moment, and we have just had our 46th new member jumping into her Her Empire Builder, which is super exciting. So a little bit about her Her Empire Builder and the history and how it's all come about if you haven't been around these traps for very long. 

00:03:16 So I started her Her Empire Builder in 2020. And I was saying this morning, so at the moment, we're launching from a house in Palm Springs and I have bought Brittany, my social media manager, and Lee, who heads up the admin company that I've been using for some admin support this year. And I was talking to Brittany and saying the business that I have now is actually the first time in my life I've created something by accident. So this is 19 years in business and I never intended for her Her Empire Builder to be what it is today. It kind of when I started, I did it intentionally to help my private clients. 

00:04:01 So one of the things, when I was running a service based business and I sold my company in 2016, I then started doing private coaching. And so from there, what I found was I had 27 private coaching clients. So I really loved it from a business model point of view because it meant we had fortnightly calls and I could work two days a week with calls back to back. I didn't have to do any marketing because everything came through word of mouth. But what I found was I was repeating a lot of the stuff over and over and over again and I didn't want people paying me top dollar, I'm $2,000 an hour as a private coach, so I didn't want people paying that and me like spending the time doing stuff that was repetitive. 

00:04:47 And so I had this idea of going, well, I'll just put the repetitive stuff into a course. Like, I'm a lover of systems and lists and all of that sort of thing. So I'll put that in a course and then we can spend our one on one time just really focusing on the nuances. And then I had a whole lot of people going, look, I know these other people are your private clients. You've got some really cool people in here. 

00:05:09 Could we have like a Q and A session in a group setting so that we can get to know one another as well and network together with that community instead of it all being really siloed? And I thought that was a great idea because the clients I have are awesome women that I know would get along really, really well and be able to collaborate and do all of that sort of thing. So I started introducing that and that just really is how her Her Empire Builder started, was I did that kind of on an informal basis. It was called scale up at the time. And I invited people to be able to join that, which was literally then just a master class and a Q and A session. 

00:05:49 That was it. And then in 2020, my plan was to launch her Her Empire Builder for the first time at the start of the year and then COVID hit. And so I pushed it back and launched in June 2020. So we're nearly at our third birthday now. We have had a few different iterations of how the program operates, but I have literally morphed and changed her Her Empire Builder to cater for what people are asking me for. 

00:06:16 So I know from a traditional course point of view, the way that I run her Her Empire Builder is different to how I would recommend nearly everybody to run their business, because the easiest thing to start with is a linear course, like starting with a really clear transformation promise you're going to get from here point A to here point B. These are the steps you're going to take. This is how long it's going to take  this is the cost and you're done. The way that it works with Her Her Empire Builder is it has everything. Like, everything. 

00:06:47 So, like I said, I've been in business for a really long time and there is rarely a problem that I hear someone have in business that I haven't had to go through myself and had to work through. And so a lot of the resources that I have developed are with that in mind. And we have so many different things in there that can be helpful in all different stages. But what has happened over the last three years is that it can be overwhelming with how much content is in there and how many people are at different levels. So we have some people come into her Her Empire Builder that kind of have maybe a little bit of a course idea, but not fully fleshed out yet, and they have to start from absolute scratch. 

00:07:29 We have some people that come in that have had a course and launched it, but it's flopped a few times and they want to take it seriously and really want to pump it. And then we have other people that are like, you know what, I've made 200,000 a year in my courses and I really want to hit seven figures. Can you show me how to do that? And we have all of the materials in her Her Empire Builder to do all of those things. And so it means that when people were coming in new, they were kind of like, where do I start? 

00:07:56 And so with this launch, we're doing something that we have never done before. So we have both launch pad and momentum paths that we haven't had. So when people are joining now, they do a full onboarding form so that I can then look at all of that and then create fully personalized success paths. So we look at that and go, all right, this is where you're at. This is what you've got. 

00:08:21 This is what you don't have, and this is what we can create for you going forward. So out of the library, instead of just trying to binge everything like Netflix, here's the order of importance for you to go with, and here's the estimated time that that's going to be able to take. And then there's everything on the periphery. So now people will have that path to know that, okay, I need to get like one of our questions is, what does success look like for you by the end of the year? And so I can look at that and go, all right, this is where you're at now. 

00:08:53 This is what success looks like for you, which is different for everybody. Some people have courses, some people have memberships. Some people are going for half a million a year. Some people are going for 50,000 a year. Everyone has their different goals. 

00:09:04 Some people have full time work and so they're doing it on the side. Some people, they're all in. Some people have young children. So we can take all of that into account and go, all right, if this is what success looks like for you, then these are the steps that you should take in order to make that a reality. Because a dream without a plan is just a wish, and we don't want to have any wishing inside her Her Empire Builder. 

00:09:24 It's just really a super linear plan so that it's kind of like the dream becomes a reality because all you need to do is follow the steps and it can happen. But then I'm also very, very consciously aware of we need the right mindset in order for us to implement those steps. So we have kind of like three different programs within the one program of her Her Empire Builder, one of them is going to be people's personalized momentum paths. The other one is the lives that we do. So every week, pretty much, we go live. 

00:09:58 I run a masterclass on the first week of every single month. The second week, we bring in a guest expert. And I have some good guest experts. Like, I try and find the best people in the world at the focus that we're focusing on. In that month, we have a mindset session because like I said so much of it, you can't outminse bad strategy, but then also you will never implement the strategy if you don't have the right mindset. 

00:10:26 So you need both. So I bring in really cool mindset experts. Then we have networking sessions which are, oh my gosh, they're so good because it's where so many people get like, podcast guest spots. They switch on each other's programs. Collaborations happen. 

00:10:42 You get unstuck, you can use people's experience to help you, all of that sort of thing. And we've got the most beautiful community that is so uplifting that I love those sessions. And then we also do every second month we alternate between a Facebook ads work room and a Kajabi work room. So there's like the momentum path. Then there's all the lives that people can kind of come along to when they want to. 

00:11:02 And then there's the bank of short courses. So we've got idea to launch, we have launchpad, we have limited launch formula, we have book marketing course, we have lead magnet courses, we have build your email list courses, we've got all of the mini courses on there as well. So that whatever is pertinent to you at that time, whatever you need, you can put yourself or your team into it. Because for a lot of people, they're hiring people to be able to implement different things. So if you've got a VA or you've got a marketing assistant or whatever team, you've got to be able to help you. 

00:11:35 They can jump in and you can just say, hey, go here and implement that please. So we've got like the three things which makes it quite big, but there's nothing like it on the planet. It really is the best online education for female course creators in the world. I have never seen anything like it I have never seen anything so comprehensive.

00:11:55 And we've worked really hard to try and take the overwhelm out of it because I do know there is no one way to success . You see some people selling courses that are like evergreen is the way to go, never live launch. And you see some people going only live launch, never do Evergreen. You see some people going do Facebook ads, don't do Facebook ads, run webinars, do paid webinars. Like there's so many different options and it really is to me, all of it can work. 

00:12:23 What you have to find and when you get really successful is when you get the combination that is aligned with you and how you want to operate your business and how you want to operate your lifestyle as well. So there's some business models and some marketing strategies that are going to suit you and some that are going to suit the woman next to you, but not necessarily going to be the same. And so I didn't want to create a program where I was like, the only way to success is this. And if you go outside of these lines, bopong. Because I know that that is just simply not true. 

00:12:57 And so what I like to do is go, look, you can go down column A, column B, column C, there's lots of different strategies that you can follow. And I do know that for some people that is going to be frustrating. I do know that for some people they're going to be like, just tell me exactly what I should do so I don't have to think about it. And then I'll do that. But that is not my client because I believe we are all very sophisticated. 

00:13:21 I believe we are all very smart, and I believe that we can discover the right pathway for ourselves. And when we do, that is what's going to work. Otherwise, what I see people do is kind of go down this path following the teacher that they've chosen, and then they get there and they're like, oh, hang on, this is not gelling well. This doesn't feel good. I don't like this. 

00:13:43 And so one of my big things is to help you define what is the life that you want to run. Like, do you want to have a membership where you've got community and you've got that ongoing engagement, or do you want to be able to take like, a couple of months off a year? And do you want to do short courses so that you can have that gap in between? So there's all the different options, and it's up to both you and I together to work out what's going to work for you so that you can choose your pathway and go that way. So inside her Her Empire Builder, that's everything that we have. 

00:14:13 So who it's for is anyone who is at that stage, of course, creation that wants to go big. So my goal is that anyone who gets to the end of a year coaching with me is over six figures. If your goal is to just kind of do 30, 50,000, which there's nothing wrong with that, like, if this is a little side hustle for you and you want to do that, that's totally fine, but there's different programs that are going to be better than her Her Empire Builder. Her Her Empire Builder is fully focused on growth. We are to use your potential to know that you're made for more, to leverage, to hire a team, to be able to scale. 

00:14:55 All of that is what I focus on. And I know that would be really hard for people if they're like, well, I don't want growth. I just want to kind of maintain, then that's not great because we want to have a group of high achieving like, this is the place you come when you want to take action. It's not the place to faff about. It's not the place to get distracted.

00:15:13 It's the place to come in, figure out what you want, and then once we know what you want, we can help you get it. The first is being able to define what success looks like for you. I truly think that when people don't reach their goals, it's because their goals haven't been defined. But once you do define them, we can go completion backwards from that and go, all right, well, I mean, business is very cause and effect. Like, we know whatever revenue you want. 

00:15:39 If you match your effort and your strategy to that revenue goal, it's a given. It's just what sort of problems are going to come up in the meantime? That you're going to have to solve along the way, but you can do the thing if you're willing to do the actions required to get the thing. So we know all of that because I've done it many, many times and myself and also have clients doing it many, many times. So we've got everything there for you to be able to fly and get in there. 

00:16:05 I mean, the global online education market is projected to reach $350,000,000,000 by 2025. So it's such a growing industry and there's so many women who I know are so freaking smart They have so much expertise, they have so much knowledge, and I really just love seeing people be able to make it scalable and leveraged and be able to help them do that. Like, the success stories that we have just make me so happy and people doing so many different random things. I mean, some of the members that we've had join us in this round. 

00:16:38 We've got, like, podcasting courses, we've got service based business coaching. We have flower arranging. I'm trying to think of all of the different ones. We've got OT training, we have accounting, we have so many different cool types. I mean, one of my favorites is a lady called Wallace. 

00:16:59 She has joined . She's 76 years old. She's officially my oldest member I have ever had. And she has a company. Look it up, you guys. 

00:17:05 Give us some love. It's called bold, not old. And she's helping to make a community for women over 65 who aren't ready to hang up their hats, who are like, you know what? I still want to keep doing something and keep my brain active and want to build a business and want to get stuck into it. And I have just never met anyone like her. 

00:17:24 She's amazing. And when she joined, I was like, oh, my gosh, I love you. You're fantastic. So there's so many really cool people. There's cake decorating, there's so many different ones. 

00:17:35 And every time someone joins and I look at their Instagram and I look at their website and I'm just like, there is cool people in the world doing really cool things. And I am just so lucky and grateful that I get to do this job and get a front row seat to cheering people on through, doing what sets their soul on fire and doing what makes them get up in the morning and make that impact that they want to be able to make. And I mean, my number one goal is to do good work with good humans. I mean, that is it with my business, because then I get to do that and then go into my family life of which I can spend. This business does allow you. 

00:18:10 So let me caveat here, because I do hear things all the time of people saying, like, online courses are passive income or things. Like, the less I work, the more I make things like that that are true to an extent after you start making bucket, tons of money. So once you get kind of over 500,000 a year, especially a million a year, you can start to buy your time back and start to leverage. So that it is true that the less you work, the more you make, because you can be more strategic with that and you can be more scalable with that. But at the beginning, that is not true. 

00:18:44 It does take effort to get a business from zero to hero, right? Of course it does. Otherwise everyone would be successful. So I really try and be realistic in that, but in saying that it is massively scalable and leveraged, which is what I love so much about online business, I mean, when I'm not in pre launch. So other than the six weeks before we open the doors to Her Her Empire Builder, I work three days a week. 

00:19:11 Like one day a week is all call days. Two days a week is everything else that I need to do. And then I get to spend, like, four days a week with my family, which is just like it blows my mind, really. The work that we get to do and the way we get to structure our businesses that can work so well for our life and our goals that we want to be able to have in there as well. So if you want to be in a mastermind with successful women who are exposed to making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, some even millions of dollars a year, then join us inside her Her Empire Builder. 

00:19:45 We do have like a full money back guarantee, which I love because my background is franchising and I don't know if you know anything about franchising, but it is highly litigious and you're locked in. It's like harder to get out of a franchise agreement than it is to get out of a marriage. It's crazy. And so one of my things when I did her Her Empire Builder was there's no lock in contracts if you want to do monthly, I mean, the more that you are committed and the more that you're in and the more you stay the course, obviously the better you're going to do with that. But if you come in and you go, this isn't the place for me, it's not the vibe that I wanted, then we have a 30 day money back guarantee. 

00:20:26 So that's something that I really love because it means that I can always say, you can give it a try and see how you go. So if you want to join us, head on over to And if you're listening to this a little bit later and we've already closed the doors and you've missed out, head to her and jump on the waitlist for the next round and I will see you on the inside. This episode was brought to you by My signature Group coaching program. Her Her Empire Builder, the best online education for female course creators in the world. 

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