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Next week Her Empire Builder is opening her doors so I wanted to shine a light on one of our fabulous members for you this week!

Hermione has gone from a service based business, to private coaching and then courses and 1 to many coaching programs for property consultants.

In her second year she reached $250,000 through great strategy and spending time on the things that matter. In this episode, Hermione is sharing the challenges, the pressures and how she copes when she falls short of her wonderfully ambitious goals!



Hermione Hart is a leading business and mindset coach in the real estate industry. She passionately creates coaching programs and courses to help her clients to grow and scale their property management businesses without burning out along the way. Her unique and grounding approach brings together strategy and mindset to support hundreds of businesses, along with their leaders and teams - to thrive.



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Show transcription


Tina (00:00:00) - Hi friend, how are you today? So next week her empire builder is opening her  doors. So I wanted to shine a light on one of our fabulous members for you this week. Hermoine  Heart. Uh, Hermoine has gone from a service-based business to private coaching and then to  courses and one to many coaching programs for property consultants. And I know that this is the  majority of our members is going from that private coaching for a service-based business and  then how to craft their expertise into that online course or that one to many offering. So Herion  came outta the gates with very, very ambitious goals. In her second year, she has regular 10 k  months and reached $250,000 for the year through great strategy and spending time on the  things that matter. So Herion is a mom, um, a wife, and so limited in time like so many people. 

Tina (00:01:01) - Uh, and so she really does work hard, but also works on the things that are going  to bring the biggest difference. And she's talking about that for us today. So she'll be sharing the  challenges and the pressures and the anxiety and how she copes when she falls short of her  wonderfully ambitious goals, <laugh>, because they are wonderfully ambitious. Um, but that is  what what a lot of us have is these, these goals that are so huge, um, and we, we have this  pressure on ourselves to reach them again and again. And Hermione had a great first launch and  not a great second launch. And so she's gonna share that and how she overcame that and all of  the mindset battles that happen in that as well. So a little bit about Hamani Heart. She's a leading  business and mindset coach in the real estate industry. 

Tina (00:01:50) - She passionately creates coaching programs and courses to help her clients  grow and scale their property management businesses without burning out along the way. Her  unique and grounding approach brings together strategy and mindset to support hundreds of  businesses along with their leaders and teams to thrive. You can find her linked below in the show  [email protected] or on Instagram at herion heart. I hope you love this conversation. I hope it  helps you in your journey because I know that the first year or two of building that online course  business is so filled with stress and anxiety and a lot of it is learning with how to deal with that  and the newness after leaving something that you're so comfortable in, in service-based business  and and trying to move that energy and that result over to the one to many. So I hope you love it.  And if you wanna join Hermoine inside her Empire Builder, go and check it out. 

Tina (00:02:50) - Now you can jump on the wait list. Doors are open very, very  [email protected]. Hello and welcome to the Female Course Creator Show. I'm your  business strategist and host Tina Tower, and I am so happy you are here. My goal with this show  is to bring you the inspirational and informative interviews as well as the tooltip and resources to  help you build your online business. Since I started my first business at 20, I've built and sold four  times. And in 2018, while I was traveling around the world with my family for a year, I tripped and  fell into this wonderful world of online courses and I instantly fell in love. It's so leveraged,  impactful, scalable. I'm a million dollar course creator, world traveler, bestselling author, mama of  two man, children and wife. And I know that when you have the courage, knowledge, and  support, you can shortcut your success. 

Tina (00:03:45) - There's no one way, no set path to follow despite what some may tell us. This is  your business and your life to design. And in the Female Course Creator show, we explore all of  the methods so that it can ignite ideas like fireworks in your mind and help you to take massive  action boldly in the direction of your dreams. There's no playing small here. It's your time to grow,  to run a highly profitable business that makes you a wildly wealthy woman while you positively  impact your clients and have the life you've always dreamed of. Let's get it. Hamani Hart, 

Tina (00:04:20) - Welcome to the Female Course Creator Show. Hello, hello. Um, so I'm so happy  that you're joining us today. Um, at the time of recording, you and I are leaving this weekend to go  to our Palm Springs retreat, which I'm so excited about, but by the time it airs, we will have had  that experience already 

Hermione Hart (00:04:41) - <laugh>. So we're manifesting, we've had a great time, <laugh>.

Tina (00:04:43) - We've had a great time. How good was Palm Springs? It's

Hermione Hart (00:04:46) - Incredible 

Tina (00:04:47) - <laugh>. It was the best retreat ever. <laugh> <laugh>. I'm so pumped for it. Um,  okay, so I've done, like I've told everyone about you in your serious bio way, but can you tell  everyone how did you end up in this wonderful world of online courses and and how do you  introduce yourself? 

Hermione Hart (00:05:06) - Oh, okay. Um, the, I don't know the short, the long version, but the  short version is I worked in property for years and years. That was kind of my corporatey job. I  worked in property management and then I kind of like worked my up to where I could get to and  was like, oh, I don't really know where to go from here. And then I had an opportunity to work with  a, um, company that did training and coaching and workshops. And I learned so much there, um,  in you know, how to be a coach and how to run workshops. And so eventually over the years after  working in some other places and some software, I just just started doing my own coaching. Like  people would approach me and say, Hey, can you help me with my business? And started doing  business coaching and training for property management businesses in the real estate space. 

Hermione Hart (00:05:51) - And how did it turn into courses? Probably like most people who do  the one-on-one coaching, you get get to a stage where you can only do so much one-on-one  coaching and your time and income is sort of at that limit. And then you learn about course  creation, you go, Ooh, that sounds amazing. I could get income without trading it. Trading the  money for time piece. Yeah. And I had that point, it was last year of the year before. Anyway, I  reached a point where, yeah, I was just full like one-on-one time. I also did like consulting, full  days consulting and I was like exhausted and absolutely burnt out. So yeah, it's probably, it's  taken like 18 months I would say just to build up a few little online courses and um, started to  launch um, some bigger programs and yeah, I guess that's kind of here where I, where I am in the  short version. 

Tina (00:06:40) - <laugh>, it was only 18 months ago that you learn launched your first online  course? 

Hermione Hart (00:06:45) - Uh, yeah, probably. Oh, it was probably then when then, then when I  started transitioning, um, I would say January last year, so probably about a year ago I did my first  online 12 week program. Yeah. Which in is not the core one. I'm, I do at the moment. That was  kind of like kinda like packaging up all of my old coaching skills and then putting them into a  online course. And I took people through the program for 12 weeks and then I put that on my  website on my Kajabi and turned that into like a evergreen program. And I don't push it, it gets a  sale every now and then the old one <laugh>. But I've kind of got a vision to then redo that at  some point because there's, there's so much value in it. But I, cuz it's old, I don't have the pride in  it. <laugh>. Yeah, totally. So I don't really wanna push it. Yeah, yeah. But no, then since then,  probably only six months ago, I really pushed out my kind of more signature program and  launched that in October. 

Tina (00:07:39) - So I'd love to ask you about that because it's something that a lot of people go  through when they're looking at going from one-on-one to one to many and what holds a lot of  people back is that, I don't know, the perfect thing to start with. And I love that you've kind of  morphed it as you've gone through that first 18 months. How did you decide, like with that first  one, was it just really going well, what am I best at? Or what are people asking me about? How  did you decide what to start with and then how did you come up with that signature program? 

Hermione Hart (00:08:07) - Yeah, so the, the first one was like in my coaching, like I coached, um,  in specifically I coached a lot of B D M and like rent, rent was called like rent roll growth. So it's  like teaching people how to grow and sell and find new clients and that sort of thing. And I was  finding that in my um, one-on-one coaching, it was feeling really repetitive. Like I was just saying  the same things over and over again. And that's why people were kind of coming to me and, oh, I  should mention at the same time I'd also done some new coaching qualifications. So I did my n l  qualifications. So the type of coaching I was doing previously wasn't really kind of like lighting me  up before. I kind of felt like a bit of a broken record. So I'm like, well I wanted to package up my  knowledge and skills so that say if someone wanted to work with me as a coach, like a great, 

here's like what, what you, here's the basis of the education you need like to like skills and  knowledge and tools to be able to do the role. 

Hermione Hart (00:09:01) - And then I can work with you one-on-one as a coach to like level up  and get you the results. So that was always the kind of pathway and then something kind of, I  don't know, maybe cuz I'd had those new skills and leveled up, I was then attracting a different  kind of client. I was then attracting more of the, the business owner and working with people more  on not just the growth but the strategy and the structure and the systems. And so, yeah. So  somewhere along the way that one kind of like, it just, I don't know, it's like kinda like sitting on a  shelf there. Yeah. But there's still, like, I look at that and I go, wow, there's still so much value and  opportunity in that I just wanna like go back and repackage it and, and do something with it at  some point. But yeah. Yeah. And then my more like recent signature program kind of came from a  need. I saw how much like stress and burnout there was in my industry and I wanted to create  something that helped and supported them. So that program is like a, um, stress management,  time management, calmness sort of program for people working in property management. So  that's the business owners and the property managers working in there. 

Tina (00:10:01) - Yeah, of course. Yeah. The burnout, I mean burnout I think is rife in every  industry, but property management would be hard. Yeah. So with the last 18 months, I love that  you've had the agility to be able to experiment and change. Like I think that is one of the keys to  you being as successful as you are. But what's been the biggest challenge in going from that?  Cuz I know, you know, we think that one to many is gonna be like this magic pill and we see a lot  of people say it's passive income, of which we all know it is not. Um, but it is very leveraged and  we are paid very well for the amount of time and effort that we put in, in contrast to the one-on one. What have been, what have been the biggest challenges for you since you made that  transition and start? Cuz you're still doing one-on-ones as well, aren't you? So you're doing both.  Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So what's, what's been the biggest challenge in kind of as you're morphing  more from one-on-one to one to many? 

Hermione Hart (00:10:56) - Oh, I found the biggest challenge, well there's many, but one of the  challenges in that specifically is around like, I have so many ideas, <laugh>, um, <laugh>, like I  have so many ideas of like courses and products and things that people could benefit from. And  like, I think I've found it really hard to go, yeah, but what, what's the one? Or like, what's the  thing? Or like, what's, what's going to be the one that's successful? And it's, you know, it's  interesting to, when you say like around it's that magic pill, it's like, there almost is that mentality  in my head of like, oh, well, which one's gonna be that magic one that just takes off and then I  don't have to worry and I can be free. Yeah. Like, so I, I I find that really challenging and you know,  as, as we spoke about just before jumping on the call, it's like I, I place so much, you know, value  in like the success of that launch. 

Hermione Hart (00:11:49) - And then if something doesn't work out, like if a launch doesn't go to  plan, I can take that so much like to heart. Yeah. So then in kind of going, okay, well where to  next? Sometimes I can get really stuck in going, okay, well I've got all these ideas, but which is  gonna be the right path to take. Yeah. And, and interestingly when something is more aligned, like  it is more successful. So that course I was talking about from 12 months ago, I actually tried to  launch it about three months before that and I put it out there and like, this is very vulnerable. I put  it out there, I put it live, went on my socials and email and like no one bought it. Um, after and like  the first few days and I actually pulled it, like I completely pulled it off. I was like, I just freaked out.  I'm like, I put this thing out there and it's not working. And so I literally pulled it offline 

Tina (00:12:40) - Because you didn't believe in it. 

Hermione Hart (00:12:42) - Yeah. And it also, like, it wasn't like, it wasn't quite, it wasn't right, like  I'd done it because I thought that's what should be out there. And then, so then, well I had to do  some my own mindset and counseling work to get through that one. But then like I go, okay, well  

like what do I, what do I have? Like what do I have available, what do I teach my people now?  And then when I package that up and it felt much more aligned and then that one was successful,  that one I did, you know, I got 14 students go through that round of that 12 week program. So.

Tina (00:13:10) - And what was the difference between the two of them? Was it something that  you were more caring about? Like when you say alignment, how did you know that that one was  going to be the right one for you? Because I know a lot of people will be wondering that and  going like, how do I choose when I've got so many different ideas? How did you know that one  was going to be the one? 

Hermione Hart (00:13:28) - Uh, I don't know that I knew. Like in look it, it's more in hindsight  looking back I could see like what I was trying to kind of create. Like the first time I tried to put it  out, I was, I think it's when I, maybe when I'd first got into the whole course creation space, so I  was trying to potentially be something I wasn't at that stage. Yeah. And so like when, and it wasn't  like I, I think I'd lost myself in it. I was like becoming the program. So I think for me it's like the  second time I launched that program, it was just me. It wasn't like fancy bells and whistles. It was  just like, Hey, here's all this awesome stuff I have to teach you. Here's the results I get with my  clients. And I didn't even do a sales page for the second round. 

Hermione Hart (00:14:11) - The first one I spent days and weeks doing this amazing sales page  and it was beautiful. Like, and it was amazing. But I remember, I remember sending it to someone  at the time and they're like, oh, it's great hermoine, but I can't see you anywhere Yes. In the page.  And I didn't really get it at the time, but then when I launched the second time and it was, you  know, just on my socials to my email list, I think I had like a pdf d f with a payment link on there  like that, I don't know, like it must have just been more from, from me and it actually worked  better for my audience at that point in time. 

Tina (00:14:43) - I mean, I think, I don't, I think it's all points in time because we forget about the,  the human connectedness and going really at the crux of it, we're going one to many, but it's still  every single number represents a human that's making the decision to do business with us. And I  

know that for a lot of people that can get lost in that bigness of it too, in going like I was talking to  my team, we're just about to do our her empire builder launch and we are going to put in some  discovery calls throughout it. And they're like, really? You sure you wanna be like on the phone  with people? Like Absolutely. Absolutely. Because I know it's all about having those conversations  and connecting with people and being able to go, Hey, what are you working on? How can I help?  How can I serve and do that? Um, and it doesn't matter how beautiful a sales page is, it's never  gonna be better than you <laugh>. Mm. I love that you came to that realization. Yeah. 

Hermione Hart (00:15:38) - Yeah. And I mean, I love tech as well. Like I love making things  beautiful. It's like when I hear you say like, oh, I'm just getting a lot lost in Kajabi. I'm like, oh, I  love making them beautiful and fancy and amazing. But yeah, I think, you know, and even looking  back at my more recent launch, like I would say that I could, there was much more person I could  put into Yeah. Into the, the launch, right. Like I think I relied probably a lot on my fancy beautiful  sales page again this time. Yeah. And you know, my, my most recent launch didn't go, uh, for this  new signature program didn't go as well as the first time I launched it. That was my second  launch. And so now I'm kind of looking at it and going in retrospect to kind of go, okay, well what,  what can I change? What can I do differently to repackage it or re change the sales approach for  next time? 

Tina (00:16:23) - Yeah. And they love that. And that is what it is all about is, you know, you're 18  months in, you did have a cracker of a year last year finishing on a quarter of a million dollars,  which is a lot of people's like, end goal, but you're like, not enough <laugh>, let's keep going.  Which is absolutely fantastic. But it's, it's that constant experiment of going, how can we always  do better than before? Like, what needs to change? What needs to tweak? How can we, how can  we mold it and do it? And it's, it's something that, you know, I really love people to know because  we always think, well let's get it perfect and then we'll launch it, but you're never done. And I think  it becomes easy when you accept that to go every launch, you're gonna go, well I could have  done this better and I'll put that in the next one. And it, the list will never run out. The ideas will  never run out. And I think that there's some beauty in that because once you accept it, it becomes  more easy than this angst of going, oh, I haven't got it all done and I'm not cuz you're never going  to <laugh>. 

Hermione Hart (00:17:20) - Oh, totally. And like it's, it's just that thing of not having it all figured  out and being okay with that. Like I think that's the biggest piece because like I know when I 

started in this space, like I don't knows from who I used to work with or what it was, it was like, I  kind of felt like, oh you can't just like put something out and then it fails cuz like what's everyone  gonna think? Mm-hmm. Right. But no one's paying any attention. Right. <laugh> like, like no.  That that course I told you the one I pulled after three days, no one, no one came and asked me  about it. No one's ever mentioned it again in the history of anything. Right. Yeah. So it's like that's  taken probably a big personal lesson to kind of go, okay, well it's okay to just put something out  there and if it doesn't work, it doesn't have to be this massive failure. Yeah. It can just be learning  and progress. Which I say all of that, but I, I, that's still learning and progress for me to, to work on  that because I know how real it is when you, like, you put something out and it's like your baby  and yeah. No one buys it <laugh>. It's really, yeah. It can really affect you. How 

Tina (00:18:22) - Do you personally, like what are your practical things that you do to deal with  that fear of judgment and fear of failure that comes up when we do go to do something that we've  never done before. Because I think it happens for everyone at every level. When you go to do  something that you've never done before, you've got like this, this vulnerability thing that's, that's  going on in going, oh, what if this works? And I think sometimes it's, it's not only, I don't even  think it's what other people think. I think it's what we ourselves think of ourselves that sometimes  when we do something that we've never done before in going well if we fail, what negative  feelings is that reinforcing inside of our own soul? And that's the hardest part to deal with. So  when you're going through that, cuz I do think that live launching is one of the hardest mental  things that we can do. How do you, how do you deal with all of that? 

Hermione Hart (00:19:10) - Oh, I mean having, I've got a very supportive husband, which is great,  but I, yeah, like, it, it's tough. Like even like I teach mindset to my clients. I help clients overcome  their own like imposter syndrome and fear of failure and all that sort of thing. But even though I  know it all, even though I, I sit mostly in a growth mindset most of the time, like it was amazing to  me that last launch that didn't go as well as the first one. Like it wasn't, it wasn't a failure like  looking back at it like it still made income, it's still some beautiful things have come of it. Like I've  had some corporate real estate groups reach out and want me to run that program just for them.  Right. There's some incredible things that come from it. But those days, like in those that two  week period where I was like literally refreshing my email every two minutes to try and see if  anyone else had purchased the course. Oh 

Tina (00:19:55) - That is torturous. 

Hermione Hart (00:19:57) - It was so, it it was, and it was really, really torturous. So like I had to  go, okay, what's going on for me here? And I rebooked in to go back and see a counselor again,  um, during that time. And that was really, really, really powerful because I think, like you  mentioned before we jumped on the call, it's like we have to work out what's what that trigger is.  Mm-hmm. And for me there was, there was a lot riding on that one financially for us as a family  and there was so much meaning behind it. Like if that didn't work and we didn't get the income,  like my mind was spiraling into 

Tina (00:20:32) - All the stories Yeah. Were 

Hermione Hart (00:20:33) - Catastrophic. All the stories Yeah. Of like failure and not having money  and if we don't have money, are we gonna be homeless and if we're gonna be like, you know, it  was, oh 

Tina (00:20:40) - Wow, you went there, it was full on. Yeah. You went 

Hermione Hart (00:20:41) - There. Yeah. Oh yeah. <laugh> like my, my eye was like spiraling but in  doing that work, like I did did the canceling and got some reiki as well, like to kind of clear the  energy like that, I think that that kind of got me through and it helped me to see why I was being  so triggered by it. Yeah. And then to do some positive practices to almost like, I kind of had to  remove myself from the result like, and go like, I'm worthy and I am okay no matter what happens.  Yes. And if this doesn't work out I can go and try something else. If this program's not the right  program, I can go and build another one. And I have like literally I, I decided last week to put on a  workshop. I put it out there and 32 people have registered. Yeah. You know, paid workshop. And  so it's like there's other options out there. I was just so focused on that being it.

Tina (00:21:27) - And did you get all angsty over that workshop that you've just had 30 people  jump into? 

Hermione Hart (00:21:32) - No, I just put it out there. <laugh>. Yeah, 

Tina (00:21:34) - Exactly. Yeah. I mean like Palm Springs retreat, our whole theme is always  enough in going like whatever we have, it's always enough. And this is where I think it's really  tricky for us in going because we are very ambitious. We wanna reach our potential, we wanna  achieve so many things, but once we kind of detach from going, you know, no matter what, we  always have enough, we'll figure it out, we'll be okay. It just allows that all to happen so much  quicker and easier. Which I always find one of the cruelest things because I remember when, like  in my franchising days when I really needed it cuz otherwise we couldn't pay the mortgage, we  were gonna lose our house like the catastrophe, you know, sometimes we do go catastrophizing,  but also it's the reality of the situation. So to detach from that is, is so much easier said than  done. 

Tina (00:22:25) - But the cruel thing is when we do, then it just all flows in and we do all well and  it's like, where was that when I needed it <laugh>? And so it's having the mental ability to be able  to do that before that is actually your reality. And so much of that comes down to the energy and  visualization and, and all of that sort of thing. So what are you going to do for your next launch so  that you don't go there where you are refreshing your emails every two minutes and spiraling out  of control. <laugh> 

Hermione Hart (00:22:56) - Rocking myself in a corner. <laugh>. Um, well I think the, the call we  had in the Empire Builder Mastermind yesterday was really helpful. Um, was it with Amber? Yeah.  Yeah. So 

Tina (00:23:08) - Our resident business psychic 

Hermione Hart (00:23:10) - <laugh>. Yeah. But it was just, it was beautiful what she brought up for  the piece around the energy you have in a launch. And for me looking back it's like, oh, like I was  like frantically desperate pretty much in that one. Right. As opposed to, as you say, like the  energy, I just put that workshop out last week. It was just like, Hey, I'm doing this thing. Like if two  people come great. Like if 32 people come, fantastic If I get to 50. Amazing. Right. Like it was,  you know, and I was also like, even if no one buys then I don't, I don't have to show up and do it.  Like, it was almost like I was just not, not really like I wasn't attached to the outcome. So yeah, I  think for me, knowing what I went through in this last um, launch, I'll be very heavily focused on  my mindset and my state and my energy. 

Hermione Hart (00:23:56) - Yeah. And I think like we went through yesterday, it's like being as  prepared as you can. Yeah. And having it all kind of set up to go all the emails, all the socials,  everything kind of done in advance so that yeah I can just really focus on my energy and showing  up and being like cool. Like whatever happens happens. Like it doesn't matter if, if two people  sign up then great, I can take two people through it. And I think now that I've done the launch, like  I do all, everything's already there. Like it's not gonna be as laborous next time to put it all  together cuz I've done it twice now, so I've got emails and socials that I can just repurpose. Yeah.  So I think I can kind of go cool. Like set it up and then just really focus on my, my own energy. Get  a few extra, get a few extra counseling sessions booked in <laugh>. Yeah. 

Tina (00:24:44) - What's the thing of going like I know when it works best is like everybody that  listens to this and you know, all of the members know how pragmatic and systems based I am  and I think that getting everything sorted that you need to sort in your off season then allows that  when it's game time when you're on show and when you've gotta go all in, you can then know  you've done all the work, you've put all of that in place and then you can just settle in and enjoy it.  Like the best launch that I have ever had was this time last year and I was in Mexico and I was  riding horses on the beach in the afternoon and I was getting massages and eating my body  weight and guacamole. I was having the time of my life as opposed to the worst launch that I've  done where I was super angsty and going, I have to do this, I need this many.

Tina (00:25:32) - And I just obsessed over it. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And so the energy does  make so much difference. And I think that that's something that often we can leave out of our  planning is we do all of the email funnels and we do all of automations and we do all of our  content, but we don't put enough effort into how am I gonna make sure that when like I'm in that  pinch spot, I'm gonna be okay. I'm gonna be as cool as cucumber. And I think that's what we so I  love that you talked about that. Yeah, yeah. 

Hermione Hart (00:26:01) - Totally. 

Tina (00:26:02) - Yeah. Um, so you joined her Empire builder in April last year, so nearly a year.  Um, and we're launching like now, so that's very exciting. Do you remember why you joined? 

Hermione Hart (00:26:16) - Oh, that's a good question. 

Tina (00:26:18) - Take your back. You were, you were a newbie, you were only a few months in. 

Hermione Hart (00:26:22) - Yeah, I I think that was the thing. It was like I knew the, I knew some  basics, but I wanted to, yeah. I wanted to get more training and support around. Okay, well like  what do I need to do like when I'm launching, what do I need to do? Like how to run like a online  business as well. Well I think was important cuz you know, I kind of applied by the seat of my  pants a little bit till then. So, you know, getting more structured with, with the business and, and  yeah, like how, like how how the, how like the, how behind the scenes I'd, I'd seen all these other  people doing it and I'm like, okay, well like how do you, how do you make that successful? And I  just like, I had a huge lady crush on you anyway, so that helped <laugh>. I have a lady 

Tina (00:27:05) - Crush on you. Come on Nick <laugh>. And so what's it done for you being part  of it in the last year? 

Hermione Hart (00:27:12) - Oh, I mean I don't wanna like discredit all the amazing content, but I  think just like feeling less alone is like a big one, right? Like being surrounded by all the other  people, incredible women in there who, like, they're all going through exactly the same thing,  right? Like anytime I'd put anything in the group around, oh I'm feeling, you know, stressed or  angsty around my launch. Like there was, you know, 20 people would jump on and like cheer you  on. So it's a beautiful space in that like there's no, there's no kind of like competition or, or what's  she doing or anything like that. It's just everyone wants everyone to succeed. Yeah. Which, you  know, comes from the leader. So kudos to you in creating that environment. And I, I'd never really  had that previous, like especially in my industry, you know, for many years. It's like, oh you don't  tell anyone else what you're doing. It's all very secretive and you don't really want anyone else to  succeed. And it's that very scarcity mindset. And I'd start to shift more into that abundance and  like, hey, like we can all support each other. There's more than enough business for all of us. So,  and 

Tina (00:28:10) - This so is 

Hermione Hart (00:28:11) - Yeah. And so coming into that environment and yeah, it's like, it's, it's  a beautiful space to be in to get that, that support. And I'm gonna say like less aloneness or like  what togetherness, I don't know what the right word is, but like Yeah, I don't, I don't feel so alone. 

Tina (00:28:25) - It is, it's the thing that I hear all the time, that was probably the thing I  underestimated the most when I created her empire builder was cuz I'm so systems based and,  you know, want to give the how want, want everyone to know, well if you wanna do that in your  business, here's the procedure, you can do it. But what I underestimated was how powerful that  community is in, you know, cuz you can know the, how you can have it, but then having the  courage and the bravery to go and do things that you haven't done before. And that feeling of  aloneness does stop us so often that I know so many people do things that, like even small things  like doing Instagram stories or going live for the first time, if people have never done that, it's  huge. And then people will see other people do it and go, oh, if they can do it, I can do it. And it  just like builds up this beautiful momentum where everyone kind of builds each other up, which  yeah, I love, so I'm glad that that

Hermione Hart (00:29:20) - Works. There's no, there's no like, I mean it happens in a lot of  Facebook groups, it's like there's no, there's none of that. Like, oh you should know. Like I think  that's a, I dunno how to explain it, but like, sometimes you'll post a question in a Facebook group  as an example or in a community that you're in and it's like the people who've been doing it for  years, they're a bit like, oh don't you like, the response is a bit like, oh don't you know that like, or  you know 

Tina (00:29:42) - That, or that you're allowed in our group 

Hermione Hart (00:29:44) - <laugh>. But like, I don't, I don't even know. But I, I wouldn't even  think you'd have to police that because the people that are in there that are attracted in this  community are just, yeah. Like even if in the, the women who I look up to in that group have been  doing it for many years, like they're still there going like, this is how you do it and they're cheering  you on at the same time. So 

Tina (00:30:01) - Yeah, it's a very supportive environment, which is what we all wanna have. Yeah.  And what I wanna be a part of 

Hermione Hart (00:30:06) - And your systems are, your systems are amazing too. The playbook is  Thanks, 

Tina (00:30:09) - Thanks to mi 

Hermione Hart (00:30:10) - <laugh> <laugh>, the playbook's incredible. I literally, yeah, I have it.  It's anytime I need to launch or do anything, it's, I always have it sitting near me and I just always  refer to it. Um, so there's so many incredible resources in there as 

Tina (00:30:22) - Well. Ah, thanks honey. I was so glad. Um, so I would love to finish on one  question that I ask everyone is what does success look like for you? What is your version of  success that you're going for? 

Hermione Hart (00:30:34) - Oh my gosh, this is a big one because literally my counselor asked me  this in a session a few weeks ago. Oh 

Tina (00:30:39) - My. 

Hermione Hart (00:30:39) - Nice. And like, it really stumped me because she specifically said,  what does success look like for you without your work? Oh. And for me, <laugh> Yeah. Maybe I'll  ask you that question. 

Tina (00:30:51) - I, I like my psychologist was like, you know, how would you define yourself if you  didn't have a job? Yeah. And I'm like, what? No. Yeah. <laugh>. 

Hermione Hart (00:31:00) - So that was me. Right. You can imagine I was like sitting there going  like, well, um, if I had a lot of money, like no, no, not without work. Like who, like what's  successful outside of work? Yeah. So I'm in this transition phase at the moment cuz my, if you'd  asked me like say a few months ago, I'm like, okay, well success is having enough money with  freedom and all of that sort of stuff. But I'm really trying to work out for myself at the moment, like,  who, who am I outside of work? Like what does success look like in my life as a mom, as a wife,  as a friend? Like all of those things outside of work. And so I really try and go, okay, well if I was  looking back on my life, like what, like what would I wanna say about my life? 

Hermione Hart (00:31:43) - And, you know, I think work's a big part of it and I'm very passionate  about it. But I think I would look back and regret if I hadn't started to shift and pay more attention  to Yeah. What's actually around me. And I've got like young kids. So I, I really think there's a big  piece of success for me is gonna be around not just what I provide to them, but like how, how I  was there for them growing up. And so understand work will freedom through work will provide  me that opportunity to be able to, to be there, to be there for the things after school and you  know, have a really close relationship with them. I think. Yeah. I don't know what I, I probably  haven't answered the question at all, but I think I'm in No,

Tina (00:32:22) - You definitely have. Yeah. Yeah. Because it, it is those things that do make the  biggest difference. Like I know recently I've hired, I've gone doubled down on team, we've hired  five new people and all of it was to buy me back an extra 20 hours a week. But the question was  then what do you do with that, that 20 hours a week? Because as we talked about earlier, you are  never out of ideas or things to do. Like my to-do list will never reach its bottom. I put more on that  than any human could actually get done. And so it's going well, what is the most important? So  with the 20 hours a week I bought back, I then wanna spend 10 hours a week on higher level  things in the business. But then the other 10 hours a week will not be filled the other 10 hours a  week of the hanging out with the kids, playing in the garden, walking on the beach in the  mornings with my husband doing all of the things that make me feel like my day-to-day life is  successful. 

Tina (00:33:12) - And that's really like, that's what success to me isn't like very much like you,  there is an endpoint that I'm like at this point. Like I know financially will be successful in doing all  of that, but that's not what makes a successful life. It's your day-to-day and enjoying all of that.  And I know, you know, I'm about to go away for five weeks without my kids and they're totally fine  because of like, I'm sure I've spent more time with them than most parents ever do with their kids  because I've used the freedom and the flexibility to be able to do that. And I think that a lot of the  time when we are our own boss, nobody tells us like, enough, you've done enough for today, you  can stop now <laugh>. No. Like we have to hold that. So being conscious of that is beautiful. I  love where that's headed for you. 

Hermione Hart (00:34:00) - Yeah. It's just this re redefining it and that enough piece is a big one as  well. I had this kind of like realization that like you've done enough. Like you are doing enough.  Like you don't have to keep pushing. Cause I was finding like I'd just push the work into the  evenings and I'd be still on my computer. Yeah. Right. Even if there wasn't a deadline, I was just  keep going, keep going, keep going. 

Tina (00:34:19) - Yeah. Whereas if you had a boss, they'd be like, Hamani enough. You take a take  a break. Stop. Yeah. <laugh>. Yeah. We have to be that person. Yeah, 

Hermione Hart (00:34:28) - Totally. And that's that success piece is going, okay, well realizing how  important the other stuff is, as you said, it's like focusing on what's the most important. Yeah. And  sometimes it's work to get you that freedom, but I think sometimes for me it's that realization to  go, if I'm trying to do on the computer and the phone and my kid's there, it's like, no, no, just, just  leave it like this is more important. 

Tina (00:34:48) - Yeah, there's there's so much time. Yeah, we can that I love that. Well thank you  for sharing the story. Thank you for being so honest. I mean a quarter of a million dollars 18  months in ain't bad. So <laugh>, I think you're doing just fine and you're an inspiration to so many  people inside her Empire Builder, so thank you for that too. 

Hermione Hart (00:35:06) - Aw, thank you for having me. Thanks so much. 

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