Join business strategist Tina Tower as she explores how to build your empire by packaging your expertise into online courses, speaking, content, podcasting and credibility.

Tina has over 17 years of experience in starting, building and selling companies, she's a speaker, teacher, mama and world traveller.

She's unapologetic about living an intentionally big life and if you want too, this show is designed to show you many different options to help you gain clarity over YOUR version of awesome.


My guest today is Jaimie Abbott - Professional Speaking Coach and Her Empire Builder member.

She's sharing her story of how she went from politician and Officer in the Royal Australian Airforce to superstar course creator making $33,000 on her very first online course launch.

Jaimie is incredible and has worked her butt off in overcoming her fear and implementing all the things so she can reach her audience and get massive results for both her clients, and for her own business.



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Show transcription 




Welcome to Episode 187 of the her Empire Builder podcast. And welcome to launch day. This only happens twice a year that we open the doors to her Empire Builder membership. So I hope that if you are a course creator who is on Kajabi, and you are wanting to build the business behind your online courses, now is the time I have got you covered. Go to her Empire and jump on in. If you are listening to this episode later, and doors are closed already, you'll be able to join the waitlist, we open for two weeks of the year. That's it. So if you're thinking of doing it, if now is the time, if you are sick of seeing other people getting great success, and you're like I want to do that too. Let me help you jump on in. But today, I have one of our fabulous her Empire Builder members, Jaimie Abbott. She's a legend. She's so cool. And she is a professional speaking coach and a member. And she's sharing her story of how she went from politician and officer in the Royal Australian Air Force to superstar course creator who made $33,000 on her first online course launch. So that is what happens. It's not what happens every time. But Jaimie is incredible and has worked her butt off in overcoming her fear. And definitely, as you will hear in this episode in implementing all the things so that she can reach her audience and guests get massive results for both her clients and for her own business as well. So all the full show notes for this episode can be found at Tina forward slash 187. And if you would like to join us inside her Empire Builder, her Empire It's a nice and easy one to remember. So let me tell you a little bit about Jaimie. She has a really cool background. So I'm gonna, like tell you the whole thing because it's very cool. And what I love so much is that people who are successful in cause creating, there is no background that makes it work. People come from so many different avenues in life. And if you care about what you do, if you love what you do if you want to make a big impact in the world, it's available to you. So Jaimie is an award winning media professional, author, and international keynote speaker and has spent two decades in the industry working as a radio and TV journalist, politician, media advisor and state and federal candidate elected local counsellor, managing director to her own public speaking and media training company and as a senior public affairs officer in the Royal Australian Air Force. So yeah, she's impressive. In 2011, Jaime was deployed to Afghanistan, where she worked as the chief media trainer in Kabul for six months for headquarters International Security Assistance for us. In this role she trained over 100 General Officers from all over the world on how to master media interviews, Jaimie is still in the RAAF reserves and holds the rank of Wing Commander. Jaimie teaches professionals how to feel more confident when public speaking. She also has an online course which is what we're talking about today paid to speak which shows entrepreneurs how to become highly paid successful speakers. Jaimie has a Master's of Business Administration, a Master's in Strategic People Management a Bachelor of Communications in Journalism, a certificate for in training assessment and accompany directors costs from the Australian Institute of company directors. So all in all, Jaimie's a goer, and it will come as no surprise to you that she did totally exceed averages and expectations on her very first course launch. But today we're sharing everything that she did do and what led her to this place. And hopefully by hearing Jaimie's story, you know that it's possible for you to and you know, that it does take all the things and if you're willing to put in the work, you can get those great results and change your world and the world of your clients. Let's get to it. Hi, friend.

I'm Tina Tower, a business strategist and digital online Empire Builder. I've been in business since I was 20 years old and I've since built and sold for businesses. I started in the world of online courses in 2017 and grew to a seven figure annual turnover in just under two years. To say I love the game of business is an understatement. I'm a world traveller, a mama, a wife, a best selling author, and I love the freedom that we have to create the business and life that we want to live. It takes courage to break the rules and shake things up and do it your way. Through her Empire Builder, I share my experience and bring you lessons from some of the world's best to help you dream big, plan well, and take massive action, it is absolutely possible to run a thriving, growing business that positively impacts the world and have a beautiful personal life without hustling and working yourself into exhaustion. I want that for you. Let's enjoy the journey my friend.

Main episode

[06:04] Jaimie, welcome to the her Empire Builder podcast. Oh, thank you so much for having me. Tina, I'm really honoured to be here. I'm so
happy and looking at our backgrounds, like everyone's listening to the audio of this, but we both have rainbow book backgrounds. And that just makes me happy.

[06:17] I may have copied you I may have been inspired by you with your respiration.

[06:20] I mean, I go like Who doesn't love rainbow?

[06:25] I know. Absolutely. You know, a funny story. I had this book that had hot sex. It was a hot sex book. And because it was yellow, it fitted perfectly in the yellow part. And then I was in a meeting, I didn't actually realise anyone would actually stare at the titles. And someone said, is that a hot sex book?

[06:42] Oh, my gosh. Look at your backgrounds. Yeah. And so that's why there's a gap where the yellow part goes because the hot sex has temporarily been removed.

[06:54] Unprofessional apparently. Alright, now let's
get to you and your online course journey. Because you are new in this wonderful world of online courses. And you've come out like an absolute gallon, which we're gonna get to. But can you tell us what was the journey to get you to this point? Like, how did you get started in online courses? And why?

[07:15] Yeah, so I guess it was probably during the pandemic, like so many people Yeah, yeah. And I just kind of fell in love. So I got involved with watching Amy Porterfield videos and bought one of her courses. And then Marie Forleo. And her two Yeah. With Amy Porterfield. I mean, she was using Kajabi. And I, as a user, I loved how you could just watch it on an app. And you could take it running, take it in the car. And so I started essentially seeking out course creators who were using Kajabi. And if they were that was kind of a selling point for me. There was a topic I was interested in. Yeah, yeah. Just the user experience is fabulous. And then I got into it myself. I thought I love consuming this content. And so I did dabble last year in 2021, I dabbled in creating my first online course, was a bit rough around the edges and didn't live launch it or do any of the things just kind of sold it to a few of my friends and just kind of learned the ropes a little bit. And then Tina Tower came into my world. I think I heard your podcast with Liane Dawson. Oh, do you know that is still one of my favourite episodes?

[08:30] Oh, yeah, it was great. And actually, I had seen your name pop up and a Kajabi Facebook group and I thought Tina Tower that sounds like a stage name. And so then I listened to your podcast, and I just was drawn to you. And everything about you just just loved it. And so then I kind of consumed your free content for a while. And then when I found out that you aim yourself at female course creators who use Kajabi, it was just talking to me, and I jumped into her Empire Builder. And then I put together my online course for called Paid To Speak, which was teaching entrepreneurs, how to become highly paid speakers. And that was the result of it. Last year in December, I was doing some speaking gigs here and there. And in December, around the time I started getting into the Tina Tower world. I was asked to speak and I could not fit it in in December before Christmas. And I just said to them, that'll be $30,000 for a whole day. Because I just know they would say no. And I had no time to do it. And took 45 minutes and they said yes. And so they accepted my funny when you get like that beautiful result that you're like, Oh, yay. But um, no.

[09:43] Well, I know but I mean, obviously I did fit it in for that price. Yeah, I cancelled something. But it was kind of an eye opener because I realised, well, I've been under charging all these years, and I've been telling my clients to under charge. So that was kind of a milestone moment. For me, I'd already dabbled in the course creation part of things. So I then put together a course called paid to speak, which was teaching people how they could become highly paid speaker, how much to charge what topics sell, how to find these speaking gigs, because after I got off the stage with that particular client, they said, Do you know anyone else that could speak at our next event, our budgets 15,000 for a 30 minute, and I'm not really keen to be an agent. So it was just all great content for me to put together in this course. And then it took me about five months, actually, from December last year, to put it all together, record all the content, the videos, the templates, all that and then jumped into her Empire Builder grabbed what you teach word for word, or the email swipe copy, or the social media copy, put it all together, launched it in June, and I made $33,000. In my first live launch, gosh,

[10:57] Give her a round of applause. That's incredible.
Yeah, thank you. Thanks. I'm pretty happy. My always my expectation slash goal is a really good proof of concept on the first launch, if you've if you've done all the things and you've had a good runway is kind of around the $10,000. Mark, like anything around that. It's like, you know what you did? You did really good. That was That was great. You three times that?

[11:25] Yeah, absolutely. Well, one of the things you teach us is to have a good, better and best goal. Yeah. And I think at the time, I remember when you were launching one of my favourite things was the our Facebook group when you were launching and going, Okay, I've reached this. Oh, my God, I've reached this. And everyone's in the comments just gonna go Jaimie.

[11:45] Yeah, cuz I mean, the wait list opened the waitlist a few doors a couple of days early. And I was $5,000, before the doors had officially even opened, and that was to the waitlist. And when I opened the waitlist at 6am, on a Saturday morning, at 10, past six, I had my first sale in the morning on a Saturday. And it's just a crazy roller coaster of emotions. But because I had done all that pre planning, all the template, the emails had been written, the social media copy had been written, all I had to do was go live and do the customer service aspect. It was quite an easy process during those eight days.

[12:18] So with that pre launch part, because you know, a lot of people will focus on the launch and then open the doors, but there's nobody there yet. How much effort did you put into list building before your launch Yeah, not enough with list building, but enough. So I had for years because I've got a PR business background, and I treasured my email list. And I had done that Amy Porterfield, this building society when she talks about that as well, so I had done a little bit no Facebook ads, or had tried Facebook ads and didn't quite get it right. So I had a small list half of it was probably inactive. And yes, a lot of those people were jumping in I'm I'm got a much healthier list now because I've cleaned it out. And I'm doing some Facebook ads and some really concentrated marketing. But it was really reaching out to people and getting onto Instagram, doing lives responding to DMS, reaching out to people on LinkedIn as well, which was a huge part of my strategy. And that was a success for a lot of people direct messages that was on LinkedIn, as well as, so I can just just get the reiteration on that one for LinkedIn. Did you with your direct messaging? Did you message people that were connected already? Like how did you distinguish who to message and who not?

[13:36] Yeah, so I've got about 6000 connections on LinkedIn. So I do two things. When I send, I send about 100 requests every week, and I target certain people, so entrepreneurs, coaches, CEOs, and when I send them the connection request, I always add a personal message. And I'll say, This is what I do. This is my course. So I was doing that in the lead up and joining getting everyone to join the waitlist. But then I was just sending direct messages to my connections. And I had been posting blogs and closed posting videos. So those people were familiar with my content already. And in many cases, all it needed was me to send them a direct message. And they signed up. Yeah. Yeah. Very, very effective to do that personal message. Yes.

[14:24] And what did you find, like coming into that launch? Because it was your first live launch? Did you have any nerves around any part of it? Or the tech part? Or like, what was the part that you were going? Yeah, we'll see how this works that you had to really like mentally prepare for

the tech side was easy, and it is because I literally followed your launch formula. I sent it to everyone like you gave us all the templates on Canva and I just changed them around with my photos and my colours, the email, swipe copy, I just didn't actually one our social media posts went out with your logo. Sorted straightaway, and I changed it. But it really helped having that template. I didn't change the most things were just the little logo statements. But then all the emails that you gave us, I changed those into Jaimie speak. And that was all locked and loaded and ready to go. And so the tech side, I felt really comfortable. And I certainly did change them in the moment because as you know, when you're in a launch, you You're what goes through your head at the time may be different to what you've pre written a month earlier. And so a jump on and I would change the emails to make it more in the moment based on questions that were coming in from people on Instagram and LinkedIn about the course. So someone said to me, Oh, I'm not ready yet to become a paid speaker, that would become the subject of the email that I would send out the next day. And so I'm getting a few questions from people saying they're not ready. Here's why you're never ready. And here's why you should jump in now because the course includes modules on how to become ready and how to be more confident. But what I was so nervous about was just whether it was going to sell or not. It is the most roller coaster ride of emotions I have ever gone on in my life. And, you know, I've spent six months in Afghanistan in the RAAF. I have been a journalist reading the news for three years in Tamworth and live on air to GB radio. I've been a politician. I've been a local councillor. I've done many media interviews and jumped up on stage. But live launching, It was, yeah, I couldn't sleep. I couldn't sleep probably for a week leading up to it. And then another night, just like yeah, just I don't know, it was so crazy. And then it feels so personal. I think that's the thing with live logic. But mind you, you've been in politics. So I would say nothing is as bad as politics. But no, no. Politics is a walk in the park. And it's because I mean, most of my adult life, I've been in politics, I first ran for a federal seat in Newcastle when I was 29. And I've just turned 40. Well guess what most of my adult life but for the last 11 years? Yeah, I've been involved. I've run for all three levels of government. I've had high profile campaigns, lots of live interviews on TV and on stage. I've been a local councillor for over four years in Port Stephens. And yeah, had a lot of experience. And to me, that's second nature now. But it was really out of my comfort zone with with live launching. I loved it. And I had great success. My first launch. I've got my next one coming up in November, and I'm hoping to build on that.

[17:37] But wow, it was you think made it that emotional roller coaster for you, when you've got so much experience with dealing with like you're out of your comfort zone a lot for a lot of people it's, you know, jumping on a stage and being able to perform and in front of strangers all the time. And talking to cameras is a difficult thing. But you've already got that nailed. What what made it like that, that angsty path?

[17:59] Well, a couple of things. And this actually is a common thing for people because I work with a lot of clients who do feel really confident on stage or in front of a camera when it's a TV interview. But you tell them to go live on Instagram, and they just clam up and they get really nervous. And I have never done a live Instagram posts before I've never gone live. And so it's just something fear of the unknown, I think and you know, hitting live and seeing who's going to tune in I had almost 5000 Instagram followers about who's going to tune in, are they going to be interested? And when you're an online business, you really are putting yourself out there it's not a polished talking points rehearse politician or a journalist reading an autocue you are role you are vulnerable when you're a course creator. It's your work your own personal work that I had spent five months creating. That's what I think is the hardest part to Yeah, and you're trying to sell that you're sharing your knowledge and you're selling your knowledge. People are buying right into your brand. And it's just the most vulnerable I've ever been and I think because my family are on board you know, my got two little boys, a two and a three year old and it does put a lot of pressure on the household during a live launch because just from the minute you get up to when you go to bed quite late, you're responding to questions and you're doing lives and yeah, yeah, it's just unlike Oh, my heart's beating talking about you I love it. And I also I'm getting hated but I definitely didn't sleep because I was just so nervous the whole time.

[19:37] Yeah, and I think too, it's such a limited window like at the time that this interview is going live. It's our day one of launch day, and it is such a limited time. Like there's always the moment for me. This is like our I don't know how many like our 15th or 16th Live launch there about and it doesn't matter how many times I do it that never goes away because I always do ain't always feel the personal judgement of everything. But then also in going, you've got like a week, and then it's all over and you can't sell again for months. Like it's a very high pressure situation. How did you deal with the pressure of that going? Because one, it's your first course launch, this is your test to yourself. Is this working? Is this not working? And also knowing that once you do it, you can't do it again for another couple of months? Like, did you feel the pressure for that?

[20:30] Yeah, I felt the pressure at the time. Absolutely. You just can't eat or sleep like that. We're really making it sound bad for people that haven't. Can't wait to do it again. Bring on. Yeah, and the other pressure thing, just as a side note, so many people are asking to join the course now, because I'm building up my list. I know what works and what doesn't work from a marketing perspective, having now done it. And people are wanting to jump into my course now. And it's so tempting to say, yeah, here you go. Here's the checkout page, you can jump in. But you've really got to hold tight because I really want to do a big launch runway. So when I do open the doors, it'll be big.

[21:10] Yeah. And so we were talking about that a little bit before hitting record, too, is you've got that really successful first launch under your belt. So you now know, you can use that as a springboard to so many different things in terms of a membership, or do you do more evergreen programmes, so different things? What process are you using? Or how are you deciding what is next for you?

[21:31] Yeah, so great question, because one thing I also hadn't done before was reels. And I had watched actually, that was how I got into your programme. That was kind of the final thing that trips me up to listening to your podcast and consuming your content. I started to watch your reels on Instagram. And I thought I can do this. And so I dabbled a bit. And I didn't like the educational ones or the ones where I face planted off a false way into the face.

[21:56] Wasn't that your most successful Reel? One. And this is the crazy thing about reels like I'm gonna get back to your question. But this is really helpful for for our lovely lady listening is It is crazy how much the Internet has changed and how difficult it is to get an actual point across in 15 seconds or less. And yes, we can have longer reels now. But the longer ones people don't watch. And they need an element of entertainment. But you also don't want to be a goof the whole time when like the amount of times I've said to my business friends and my husband and friends in going. I'm a business strategist with 18 years of business experience, like I'm really good at what I do. And I have to figure out how to cut through noise and talk to someone in 15 seconds about the lesson that I want to impart so that that old adage of give them what they want. So you can give them what they need. And it is crazy how the analytics work. And the data works in going we did we did two meals a day for our last launch. And we've got the same for this launch coming in. And the ones that actually converted the highest was the one like jumping in the pool on the pool toy, which I'll probably post again for this launch coming up because it was so highly converting. And the point was we fall fat flat on our face and fail all the time. The point is to swim and get up again. And I think people just really paid attention to that because it was hilarious. Falling in the pool. But it is it's a really hard thing. And a lot of people think reels aren't worth the effort because they're silly, and they're 10 seconds. But just like you said, I've got a lot of clients out of the reels. So yeah, you can't disregard

[23:50] Yeah, and in fact, I have a similar thing background too. So I was a politician. And people had never seen that side of me. They had never seen me putting a crazy filter on and damn red filter with eyelashes. And there was a couple of comments including my former council colleagues and people that I met through my business or politics that were saying to even Mat my partner, what is Jaimie doing she's just doing these stupid crazy videos. And that kind of made me think from it I think oh, I'm putting my I'm being silly. But then at the same time you have to kind of block that out and I think you said once well those people can I can be laughing all the way to the bank because they do work and so if you have that sort of person that worries what people think you have to get over that because they do work and for me it did work I wasn't I had never done a real before my launch.

[24:48] I am I'm really proud but you know the goalposts keep moving and I've heard people say this on your podcast a lot. I'm like 33,000 Okay, in November I need to do 50 to 100 Pay i Will you watch this space. That is like the goalposts keep moving and moving. And I'm sure if I did do 100k launch, okay, and next time I have to do 150 It just keep moving. And I've got a membership going now and I've got 10 people in there, I'm like, well, I need to get 50 people into that. You just, it's hard as an entrepreneur, because the goalposts constantly move.

[25:25] Yeah, with online business, it's very different to because it used to be, I mean, I ran traditional business for 13 years. And for that, if you went like between a five to 10%, year on year increase, it was exceptional, like exceptional. But also you couldn't grow at a faster pace, because like the infrastructure would break, everything moved a lot slower. Whereas in online business, we can double we can go okay, we've had a 33k launch, right next time, we're going to have a 66. And up we go. And that is actually, although the expectation is really high, it is doable, achievable. And we see it all the time. But then you've still got those infrastructure, like queries hanging around and going, well, what's going to deliver and what team do you need? And can you move that fast? So yeah, it's a really, online business is like the Wild West, which is why I love it so much. It's so fast moving, it's so fast changing. And really anything is possible, because even with social media reach, I mean, we can compete with, like with yours with your 5000 followers, you can compete with people that have been doing it for years and years and years with gazillion followers. It doesn't matter.

[26:38] Absolutely. It's quality, not quantity, I think you've even said, there are some people that have come to you with 20,000 followers, and they're not making any money. Most of the time, though, it's because of both audiences.

[26:54] And you know, one of the things that you talk about, which I love is you got to do all the things, and you seem to go that extra mile. And I totally believe that because I was sending personal bonjoro videos to any leads that was coming in. And some days, I would just be doing 20 A day of saying, Hi, Tina, I noticed you downloaded my checklist. I've got my course launching now. And just that personal connection, that personal touch, I would put out to everything. And I would spend all day responding to direct messages and emailing people back and forward, doing lives doing stories going live on stream yard, using LinkedIn and Facebook, putting out the emails, putting out the social media posts, I was doing it all. And that's what works, you can't just rely on one thing, it was just doing anything and everything I've could to get that course out there.

[27:43] Yeah, and I love that you said that because it is unfortunate. Like, I wish there was a quick, you know, just do this one thing, and you will have success. But everything does feed into one another like doing the speaking, which is what you talk about. And then you can use the speaking to sell your course. And then you can use third party media to get the credibility to do your speaking and like everything feeds into this beautiful ecosystem. And when you do all of it, it works so beautifully. But it does take work. And it does take structure and it does take strategy. So I love that you acknowledge that, embrace that and go right, let's go. Because when you are willing to put in the effort, you get massive rewards. So true. It is a lot of effort. It's not easy. This whole entrepreneurial thing which seems to be trendy at the moment is all into work five hours. I know, I know. But it is people say I needed to do five hours a week and I outsource everything. Whereas I don't know if I believe that because having done a successful first launch. It was a lot of work and people want to see me you don't need to show up for your business. They don't want some VA talking to them. They want me to respond, make do that personal, even a personal audio message on LinkedIn or Instagram. That's me doing that. And so I don't know how these entrepreneurs say that they only do five hours a week and they're making a million dollars.

[29:06] They don't. They don't is the upshot. For some reason in our industry at the moment, it seems to be like uncool to work and somehow shameful. But look, I know a lot of very, very successful entrepreneurs and they work their butts off. Yeah, so don't believe otherwise. Because I think it's a really, I think it's a significant disservice in telling people like the ease comes from embracing the hardness of it and from embracing the grit and the journey and having to do this level of personal development and growth because of business and running, live launches and business in the way that we do. It will teach you more about yourself than anything else you can possibly do. But people seem to, at the moment be wanting to say that. They can just do it and it's easy and While but all that does is make the person working their butt off, feel like they're doing something wrong and they're missing something and that it's, it's harder for them than it should be. But I want to give everyone the reassurance that it is very hard. And that's what makes it easy when you accept that and go, Yeah, well, this is the game we choose to play in. And I mean, the proof of that is, there's not many people that make a million dollars. If it was that easy. Everyone would be doing it. But it's not because a lot of people give up before they get there. And you do have to do a lot of the work, which is what you're doing. 

[30:32] Yeah. And I think if you want to outsource everything, why are you in this industry? You know, we do it because we love it. And sure I'm doing a lot of hours I'll do I work really hard during the week. I try not to work weekends, but I will often work 8am to 11pm Oh, gosh, it's really long hours. Yeah,

[30:50] I mean, I'll get out and go for a walk. But, you know, medium by heart. I don't mean I am one of these I love, I love writing blogs, and I love doing videos. So I do that about two days a week. And because I'm just recording videos all evening, I love it. And I go, Oh, wow, the time is gone. You know, get the kids to bed. And then I jump back on and I'll write more blogs. I think my point is like, why would you be in this industry if you didn't love creating content and love sharing your knowledge with the world? So yeah, it's a lot of hours. But I think a I've got to put the hard yards in because I'm just starting out. And b I do kind of love the work as well.

[31:29] Oh, yeah, it's all what you enjoy. I mean, I'm redoing some of our Kajabi pages at the moment. And last weekend, I spent like five hours playing on all our key pages. So we did like our homepage and about page and sales pages and all of that sort of thing. I was happy as a pig in the month going. I mean, yeah, you can outsource this, but they wouldn't know. Like, I wanted to change that colour. And then I didn't like that colour. Let's try a different colour. And now I didn't like that picture. Let's try a different one. Like, I don't want to go back and forth with someone. I want to get creative and make that myself and love it. Yeah, absolutely. It's the same. I know enough with Kajabi. Now to make changes to my website if I need or Yeah, I can play with Canva all day. Oh, yes. Rainbows in Canva. Two of my favourite things. I've got a final question for you. We are in her Empire Builder launch week, and you've done so well with it. But what's your favourite thing about being part of her Empire Builder?

[32:29] Definitely the community. You know, I used to look at people like, I used to look at you, Tina and think, Wow, that's so out of my reach. I could never become like her. And now I'm in her empire. I learned so much from you. But the community of women, I think you've got like 150 Women in there. And some women aren't earning a million dollars a year but at least one member doing that and many earning hundreds of 1000s and loving and really good at what they do. And because I'm now surrounded by those women and we meet all the time online for masterclasses and think well, yeah, I actually I can I can be a successful online business owner. And so that's kind of the thing I love the most is the community. There's so many women there that I've done lives with already that have been on my podcast, and vice versa. And I've learned so much if you have a question, you just put it out into the her Empire Builder Facebook group, and the question comes back straight away, the answer comes back. So definitely the community is what I love the most plus, you know, spending hours with you every month online and learning from you and not every man that blows me away the knowledge you share. I just think I had no idea. I could do this. And a lot of it is low hanging fruits that we can just put into play straight away and implement a quick change that I didn't even know about it until I joined the group.

[33:52] And you're so good at implementation too. I think like credit where credit's do is you go Alright, I'm gonna give it a try. You put it in you get the result and then on an app. You give us all the tools to make it easy. I mean, it's hard not to implement it you know, you give us all the templates drag and drop all the swipe copy just make sure you remove the her Empire Builder logos. learn that lesson, customise all parts. Well, I mean, my personal goal is to have 100 women in her Empire Builder making a million dollars a year by 2025. I think you're going to be one of them.

[34:35] Thank you for sharing your story which hearing you on, all the way. Thanks for having me, Tina. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of her Empire Builder. If you loved it, please share it on Instagram for your friends and be sure to tag me at Tina underscore tower so I can say thank you. And if you really want to deliver me smiles you can pop on review on Apple podcasts. I would love to hear from you. So if you have any questions at all, email me at podcast at Tina And if you would like to work with me further, all of the free resources and my courses can be found at Now, I truly hope this podcast gives me so much value and you can use it to dream big, plan well and take massive action in building your very own empire. That's just for you. Have the greatest day