Join business strategist Tina Tower as she explores how to build your empire by packaging your expertise into online courses, speaking, content, podcasting and credibility.

Tina has over 17 years of experience in starting, building and selling companies, she's a speaker, teacher, mama and world traveller.

She's unapologetic about living an intentionally big life and if you want too, this show is designed to show you many different options to help you gain clarity over YOUR version of awesome.


Eve is such a champion of a woman!

Today's podcast guest is Her Empire Builder member and founder of Her Health Collective, Eve Drew.

She started in the online course world only last year, and has done, as we like to say "All the things"

Since launching, Eve has created her membership program for female health professionals and hit over 6 figures helping her clients get great results, she's launched 3 luxury retreats, is launching two podcasts and grown her confidence from not knowing what this online world was all about, to totally owning it!



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Show transcription 




Welcome to Episode 186 of her Empire Builder podcast. Oh my gosh, Eve is such a champion of a woman. today's podcast guest is her Empire Builder member and founder of her health collective Eve Drew. And at the time, when this episode drops, Eve and I are actually going to be in Hawaii together. So that is fun.

[00:29] All right, a little bit about Eve, she started in the online course world, only last year, and has done as we like to say all the things. So inside of her Empire Builder membership, there's, you know, it can be frustrating in going when you are wanting to build your business, you're like, what's that one thing that I can do to get it to that next level? Like if I only have a certain amount of time, and very limited on marketing and budget, and all of that sort of thing? What's that one thing? And it can be really frustrating to people that I don't think it's one thing, I don't think you can just do social media alone, I don't think you can just do podcasting. I don't think you can just have one course. And that's it. Like there's, it's all the things and all the things work in beautiful, like cooperation together, and everything feeds off each other. And it builds that momentum. And it means that it's not simple. And what I see is a lot of people, selling people the hope of simple and the dream of simple.

And then of course, you know, you do that for a little bit. And you wonder why you're not getting traction, and you wonder why you're not getting ahead. And often, it's because you're missing a lot of the essential ingredients. I mean, not everyone is successful, because not everyone is willing to put in the effort for award. It's really as simple as that. And I see my job as providing through her Empire Builder, like all of those tools, all of the techniques, all of the strategies, all of the like knowledge on how to read and understand different types of data and all of the different moving pieces in your business so that you can take that and grow. But you have to want to grow, you have to want to do all the things.

[02:22] That is what Eve has done so since launching, Eve has created her membership programme for female health professionals and hit over six figures helping her clients get great results. She's launched three luxury retreats is launching two podcasts, and grown her confidence from not knowing what this online world was all about, to totally owning it. And in today's episode, Eve sharing why she's chosen high end with fewer clients as her strategy rather than low cost high volume and what the journey has been like for her for the past year and how she decided what elements to implement when and what to get started with and how not to get overwhelmed and all of that sort of thing. So you can get all of the links about even all of the info and show notes today at Tina forward slash 186 and find Eve on Insta at her health underscore collective. And if you're wanting to join her Empire Builder at the time that this goes live, so if you're listening to it on drop day, the waitlist has sneaky open. So if you want to open now, go to her Empire and you will be able to jump on in there otherwise, that opens to the public on September 5 and closes on the 13th. So we are nearly there.

[03:52] And I hope that today's episode inspires you to go if you are willing to put in the effort and you're wanting to put in the effort. You just need to know where to concentrate that effort to get the most maximise results, then her empire builder can help you do that. Starting her first business at age 23. Eve has spent the past 20 years starting growing and selling businesses. She sold her seven figure podiatry clinic at the end of 2020. And now through her work at her health collective helps other women launch and scale their health businesses. Eve has experienced overwhelm and burnout during her career and understands how important it is for health professionals to look after themselves. while caring for everyone else. We need to pour from overflowing cups. She shows other women how to build the clinic of their dreams without losing themselves in the process. Health is an industry which is largely female dominated but that is not reflected in the relatively low numbers of female business owners and women who hold leadership positions. Eve is on a mission to change that. 

[05:00] As a mum Eve has had to do the juggle and wants to show other women that we can do both. Often it isn't pretty, but it can be done. Eve has helped many women start and scale their health businesses and bring their dreams to life. She loves giving the gift of space to other women and offers be well retreats each year with Dr. Jody Fleming the definition of success to Eve is freedom, freedom to live life on our own terms, and create a life we'd love. Eve lives in the beautiful seaside town of Warrnambool at the end of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, and loves spending time walking in nature reading and practising yoga. She loves travelling the world but her happy place is at home with son Arlo and husband Tim, and at the time that you're hearing this Hawaii.

[05:45] I hope you're super inspired by this chat with Eve Drew and all of the incredible things that you can create in the next year. Hi friend. I'm Tina tower, business strategist and digital online Empire Builder. I've been in business since I was 20 years old. And I've since built and sold for businesses. I started in the world of online courses in 2017 and grew to a seven figure annual turnover in just under two years. To say I love the game of business is an understatement. I'm a world traveller, a mama, a wife, a best selling author. And I love the freedom that we have to create the business and life that we want to live. It takes courage to break the rules and shake things up and do it your way. Through her Empire Builder. I share my experience and bring you lessons from some of the world's best to help you dream big plan well and take massive action. It is absolutely possible to run a thriving, growing business positively impacts the world and have a beautiful personal life without hustling and working yourself into exhaustion. I want that for you. Let's enjoy the journey my friend.

Main episode

[07:00] Gorgeous Eve. Welcome to her Empire Builder podcast. Thank you, Tina. I am so excited to be joining you today. I'm so happy that you're here. Oh, it's so today I want to share your story with everyone because you've got well you've got a great story. You know, you've come from traditional bricks and mortar business, which so many people do.

[07:24] And now have turned into like this superstar in online courses and widening your reach and your impact and all of those different things. So can you give us an update of where you're at at the moment with your online business? Yes. So at the moment I launched next week. So the last nine months have been an absolute whirlwind. So when I sold my bricks and mortar in 2020, I knew that I wanted to help more women start and scale their health businesses. So I launched her health collective last year. And really, I spent the whole year just trying to find anyone that could help me. I invested lots of money in different things that but nothing, I didn't really have all the answers. So when I joined her Empire last builder last year, I just felt like I was where I was meant to be. And so the last nine months has been I had my first launch last year, which was a $10,000 launch, which was also my first launch. Since then I've released. I work with a friend and we've released the be well retreat. So we've launched our first retreat, we're offering another one in October, and our first international retreat next year, which is just amazing. And starting to podcasts within the next few months as well. So launched a course launched retreats, podcasting, like it's just been such a big nine months. Yeah, you've just done it all.

[08:50] Lots of stuff and and launched a new bricks and mortar in that time as well. So that's fantastic. Okay, so that's where you're at. Now. Take me back to what made you think to take it online in the first place? Yeah, great question. So I guess what drew me to health was that I love helping people. And I love connecting with people. So I've been a podiatrist for 20 years. And through my work at my business, we had a seven figure business that was big business, which I sold at the end of 2020. I was loving supporting team members, that was what I was really, that was filling my bucket. I love the connections, I loved helping people reach their goals and supporting them to do that. And so I decided to start helping other women start their practices, and then grow their businesses. And that's I guess, where the idea came from. I'm like, I'm doing this anyway. I might as well make a business out of it. And also I I've had some I had a spinal fusion and so working as a health professional full time is difficult for me physically. And when I was pregnant, I was really sick and so that was a lightbulb moment for me.

[10:02] I wasn't able to work for my whole pregnancy pretty much. I thought I had a business, but I had just created a job for myself. And so that was when I'm like, right, I need to systemize. And I started pulling together everything that I had learned over, you know, 1012 years of business ownership, as started to structure and systemize my business. And I'm like, I think other people could really benefit from all of these learnings along the way. So I've packaged all of that up into a programme and a membership. And now I help other women. Just step them through the process them on their number one supporter.

[10:39] And yeah, because it's overwhelming, which we? Yeah. What did you start with? Did you start with the course first or the membership first? Yeah, I started with a six week immersion course. So I worked with five women, and just work them through that programme. What I found was at the end of that there was nothing neck, there was nothing else. I was kind of like what next. And that's where I thought the membership was the logical next step for women, because you can't really change your business dramatically in six weeks, you can look into it and look for all the opportunities and do some really strategic planning, but there was no ability to really make massive change in six weeks. So I thought the membership was a better a better way to go, which is why I'm launching that now. Yes, and obviously, I love memberships. But I know that some people love memberships. And some people find it really hard, because the business never really turns off like it does when you're doing a course and then you're doing a launch and then you run it through and then it finishes and then you've got a little bit of downtime before doing it again. How are you finding the whole membership model for people that are thinking, You know what, I have a course and there isn't something next, I'm toying with the idea of a membership. What would your advice be to them? And what sort of things do you think people should be aware of? Yeah, that's a great question. I think, because of the work that I've done as a health professional previously, we've had to have always had to have a very structured diary. You have to plan well in advance if you want time off. There's not a lot of time off often. So I'm quite used to just that repetitive load or not. We're used to being off anyway. I'm not used to being off. That's it. So. So membership, again, seems natural for me, because in that downtime I like oh, what do I do now? I'm so used to being busy that the membership, I said the exact same thing to someone the other day, so going, how are you? You always show up and and I counted it up. I have been live every week for 400 weeks. Whoa. And but for me, like exactly as you just said, I've been in business for 18 years, like it's never been off. Like I don't know, for me now I've got more downtime and off time than I've ever had in my life. Like, it's amazing for a lot of people. They're like, Oh, you still work a lot. And for me, I go, Well, I do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, big days, Thursdays, little day, Friday, often off, and I never work on a weekend. So I'm going my version of hard work now is very different to what it is when you're on your feet all day in a traditional business. That's absolutely right. I'm so used to just working all the time. And I think what the allure of the online businesses for me is to be able to work from anywhere. Because the flexibility as a health professional or a service based business is that you don't have any flexibility. Your diary is that these are the people you're seeing back to back to vector back all day. Whereas I want more flexibility. I want to be able to work from home, I want to be able to work when we're away. I want to schedule work around pickups and drop offs from school. So that's for me, just Yeah, it seems very exciting to have more flexibility. So membership doesn't overwhelm me.

[13:42] I think for people that are not used to that repetitive work, it could be overwhelmed. Definitely having people need you all the time. But again, I'm quite used to that because your patients often they do regularly. So I'm quite used to following up after hours and things like that. So boundaries become super, super duper important. That was going to be my exact next question is coming from the health industry as well. I often find like health professionals should be better at boundaries, but are often worse. Because you've to be in the health industry in the first place. You've got big hearts in terms of wanting to help people and wanting to be of service. How do you personally put those boundaries in place? Yeah, it's been such a battle for me, I have to say, and the women that I work with, it's probably the biggest battle is boundaries around time and energy. There's such a need for health and there's such a shortage. I live in regional Victoria. And so the demand is always greater than what we can provide. But I think just having really strong, really strong commitment and my big thing is if I'm saying yes to this, what am I saying no to and it's the question I always ask myself, when I'm booking in an extra patient or I'm, you know, replying to an email after hours. I think I used to allow that.

[15:00] And say to people looking contact me anytime by email, if you've got any questions Oh, no, don't say that all the time, all the time. Now I just respond in certain times in certain times. So, and I have just an auto reply on my, you know, my podiatry business that not available back in the office tomorrow or whatever. So if someone has something incredibly urgent that I was worried about, I have, you know, given given person, a mobile, mobile, and but I've making that conscious decision that that's okay for them to contact me. But it's evolved.

[15:31] Yeah, I just always think what am I saying no to if I see an extra patient, it's usually sacrificing something of my own, like going to the gym or going for a walk or time with my family. And I'm just not prepared to do that anymore. Yeah, I love that. And with the membership, what is your goal? Like? What is your model in terms of are you going high volume? Are you keeping it low? Like how have you got your formulation? Right for that? Yeah. Because this is the first time I'm launching, I guess it's going to be really interesting to see how it evolves over the next 12 to 18 months. I'm looking, I'm hoping to start with around 20. Members, I think that that will be doable for me on my own. I don't have any support yet. 

[16:14] And I think that I can be very available for around 20 members, there's no one on one consults within the membership. It's all kind of group delivery with masterclasses, so I think that's a viable number. And then once it evolves, then I will probably have different levels of membership, which allow more access to different services. So might be a higher end membership for those that would like some more one on one, or accountability calls and things like that. So yeah, I love that it sounds and I have zero doubt that you're going to exceed the 20 members too. And the funny thing is like this episode goes live on the fifth of September. So you've just had like the freedom to be able to work from anywhere and do different things. And you're about to launch, we're filming this, the start of August. So your launch, by the time this goes live, we'll be done. So we can see how that went. And also, the fifth of September is the day that we've just spent a week together in Hawaii.

[17:14] At the time that this goes live, people will say even I have just spent a week in Hawaii, which is I go to work. Gosh, we're so lucky. We were so lucky. And I think that this year, you know, being part of her Empire Builder and seeing what women are achieving. It just shows me that it can be done. And it's been a big year of I know you say this as well like a hell yes to the things I want to do. So when the opportunity came to go to Hawaii on this like to my husband, how can we make this happen? And he was like, you gotta go. So yeah, switching it on to your retreats, because you you're putting on retreats as well. What? Like, what was the motivation behind that? Yeah, I went on my first retreat about three years ago, and maybe four years ago now with COVID time, but it was just that gift of space. So as busy business owner, I just was on that, you know, the roller coaster of life, I guess. And I went away there. And I felt something I've never felt before. And it was it felt calm. And I was like, oh my god, what is this feeling? I need more of this. I don't think I'd ever felt calm before. Because I was just always on that adrenaline loop of what next? 

[18:25] What can I do that achievement based person I think and got, you know, got a head out of it. I loved it. But that was a real turning point in my life that I thought, You know what, I need more of this? How am I going to create that. And I guess that was also when I started thinking about how can I create more flexibility in my role at work, and that the online stuff started to creep in about that time as well.

[18:45] So now I want to give that gift of space to other women. And our first retreat in June last year, this year was incredible. And everybody said that they didn't have to think about a single thing. They didn't have to think about cooking a meal, it was just turn up here at this time.

[19:00] The mindfulness activities the the ability of space gives you clarity doesn't it gives you the ability to think gives you the space for innovation. And I just want to give that to more women, I want to provide that space for other women's so the retreats will be something that we do. Moving forward. We're going another one in October in Port Douglas and then Bali next year. So, so good. Every woman needs that way. So I'm not going to do more retreats like we do our two big retreats a year for her Empire Builder members with palm springs or wherever it's going to be in the US in the future. And one Australian event which next one is important, Douglas and I always say I'm not going to do more in between and this year we've done to environment.

[19:44] Why? Because I just love them and it's something that people constantly say why are you doing them because they are a lot of work. It's not as easy as it looks to fill them and you don't make very much money.

[20:02] All your things in factory and all your time and all of that sort of stuff. But I do think I love being a guest at retreats, they I have I can, like pinpoint pivotal changes in me my business my life off the back of those experiences. And I love creating the space for other people to have experiences and just give them that gift and see them light up and do all of that. And you can connect with people really well, whether you're a guest, or whether you're the one hosting it. I just think there's nothing like it in terms of immersing in that that deepness with people that are like minded and you surround yourself with other people who inspire you and life will never be the same again. Absolutely. And it's always the feedback. Like it's life changing. The connections have been amazing. So we've got women that have been on the retreat, never met each other before who are now connecting, you know, post retreat, which just feels it's just such a privilege, isn't it to hold that space for other people. 

[21:05] And again, while you can probably earn more money doing other things, it's you can pay look at your workplace for the week, my workplace is put Douglas like I said that in going like, I've got a house in Hawaii for a month and we call this work. This is really cool. Cool. I know that said, I pinch myself and think I'm you know, this is my work. So creating work that I love is just amazing.

[21:28] Yeah. And so you've got the podcast that's coming out as well. So one of the things I want to ask is, it's why the podcast and why to podcasts. And you've partnered with someone for retreats and podcasts. So I also want to ask you about partnerships and why you've chosen to not go that alone. 

[21:52] So that's three questions in one so go slow! Podcasting. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time. And I guess just with everything else going on, I just thought oh, that's just another thing to think about. An important thing, though, an important thing to think about, I think it's just such an amazing ability to connect with more people to share your message to have bigger impact. 

[22:12] We're so lucky now that we have social media, which I you know, it's the bane of my life, but, and also podcasting where we can connect with lots of other people. So at your guru retreat, actually, Trisha and I, who is also a hair empire, builder member, Trisha cashmere, who is a physio from Sydney, and she runs some big clinics up there to help the body companies. So Trish and I decided to collaborate. We just thought, you know what, together, we can bring so much more to this podcast. And I think it was less overwhelming for the two of us to definitely Yeah, and you can feed off each other, like I see people in partnerships that you've always got an excuse to not do it. But when you've got someone else, you've got it, it's like having a gym, buddy, you're gonna show up and you've got to do thing. Yeah, there's accountability around that. But there's also just that, I think that beautiful conversation that we will naturally create having both had a similar path in terms of business ownership and health business ownership. But it will bring will bring different lenses to to those conversations, and also a greater network for us to well, so yeah, yeah.

[23:22] With the podcast, I'm collaborating with Dr. Jody Fleming who I run the be well retreats with. And also that felt like a really natural thing to do, because we work together anyway. And the podcasts will be quite different, I guess, in that one's very called the business of health. So it's all about running health businesses. And the other one will be more so about being well, so looking after ourselves.

[23:45] And I think what I'm trying to create in health Collective is yes, we want to run a sustainable, successful business. But we need to look after ourselves. And I think that's something missing that missing piece for a lot of business owners. So it seems really natural to be involved in both of those podcasts and working with both of those incredible women. Yeah. And so I want to ask, because you are yet to launch the podcasts, but you've had really successful launches. So far since you've started. You're over six figures already in your online business. What things have you done to list build so far in terms of getting that and you mentioned a little bit of little bit of social media there that we have a love hate relationship? But what are those things for people that are that are listening to your story about Wow, she's created a lot in a year. What are those key points that you think you've done that have really made a difference? 

[24:39] I'm a natural connector with people. And so I I stay connected with people sometimes like, Oh, do you still talk to that person? I'm like, yeah, just because I don't work with the Morris anymore. Stay connected. I've, I feel that I'm, that's one of my strengths is relationships. And so I'm naturally drawn to starting conversations with people. And that's actually been one of the most enjoyable part.

[25:00] It's about this next stage of my career is the connections, the relationships, and I think that it's just word of mouth. So I, where I live, a few of the women that are the health professionals here joined my first programme, which was so beautiful because I could actually see them face to face physicians. And they have given me a lot of support, my local community has given me so much support, which is amazing. But my big plan for the next 12 months is to build, build my list, and to build my personal brand. 

[25:38] So that's my big target, I guess for the next 12 months is to get out from behind the health collective brand and actually show people who I am a little bit so and I see you doing that already, like your reels game has been stepped up lately. And I know you were resistant to that. So I'd love to ask you about that. Like what was the resistance and what has now made you go screw it? Let's do it. Yeah, I'm I'm a real introvert I. And so I've never let it run really successful online businesses are so interesting, isn't it? I think people would be surprised to hear that sometimes my friends know that my close people know that I'm really introverted.

[26:17] I've always been great with one on one conversations. So in that clinical sense, I always felt very confident. But in a group scenario, I felt, yeah, I I'm a bit of a wallflower to be honest. So I think how I've got over that wall.

[26:31] You know, I went to a retreat recently, and there was 16 women there. And they all said that they were so surprised, because I have like I can, I'm quite a performer. And I get very excited when I presented because I'm very excited by my content. I love my work. But they were like, I would never have pegged you for the quietest person in the room. That's going yeah, that's what I'm always the quietest person in the room. I love to just have like those deep conversations with that one person.

[26:58] Yeah, but it's I mean, the bulk of our job is actually spent creating stuff behind our screens. So it is, it is an introverts playground, but we do have to do very extroverted things in order to market our businesses. So keep going with the real Yeah, I think one of my I have a mindset coach, and he said to me one day, it's actually not about you at all. Yes. And we talk a lot about ego and different things. And he says not about you at all. It's about what value you can provide to others. So it's like an act of service rather than the about me, it's not about you, just what do you have to share that can help other people? And I will, I've heard that over and over and over again, I think that was a really pivotal moment that I just meant, it's not about me get out of your own way.

[27:45] And share what you know. And if that resonates with one person that you can help or that it resonates with someone that helps them get through that day, then that's all I need to do. That's what I'm here to do. So that's been the big thing, it just get out of my own way. It's not about me, and how can I be of service. I think that that is such a true point. It's something that I had to learn to be able to speak because I was terrified of public speaking. But I'm going I actually can't do my job without having that as a skill set. Like I need to be able to do it. And I had this great speaking coach. And she said exactly that, like when you get on stage or even before, try and have some conversations with people that you can identify that you can help to go, well, actually, I've got the content and the knowledge that I can help. And then when you get on stage, that's all you focus on, you find those beautiful people that are like smiling and nodding, nodding along. You like right, this is for you. I'm just gonna do this for you. And I think that sometimes that's harder on the internet, because we don't get that feedback. We don't necessarily going oh my gosh, that was so helpful. But if you can stay focused on that and being of service, it does make it a whole lot easier. Absolutely. And I think to know, I've done different courses, I've done some terrific speaking courses, which again, it's like, okay, you've got the skills, you know how to do this. So trying to upskill in the areas that I thought were maybe barriers. And I've also done social, lots of social media courses as well, just to try and help me with the techy stuff, because I love the technical stuff. It's just been front and centre. But I think you get yet the more you do it, the more you get used to it. And one of my mentors said to me one day, you need to just do two reels a week, that was just the challenge. Yeah. And from to attend to three tend to fall. So it then just became really natural to show up every day when I just made the commitment to do two per week because I was doing nothing. Yeah, yeah. And it's small steps and I love that you're so committed to learning and always just just doing that next little bit extra because that's a lot of it is not being psyched out and overwhelmed by all the things but going okay, how can we just do that next thing? 

[30:00] So is that what would you say is the thing that you wish you knew at the beginning that you know now out about your online course journey that could have been helpful. Oh my gosh, there is so much Tina.

[30:06] I think the moment I joined her Empire Builder, I was just like, oh my gosh, this is there is everything that I need. So thank you so much for creating welcome. Whenever all membership and all the resources because I'm an action taker. Yeah, I think that's why I was getting frustrated, because I'm like, I'm, I'm ready to take action, but I actually don't know what to do. Next. So I would just say join her Empire Builder, literally, a piece of advice. I mean, that's I genuinely, yeah, I think that's it, you just need someone that's got all of the tools. Because otherwise, you'll spend years, which I was, you know, spent nine months spending an awful lot of money, with people helping with different components that I didn't, but now that none of it bought together the whole programme, if that makes sense, that was someone to help me with social someone to help me with copy, like, but no one to actually bring it all together. So my big piece of advice is to find someone to help you and find a community that will support you. Because again, that's been probably one of the biggest.

[31:07] One of the most amazing parts of that whole Empire Builder is the women that are all supporting each other asking questions, celebrating wins, because it can be a lonely business being an entrepreneur. Yeah, completely. It is, it is what I've found as well in going, you know, we're often the odd ones on the side of mainstream life, but you get into a group that, you know, all raises each other off. And it's like, oh, my gosh, like here, I was thinking, Maybe I should bring myself down. I be it'll shrink a little bit. It's like, no, no, I can I can shot like, I'm ready to go here. It makes a huge difference. Yeah, absolutely. So I think having good plans and good systems as well, like, I think unless when you're building any language, that's it, it doesn't my love language. And so he's planning. And if you have those really good foundations, then you can scale. So I'm trying to spend a lot of time in these early stages, getting really good systems and structure in the business. And also not trying to do too much at once, even though I've done a lot in nine months. Yes, you have. Yeah. My last question for you is, what is your big vision for the business? Going ahead? Where are you going? Oh, gosh, my dream is to, to have every female allied health professional in Australia know about her health collective like that is my big dream. And to create that space for women to thrive, to look after themselves while they grow their business. That's my big dream. So my hope is to have 2200 Women connected in her health collective by 2025. 

[32:38] So got three years to make that happen. Yeah, I'm just really passionate about people looking after themselves while they grow their business. So that's, that's the big thing that I'm hoping to get out there that we can look after ourselves and also be successful. Definitely we can. And I'm so glad that you're out there doing your thing. And I'm so happy to have you as part of her Empire Builder helping all of our beautiful ladies to be more conscious of that. I'll see you in Hawaii. No, I'm so excited.

[33:07] This is the weird part for people listening right now. We just finished Hawaii and we had the tone of Ella already pre empting that what's going to be amazing. And all of the socials. I'll have no shortage of content on that week. I know. Ian, thank you so much, and good luck.

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