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Tina has over 17 years of experience in starting, building and selling companies, she's a speaker, teacher, mama and world traveller.

She's unapologetic about living an intentionally big life and if you want too, this show is designed to show you many different options to help you gain clarity over YOUR version of awesome.


  • Learn what piqued Liz's interest in reinventing herself and her business to an in-demand online model.

  • Discover the importance of reflecting and celebrating your wins (big and small) daily.

  • Knowing when it's the right time to pivot, or reinvent in business.

  • What to do when you are feeling pulled in too many directions.

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Show transcription 



Welcome to Episode 184. My guest today is the fabulous Liz Nable. So Liz joined her Empire Builder two years ago. And the reason why I wanted to share her story with you is, of course, because she's fabulous. But also, because having so much background and expertise in different areas, it was difficult for Liz to choose her online course path. And she tried a few different iterations before she got on to her winner. And Liz shows you that you can reinvent yourself and that the winner idea is the one that uses both your knowledge and expertise and also aligns to what you love talking about. And you'll hear in our conversation today. It's that alignment that was missing Felice when she went sprinting in the direction of her first idea that used a lot of her experience and expertise. But she didn't love it. And it didn't really feel that aligned. And then she made the super difficult decision to like pull, and hit pause, like hit stop, really, on all of the work that she'd done up until that point, and then reinvent and start again. And then boom, just clicked. And it can be hard. And I know that for a lot of people, you'll resonate with this, because you can often get onto an idea and start and it feels not right. And it's hard to distinguish the difference between something not feeling aligned. And something that is actually just got resistance that you need to push through.

And so Liz is talking about that, like, How did she know that this was time to make a change, and that it wasn't just, you know, having to push through that barrier, which we all have to do when we start our businesses. So let me tell you a little bit about Liz. Liz’s passion for entrepreneurship and business happened by accident. Originally, a TV journalist Liz spent 15 years working around the world, including six years in New York. It was while living in New York that Liz discovered the bar workout and knew instantly this could be a huge business opportunity in Australia. After returning to Sydney with her husband and young family in 2011. They found themselves caught in the middle of the GFC downturn and spent the next year doing long hours at a 24 hour news desk and rethinking what the future looks like. With a ton of media skills but no formal fitness or business training. Liz and her husband Adam decided on a franchise system and within six months became Australia's first franchisees of little known fitness brand Xtend Barre and opened their first location in Sydney.

[02:53] Over the next eight years, Liz increased her investment to four locations, while helping the US based brand build national awareness and get media attention around the country. There was a lot Liz had to learn about running her own business. But one thing she was already an expert in was how to get great media coverage and free PR to take Xtend Barre from an unknown brand in Australia to a household name. She quickly realized that her insight into what the media wanted and her knowledge about how to leverage those media organizations to build her business was an invaluable asset in her incredible growth. Now, Liz teaches her media masterclass to other SMEs so they too can get inside tips and tricks about how to master the art of using publicity to drive their business growth. In 2020, Liz was listed in the top 100 most influential women in franchising list. She was also named 2090s, a 2019 Australian franchise councils Woman of the Year and in 2018 .She wants to Xtend Barre franchisee of the year and Business Person of the Year. And her studio has one fitness Business of the Year. You can find us on Instagram @liz_nable and all of the links for today's episode at And if you heal is a story and you want to jump on board with Her Empire Builder. doors are opening on September 5. So not very long away. We have some awesome bonuses for people that are on the waitlist. So if you're thinking of joining, I want you to jump on over to and pop your name on there so you'll get early access a few days before everyone else and some exclusive bonuses just for you. Let's get to it.

[4:40] Hi friend. I'm Tina tower business strategist and digital online Empire Builder. I've been in business since I was 20 years old and I've since built and sold for businesses. I started in the world of online courses in 2017 and grew to a seven figure annual turnover in just under two years to say I love that game of business is an understatement. I'm a world traveler, a mama, a wife, a best selling author. And I love the freedom that we have to create the business and life that we want to live. It takes courage to break the rules and shake things up and do it your way. Through Her Empire Builder, I share my experience and bring you lessons from some of the world's best to help you dream big, plan well, and take massive action, it is absolutely possible to run a thriving, growing business that positively impacts the world and have a beautiful personal life without hustling and working yourself into exhaustion. I want that for you. Let's enjoy the journey my friend.

Main episode 

[05:46] Gorgeous Liz Nable. Welcome to the Her Empire Builder podcast.

[5:50] Thank you for having me. I'm very excited to be here.

[5:55] I am excited to have you here. One of our longtime members, we've been around since the very beginning. And one of the main reasons that I wanted to interview for the podcast was because there's been so much journey for you on the way into embracing and finding your groove in this online business. But before we get into that, can you give us a bit of background of your business experience and kind of what led you to go you know what, I think I'm going to enter this world of online courses.

[6:30] Sure. So way back, when in my first career, I was a TV journalist. So that was my first sort of career when I left university. And I worked in regional television. And then I worked in 24 hour news in Sydney. And then my husband got an opportunity with work and we went to New York for his work. And I just got an Ivy's, which is like an international media visa. So you can get freelance work as a journalist overseas, so I sort of spent sort of six years in New York working as a freelance journalist, which was really hard to get started. But once you get a bit of momentum, and you get a really good reputation as being reliable and being able to work really quickly, and that sort of thing, I got some amazing opportunities there to gather some really big stories in lots of different kinds of stories, you know, celebrity stories, red carpets, but breaking news, UN General Assembly kind of stuff, interviewing politicians, so out of my depth in so many areas, but as a journalist, you learn to think quickly, and you have to be really solutions based you can't know is not an option, you can never go back to a news director and say, I didn't get that story. Or that that's just not how it rolls. And if you lose that opportunity, then you don't get asked again. So I got really good at thinking on my feet and kind of creating something out of nothing and learning really quickly.

So sort of Fast forward six years in the States, we came back to Australia, which is what we didn't realize at the time, but we had sort of hit the GFC at that point. And my husband and I couldn't we couldn't get jobs where we were we thought we were gonna get jobs. We had these incredible CVS, but no one was hiring is he was in investment banking, and then that market was shrinking. And then I could really only get a job by that point. I had two little kids. And so in news journalism, you know, it's not, there's not a huge Korea trajection once you have kids,

it is what it is because you can't be as as responsive, you can't be on the ground with two minutes notice you can't get on a plane with no notice. So I was sort of stuck on a news desk, working really long days away from the kids earnings pretty basic money with a whole bunch of like 21 year olds who just want to be famous. And so I kind of started thinking, what else can I do? What else can I do? And I got really sick of waiting for someone to choose me to promote me to notice me to say you've done a good job. And so I probably always been a bit of a control freak. But I think that really elevated at that point. And I wanted to be in charge of my next move. And I wanted to I wanted to pick me for my next opportunity. So I went back with my husband and I we'd always talked about having a small business or having a business and starting a business but bit pie in the sky kind of talk. And then we were both at a point where we were like, We really need to make a decision here. We really need to start creating a life that we want rather than just going in the direction where we happen to get taken by working desperation for money.

[9:36] So we went through it like so many people end up in that exact situation.

[9:40] Yeah, yeah, totally. And and it's happened many more times, as we've gone on in business where you sort of think, well, we've got to make money. So we've got to go in this direction. But I tried to take control of that. And so we sort of returned to this idea that we'd had to start a fitness business. It was a bar workout specifically I tried in the US so on, fast forward, we started researching it, there was a company coming to Australia and we found one, it was a franchise that was trying to sort of break into the Australian market. So we approached them. And within sort of six months, we'd opened their first location in Australia. Which was exciting, but also scary, and you know, quite full on to be doing that with two little kids and try it well. And the thing is, I look back at now, and I think it was both of us in our business, we never even really thought it wasn't like one of us had a full time job. We were both immediately trying to make a living out of this little business. So the business did really well. At the time, I never realized it was doing well. I always wanted more, more more.

[10:46] I think that's nearly everyone. Yeah, I could be doing one of the skills, I think we need to learn in businesses to be able to always want more and go for our dreams, but definitely celebrate and look at what we've achieved, like on a daily basis as well.

[11:05] Absolutely. Yeah. And I never do that. How do I say that, that's my advice to everyone. I'm working on it. So we, so we use the money that we earn in the first business, we opened a second one, a third one, a fourth one. So we sort of grew the business relatively quickly, within about eight years, we had four locations. And it I think, it taught me a lot about the skills that I already had, as a journalist I had never really thought about, I don't think about things much I don't think I'm not an over thinker, I'm very impulsive, which is good at bad. But I had these skills, in terms of PR skills, brand building skills, me skills that I realized quite quickly, no one no other business owners really had because of my unique background. And so we had quite good success with the business, building the brand name because we were building literally from scratch. But back in those days, no one knew what a bar workout was. No one had really gone it. But the boutique fitness market was really just at its beginnings was 2012. And so we were really trying to get people to understand what Barr was. And so I use the media to do that. And I found it really easy, but I never thought about that. At the time. I was like, Why is no one else doing this. And so I met a lovely friend, a mutual friend of ours, Mel Brown through a business group, we had three business chicks. And she sort of asked me to start teaching some media workshops to some of her clients in her accounting business. And so I sort of did that kind of ad hoc, and it still never really occurred to me that my knowledge was saleable.

[12:43] You know, I always think one of the key things of people that are really good at what they do, and the cost that usually ends up taking off is the thing that is so second nature that you never think it's especially.

[12:55] Yeah, totally. I don't know why. And I know we've spoken about this before, but it's like I'm a bit of a slow learner or something. Because I was like, it's so obvious that that's what it was. But I just kept thinking, well, people know how to do this. People know how to write their brand story. They know, they know how to build relationships with the media, they I don't know why

[13:13] I thought how to first look and go, you know, you've still got your what do you call them studios, you call them studios? Yeah. videos going, what? What caused you to go I'm going to look for something else. And I think this online course thing is going to be something. That's my next chapter.

[13:29] I think when I first started, think like when Mel first started asking me to do some of those workshops and we I sort of thought about that packaging that knowledge. I started to think of getting out of franchising because I wanted, I needed the franchising framework to start with because I knew nothing about business. But then I started to get the hang of it. And I was like, What can I do next? Actually, COVID was the catalyst. But in the lead up to COVID. I was already thinking, What can I do next? What could I be in control of? I don't want to do contracts anymore. I don't want to have anyone else being the boss of me anymore. I don't want anyone to tell me what to do. I don't want to pay royalty fees. Then COVID came along. So that was already brewing in my mind. Then COVID came along and I was like, we were so exposed in our business. We had four franchise agreements, we had four leases, we got hammered, and we're in fitness, which got totally annihilated. And it's still recovering. Now, you know, any fitness business you speak to now is still down about 30% because people's behaviors have changed so much. So I was like what I need to be I want to be in control of the next steps no matter what happens no matter what. If there's a pandemic if if if different, you know, ebbs and flows of life and the world change, how can I package my expertise? So it's like pandemic proof and Pandemic being the euphemism for any changes that are out of my control? And so that's when I started to think I think that's when I came across Her Empire Builder and and I was like, this is quite serendipitous because I really want to be able to teach what I know. And if I can do that online, then I can do it from anywhere at any time and still create this really beautiful business. Yeah. But as you know, I didn't start off teaching media.

[15:17] Yes. And so I want you to share this story because I know a lot of people go, a lot of people listening will be going, some will already have their online business like be be off to the races, some will be in the early days, summer, a lot, have a couple of different ideas and find it really hard to go, do I want to go in this direction? Do I want to go in that direction and you feel pulled in both directions? So can you talk about that process for you?

[15:45] So I think I thought initially will franchising easy to teach? Because I know it really well. I've been in a franchise business from its beginnings. I've watched it grow. I've I've got come you know, I've got multiple multilocation units now. So that's where I started. I think that was my fallback because it was safe. Yeah. And then I started to make sense. Yeah, it made sense. Because I feel like that's, I've always loved the business side of the business. I never tried to pitch myself as a fitness expert, because I knew that my passion was the business side of the business. And there were lots of other people in fitness, who wanted to be the fitness experts. And that was fine with me. So I thought of that first. And then as I went along, I realized for lots of different reasons. With the franchising course that I wanted to do, I just didn't feel like it was, for the first part, I wasn't passionate enough about it, to want to maintain momentum with no one pushing me behind. And the second was, I wasn't sure where I could where that course fit into that franchise journey. Because lots of different franchise businesses work in different ways. Not to say it's not doable. But for me, I was like this is just not, there was something about it that just didn't click for me to want to go and wake up every morning and do it and say, you know, eat sleep and think about it all the time.

[17:12] And this is where I really liked the distinction of going because I think, you know, some people go to left field. And I think it's really good to do what you know and what you're good at. But also because I have a very similar story to you at the beginning, in the first one I started was the tutoring Institute to teach teachers how to run their own tutoring businesses, because that was built off my background. But when I started, I was like my day to day, I do not want to teach this, I do not want this all the time. And if you're going to be successful, you're gonna love it so much that you want to talk about it again and again and again and again, and live and breathe it every day like that is the people that love their businesses, they always do better. And I think that's what you also fell into was going you know what I'm really like good at this and can add a lot of value. But did it set your heart on fire? Yeah.

[18:04] And I think I'm also at a point, I'm still a franchisee now. And we still have two locations. I was at a point where I'm 10 years into franchising, and I think you need to be really fresh with energy to, to feel that and I've been doing it a long time. So I didn't want to give people a negative and I didn't also want to be too positive. Because it's really about, you know, franchising is about educating people and helping them make their own choice about whether it's the right fit for them. Yeah, but I didn't feel like I could get that balance because it was such a personal thing for me.

[18:35] And so then how hard was it to go because, you know, obviously, you're one of our beautiful members, and I know all the backstory of this, but you put a lot of effort into getting that established at the start. And sometimes, you know, for people that aren't in Australia, this will be a really weird saying but you don't flog a dead horse kind of thing. Like it's an awful thing to say but it's such a such an Australian quilt, you know, you say that won't colloquialism. And for you, I think it got to the stage where you're going, You know what, this isn't what I'm passionate about. This isn't what I want to do. But then you've also got the thing of going well, I've put so much time and effort and money into it that I don't want to leave it I don't want to say no, because I've gone this far. What What was that stage like and what was the catalyst that finally made you go you know what, I'm gonna start afresh and how, like, was it disheartening to do that? Was it rejuvenating? Like, how did that feel? Because I know a lot of people go off in in a direction and then go actually, I don't want to do that anymore. It's a really brave thing to give yourself another shot.

[19:43] You know, it's interesting, because you said something to me in one of our accountability calls that I mean, you're amazing, obviously, I love you dearly, but it wasn't what you said to me wasn't like you'd said it to me before. But you were like, Why are you pursuing this? Like why don't you just do the me Yeah, workshops because that's what you know. And it was must have, like stopped me and my sayings. I think I said stop pushing shit up hill.

[20:02] Yeah, you must have said something like stopped me and my saying. I think I said stop pushing shit uphill.

[20:09] very, very directly basically said to me, but I think at that point I was like you're right like, it definitely wasn't the first time you've said it to me or others had said it to me. But I was like this is not gaining traction, it's not. And it definitely I've spent a lot I spent a lot of money filming the course I'd obviously invested in Her Empire Builder, but I almost look back now and think none of that was a waste because it brought me to where I am now. And you know, I'm still not like, I know, you know, now if I have to go into Kajabi and change all of that, yes, it's a pain in the ass because I'm going to change it all. But I know how to do it. And I know what to write. And I know, I'm not starting from very, very beginnings.

[20:51] And it's almost like your training ground. Like I feel like as soon as you went in your new direction, it was so aligned that it just like clicked and just went boom, boom, like, let's, let's go. Yeah. And people would like, yeah, it takes a few ideas for most people. And a lot of people don't talk about the ones that came before that. But I like sharing, this is going, you know, once that clicked for you, you were then like, oh, and all of the stuff that you've done in the previous year, then all compounded. Like, I'm ready to fly, let's go.

[21:20] And then I was like, Oh my God, this workshop that I taught four years ago. That's a course. Yeah, like it just, I was like, How have I not thought about this before. Like, I was almost embarrassed that it taken me so long to get people listening or just be going, Oh my God, but it really was like, and then I was like, I can do this. And I'm gonna do this. And then as soon as I started talking like that, people were emailing me buying my stuff online. It just happened serendipitously. And I think because, obviously, because what I teach is really helpful for for business owners. But also, it was so easy for me to teach because I know it so well. And so I started getting lots of different opportunities. And look, I'm still at the beginning stages of building the business. But there's so much more going on within the first three months of doing this than there ever was. Yeah.

[22:12] So you relaunched as a PR media coach in April, then you've done you've done massive things like you've launched. You've ran a couple of live events now.

[22:25] Yep. Yep. I've learned I've launched them on the podcast, which again, was like, I spent all this time coming up with ideas for the old podcast, and then I just had to switch totally. But I did just before I think that must have been why I changed. It was just before I launched the podcast. So I had to cancel those episodes and start again.

[22:43] So I've always thought, like this, do you really want to do this thing?

[22:48] Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And, and I'm like, I love the podcasts. In fact, I waste not waste. I spend so much time like thinking about it and who I'm going to do and like I just get so excited about who we're going to talk to and all these cool people to give me great insights into give the audience great insights. I've done two local event, I did one event in Sydney, and then one in Dubbo. I'm doing another one in Wagga in September, and just getting really good traction with people with speaking opportunities. I'm doing two keynote speaking events in October for franchises, ironically, but talking about media. Yeah, like that. Yeah. Yeah. So that's all worked. And I know how to pitch to those businesses, because I understand the the franchise structure and the freedoms or restrictions that franchisees have. So it's sort of yeah, a lot of opportunities. I was like, all the sudden, people are emailing me calling me contacting me, this must be the right thing for me to do.

[23:46] Definitely. Okay, so I want to ask you a few things. One, what's next, and when is that online course going to launch?

[23:55] I have to make this happen. Now, if I'm going to put this in. So I've got a live event in September in Wagga. And then I'm going to launch the course in October. And I've already got a couple of pre sales on the course, which is amazing from the live events. So the goal is after this live event, the goal I've been thinking about this, the goal is to launch the course, and to continue to launch it you know, twice or three times a year until I can get that really seamless and maybe tweak a few things depending on what people want. Or you know, people need and build up that core side of it continue to do live events, but I need to stop being a chicken and launch the course now. That's my next

[24:42] What do you think has held you back so far from doing it? Because I know you know, when we were talking about live events, which is something that we talk about quite a lot in Her Empire Builder because even though it's all about online courses, live events and having that hybrid does so much for building profile and marketing and selling your online Of course off the back of it. And I know when you went to do your first one, you're like, what if nobody camps? What if like I have zero people, and you didn't use sold it out and amazing. But yet you still haven't launched the online course. So what what is the thing that holds you back from from going for that?

[25:20] I think I think I've learned you on the spot like when we're doing okay, I can talk? I think I am. I've learned a lot about myself in this process. So from being in a franchise, I've learned that I like structure, but then once I know how to do it, don't tell me what to do, if you know what I mean. And so being in the online stuff, like I'm super motivated, ambitious, and all that stuff. But the structure, I needed the structure of being able to do things once. So I've done one live event, and I'm like, I can do what I want. And I'm like, Oh, that's easy. I can do that. And so the same with the course. I think I've procrastinated because I've like I can do live events now. So I'll just do some of those by myself some time. And so now options for the course. Yeah, that's exactly right.

[26:12] Yeah, that that was something that you're going to I do a six week course. Do I do a 12? week course? Should I do a membership? Should it go for a year long? How have you distilled that and decided on? Not necessarily what's right for you, but what's the next right step? Because you can always change it and ebb and flow as you go as well.

[26:30] Yeah, I think, with the sort of franchising course that I was going to do is going to be just, you can do it all in one go, just an evergreen. But I think with the media course, it's going to be eight weeks, and it's going to be week by week to make it palatable for people. Yeah. And I'm getting in experts. So I'm getting experts in, you know, TV, radio magazines, to help with the masterclasses each week, as well as adding in, you know, things like local area marketing, and all the other bits and pieces that I can add into what those experts have to say, and to give people some really practical help for them to be able to then take what they've learned from the course and go and do the pitching themselves or the building of the brand story themselves. So I think it's going to it's going to be it's not going to be evergreen, because I feel like it's more it fits better with the audience. Yeah. And in saying that I think doing the live events is helped me understand my audience better as well. Because I didn't really know I mean, I know you have that. What's her name? Is it Alice? Oh, Alice Carrington, my Alice Carrington customer. Yeah, your perfect customer? I didn't. I had an idea in my head. But because I haven't this is new to me. I didn't really know who I was speaking to. Am I speaking to a hairdressing salon owner? Am I speaking to someone who's got a $20 million a year business? Am I speaking to someone you know? And then I speak to people like I did an interview with Jane Kay from bird's nest, where her episode is being released in next week. But even she was like, I'd love to do your course. And in my mind, I thought, oh, Surely she would need to do my course she must know everything there is to know about. So I've it's really given me lots of feedback, doing the podcast and doing the live events. It's given each time I do it. I'm writing notes going, Okay, this is what this person said, This is what they need. It's helped me see how that I can create that cause to make it a much better fit for that ideal customer.

[28:29] But yeah, it'd be so good. Yeah, I'm excited. What do you know, now that you wish you knew at the start? If you could go back and talk to yourself like 18 months ago?

[28:44] Well, that's a good question. Well, I wish I'd known I was gonna do a media and PR course. save myself a year and a half. But aside from that, I think I I've always, like I said before, I've always been a really harsh critic on myself, like I'm very competitive. But I'm not necessarily competitive with other people. Although I am a bit like that too. But more about myself. Like, I've always thinking that's got to be better before I can do that. I've got to be bigger before I can do that. Do I? Am I really you know, am I am I supposed to be here? Like are these other women in this? You know, her Empire Builder more capable of me because they've got bigger businesses than me so I had this real negative kind of talk self talk where I didn't think I could do it because I wasn't big enough yet. Or it's so common. Yeah, and even now even note now I kind of every now and again, you catch catch myself thinking that and I'm like, actually, people want to buy what I've got to sell. So I should be here. So I just wish I'd I wish I'd been able to see that I was doing okay, all along. Yeah. I give me the confidence to just pull the plug, you know, pull the trigger.

[29:54] And, and yeah. Well, I'm holding you to October. There's no getting out of that, as well as the 1000s of people who are listening right now. Feel free to find Liz, what's your handle? Now there's our Instagram handle is @liz_nable N-A-B-L-E,

[30:13] If you could, while you're listening, go to liz_nable and just give her a little gentle looking forward to the course launch in October. Liz can't wait. Because if you need media or PR help, Liz has got you covered with that. But my final question that I want to ask you this is what is your favorite thing about being part of Her Empire Builder?

[30:38] I love I love the accountability, because like I said, just mash me, I need that. And I think I like I said before I'm ambitious and hardworking and all those things. But I definitely need something to keep a some sort of structure to keep me on the straight and narrow, to know that I'm making progress and to actively have to write those things down or reflect on the things each month. So I love the structure of feeling accountable to something and I love. I love the community like I've met. There's some women I already knew when I came in, but there's so many like Stacy Hughes who does a Facebook ads, Mel Brown, so many women who have helped me and have bought my courses and bought the workshops and supported me and you know Helen and Karen from McCray designs, there have been like, there's so many people who have been so supportive of me when they didn't need to be necessarily like some of them. I didn't even know till I joined the group, but it's been a really nice nurturing environment and a really great way to go into this next part of mine.

[31:49] All rise together. Yes, I love it. Okay, I am cheering you on. I am head cheerleader, cheering you on all the way. And can't wait to see the rise of it. What do you have the name of the course yet

[32:03] It’s called Media masters Academy

[32:05] Oh, yes. Yeah, yeah, we are waiting for the launch of media masters Academy October 2022 watch this space.

[32:16] Thank you so much for sharing. I know it's not always, like the most fun thing to share is where we, you know, either took too long to do it, or we overthought things and did that. But I know that there are so many people that think the exact same way and feel the exact same way. So it's just to see that, and then you've come through and then the other side. And now Oh, my gosh, you're going to explode over the next 12 months. I'm super excited. Yeah, I'm excited to. Thanks, Liz.

[32:38] Thanks, Tina.

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